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All over the world in
schools, in the job market, in every discipline and field, critical thinking is essential. Here, at the National Gallery
of Art in Washington, D.C., we help teachers of
all levels and subjects use art as a force to develop
their students' thinking. Inspired by the Artful
Thinking research and routines from Project Zero at the
Harvard Graduate School of Education we're providing
this professional development program online to you. You'll learn how to use Thinking Routines, short easy-to-learn
techniques to facilitate meaningful conversations
and a culture of thinking. – The students who were
quiet that wouldn't raise his or her hand, they were doing that. The conversations were much
deeper, and more purposeful, and more thoughtful. I knew that I would be a highly effective and highly qualified
teacher if I just continue to use the Artful Thinking routines. – Regular practice of
Artful Thinking techniques leads to directly to
independent learning behaviors, such as observing and describing. – So let's share some of
the nouns that you noticed. – In the crowd of like all the people and all the dull clothing, there's this one lady
with a bright red dress. – Evidence-based reasoning. – What do you think is
going on in this painting? – Both my partners, Omar and Chris, said there's something strange going on, because you can see in the path
that there's some footsteps and they just randomly stop, and the dog is like barking at it. – And generating meaningful questions that lead to new understandings. – If you could ask the
artist one question, what would you ask him? – What is the painting
exactly supposed to be of? – I like building off of
that person's perspective. I just make it into a bigger idea. – When you use Artful Thinking, it's not just teacher-student
parotting back and forth. We're a learning community. – To participate in this five-week course, you'll need only a few hours per week to interact with
specially-designed features in the edX Course Platform, including a zoom tool to
examine works of art closely. – I'm Julie Carmean, your lead instructor. Enrolling is free and now open. So let's get started.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Critical Thinking through Art with the National Gallery of Art | SmithsonianX on edX”

  1. This is a great course, specially for the little ones with a nice malleable and super fresh brain.

  2. This is awesome. Wish I was a kid again and was exposed to this. But I can enroll in this course… 😏

  3. Just out of curiousity is this course available for homeschooled kids and their parents?
    Would over feedback if this is available for those of us whom are homeschoolers with creative thinking teens.

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