Teaching and Learning – From Past to Future

how did we teach and learn in the past what type of architectures did we use and how will teaching and learning be arranged in the future the past looked like this the teacher at the front and the learner staring at him from perfectly arranged seats and rows content delivery was unidirectional from teacher to Lana here is an example of that past that admittedly was not fully successful students were chatting some were asleep and yet other sat there reading and it remained like this until today even though the teachers and the seat Arrangements changed thus allowing more cooperation the direction of content delivery remained the same from teacher to learner so as you can see here apart from the architecture there was no significant change but then with a new millennium a total disruption occurred the internet a multi-directional Network became available and only after a few more years the social media eased the establishment of even more networking and new devices made that simpler by the day and on top of it all the omnipresence of Google has given us an almost unrestricted access to whatever you want to know ever since so the teacher had lost his role as the only caretaker of knowledge as a consequence teaching and learning with an omnipresent internet has become totally different a fixed arrangement of chairs and table is no longer necessary students cooperate in all sorts of constellations they use video in their discussions and upload their results and comments to the social networks and they use audio and interactive web tools to save their results and the teachers they assist they help they provide ideas but they do not teach anymore their position is flexible and their role has changed to that of a guide who supports their students where and whenever necessary and already they have support humanoid robots have begun to free them from those tasks that require a high degree of automation thus providing the human guides with even more time for their learners the future classroom which is our set up today as you can see here might look a bit chaotic you're right and even more so it is loud but it allows degrees of interactivity collaboration and social contact never seen before and I can tell you this new environment is exciting for the learners and their guides more than ever before thanks for your attention and I hope I'll meet you in one of these environments one day

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  1. yes, this disruption has occurred, in the everyday life of us all, but not all teachers and schools have "noticed" it and adapted their functioning and structures to adapt to it… and to profit from it…

  2. In Germany, nothing have changed. A lot of technophobes running the education system means very little change is in sight. 😟

  3. Good video!
    I wouldn't say all teachers simply lecture the students non-stop to this day though, the teachers do ask the students questions and encourage them to find solutions of their own. Also, in most schools students are expected to pay attention and will be scolded for reading or dozing off. I find that whenever the teacher gives a task where students work in groups, there will be chatter among some while the rest is left to do the work.
    Learning and communicating with other learners is good, of course, but especially young students will not know how to go about their learning so it will be less efficient overall. The internet can help quite a lot, for example if students with intermediate language skills text or speak with more experienced or even native speakers. But classmates are usually at about the same skill level so they might not be able to correct each other.
    So even though this future type of learning is applicable and helpful in some cases, I'm sure teacher to class learning will still be an important method of education.

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