10 thoughts on “Teaching Critical Thinking – Full Video”

  1. She has done well! Some individuals are so hateful and envious. Let's save ourselves the pain of hate and give love.

  2. This hypocrite has no business teaching Critical Thinking while wearing a crucifix around her neck. Exactly how ridiculous does something need to be in order for people to wake up and notice that something is not right.

  3. After some careful thought my critique of your "critical thinking" is as follows.

    "Critical Thinking" is an ORWELLIAN NEWSPEAK oxymoron which idiots and sycophants use unwittingly to display ignorance and incompetence in reasoning and logic and in use of language. Applying the non-sequitur modifier "Critical" ironically does indeed accurately describes the state of near fatal and permanent impairment of understanding the difference between sense based reasoning and mind knowing and the relation of cause to effect.
    One may think and even define dog shit as a pleasant smell but it will still stink nonetheless.

    Mankind still confuses the simple plagiarism of Sense based reasoning as thinking.
    Know that To Think otherwise is a critical error.
    On second thought perhaps "critical" is powerful and useful adverb/modifier we should apply to other activities like critical testicle scratching and critical mustache combing.

  4. This is really really poor… her style and technique are so dumbed down, her narrative far too superficial – total waste of time.

    Can't believe she's won so many awards for presentation or teaching…

  5. One simple technique to increase critical technique is WHW method. Just practice 1/2 hr daily with the book. Within two months, you will find the effect.

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