trash cans are completely off made me super sad to be damn mic going that curve right there what's up everybody it's your boy incredible joke back yet again another video like subscribe comment share hit that notification Bell so you get your feelings first my first you can comment first and today we're here with absolutely amber still such my fault I'm you know I'm saying today we're yeah today we were doing my teacher how to launch the car man she never launched the cars she never you know 0-60 she never raced the car and then they kind of stuff she never went crazy in it nothing like that you know I'm saying so I'm gonna go ahead and figure it out cuz he really is like she'll not use a powder shop there's nothing like she don't have nothing in the car so me know I raced the car several times burnouts Donuts dragstrip all that kind of stuff you know I'm used to doing it I've done it been there done that so she has never done that so we don't go ahead and try to figure it out by the way I once I appreciate the love on the last video man and the video before that and the videos before that huh okay anyway yeah I'll miss y'all go check out her car because well she just posted one big crazy burning out the beginning you know saying be donuts and stuff but you don't say I appreciate y'all for all your support on our last video go check out the merch man WWWE credibly motivated calm go check that merch out I'm gonna talk too much because I'm like and what they do we don't send some party outside I mean ripping and going hard day Oh Justin comment comment below because I'm thinking about starting up a race series and I get the 15 want to do some stuff go ahead and drop a comment below and let me know some cards that you want to see me ran run the 15 wit from through the time that I built it on the car y'all go hand job coming below and let me know but George video alright y'all made in Mexico those wide opening things how you feeling how you feel this ain't the normal Mexico man it's a different type of Mexico just froze y'all been trying to man okay I don't mean no harm but for everybody who keeps trying to figure out where we are when we do racing videos the launching video where we get man if I say Mexico don't drop comments below to my this place and that place and Yahoo don't do that man this no disrespect but a lot of disrespect don't do it because that's like real weird like don't do this y'all saying like it's a reason why I don't say where we are so let's not be that way but I'll for that too we're here in Mexico you know I'm saying it's our first time law school need to clean this thing up you know so if you hadn't checked out her video for another day go make sure you check that review out so what you don't do now yeah and it's underscore absolutely underscore amber underscore so what you gonna do now go hop in the car I'm probably on turn I'm trying to go pro I'm in the passenger seat and you know saying the ground kind of kind of wet a little bit you know saying so we go and go too crazy I guess now I hope that you know I'm saying cuz that y'all can see if we fall in the ditch or something I mean I guess someone go too far but it'll be the ideal situation to be in so we're gonna do now I'm gonna hop in the car you ready you drive yeah she going home gonna hop in the car now so next time your turns came back all you're gonna see us man making a whole lot of faces doing a whole lot of digging and things like that probably gonna start prime around 20 1500 rpm just kind of get it going no trash control man he's wet outside full sin you know I'm saying winning doubtful saying that's what we gonna do making it past the seats gonna get the thing started so what you wanna do you gonna put it first I'm gonna put in track mode the track and put your twice put now turns just to do the chair comparable mode it's just gonna check control completely off sundown be suicide to these young oh now you're gonna step inside the beach you even go that crazy is the first time are you gonna do okay so we're gonna do foot braking first cuz the easiest thing to do so that was all you do put your foot our way down to gas put me on a break you got to you both your feet you got put in drag hey yeah she too nervous okay now put the car put your left on the brake push your all the way down now put your other fun the gas and you want to read your rpms up to go to there – between one two hold it hold it get you put your hands on the steering wheel nice come on the brake and push push you guys down wait three yeah push gas now turn around go down the way boy no just keep on going yeah get it we'll go to him all right start right here now you undo it you turn around I'm saying hey hey don't support me you know I'm nervous my first time doing man hey no you don't know you don't get that nervous no you all said done I've driven Honda's my whole life do you know how slow they are but how you gonna touch me yeah you go right here all right tone all right first down mm-hmm next time push against with the to hold it in dealing when you ready to come off with it you gonna get on the gas and harder wait so I guess I'm confused when you when you come on the brake put get up the tooth and your quantum breaking push the gas now oh no push the brake hard way down no much what you doing go man go go you don't want to go in the car okay you don't go let's go tire that's that right there you'll go straight okay no mr. Isaac man put your chest control back home are you gonna cue of me are you my lady yeah I tried again go up to to break all the way down alright go goddamn come on maybe going that curve like there hey you hey you don't put me in this pageant see like that man was wrong she has a whole curve rosy gonna be driving now you dang good wait so did that launcher you do but I'm saying you learning them laughs people use launch control when you live by feel a mean person I play it's fun you can do the same thing put braking is the same thing is on control okay when I raised other day like when I was there the day y'all when I raised the other day I didn't launch I don't launch control any cargo being in my scat this car nothing I don't do lost control cuz it defeats the purpose to come to me so we gonna push that button boom boom you got it now and put your hands on the steering wheel for real for real cuz it getting on the steering wheel because you don't drive for real so they get to slide you got to control push the brake all the way down man cuz you gotta push the brake all the way down you don't know you have to push it to the flo play don't put your feet in there you go okay but you learning though you don't want to just slam on the gas that's like here let me show you ain't gonna bring you times I just show you really all right yeah we had to come up off the road man all I want to say no where where is it it was bad but you can't be over there too long so you know I'm saying turns came back on just a minute yeah at the wait a little bit I said give him directions the downturns came right back on just a little bit hey y'all so she was just saying she don't get dangerous we don't get hit nights with it's gonna be top-notch and everything I did when she get it down look man she's mine she'll be cool until I get my new Camaro I got it I got a message for her 5.0 snow reward snow I got a I got a message for three nine two Brown bit Brian sneak Society I got a message for y'all man y'all stop coming for me you know I'm saying so bad the difference is my car gonna be old as dirt you know I'm against it all right see this is what happens this is what happens when you become victorious you know you got people gonna but don't you worry about it the only advantage of gravel means that my car gonna be older less power as a man but just wait give me a few give me a few months nonsense while I'm really waiting with the manual notice and then power shoes no leadership who do all it just give me some time alright I get my foot somebody asked me I finally was why I wanted yes I found it yes it's on the way but when they get here we don't like it up you don't like it up I don't even know how to slip the clutch now I left in the lines like I'm saying dumping the clutch yeah it's easier but I play it's easy sitting there we're gonna figure it out man because outside people coming from you don't say I'm tired of it I'm sorry no when I get to a point to where solid in me I'm gonna get the points of it I'm gonna get two points wide right now I'm gonna raise the move no I said look I've been victorious over this room for it you know Corey 1320 mister who they at 13 2006 Raptors channel link in the description below Corey coming for you too man and I know you wanted to remix when I was in the nineteen of the day don't worry about it I'm comfy to that 15 man y'all go subscribe my blood show g1k you know saying you telling us Megan come to you to everybody like everybody was there when I get my 15 I'm coming John st. I'm Ricky shot including her oh my god smack talk you cuz you trash I'm coming straight trash my oh my god even coming for me like you know I'm saying I'm very I'm very humble you know I'm saying I just I took something else my first started my channel between the ales mag I had I was racing cars I had nothing in racing quit dance but but but now but now yeah I know what time it is old man anyway lasya we want the nonsense wanna get the night out because when we go to the track I do wonder start st. get on a train more and get more involved you know say she got two months and it's not gonna be about cars I mean of course she got a car so hard to be on there but that's not what he's gonna necessarily be about is just gonna be her the more everything my channel is more than one off for right now it'll eventually turn to a vlog and cars like yeah I'm saying it won't just be strictly cars but as a right now that's what it is one of our hurts easy so I said we go to the strip and do all that kind of stuff and I get to race in so like that no Sam of course you can be there record and things like that you know I'm saying we can most definitely it'd be fun because it's not many female car youtubers out there isn't that I really meaning female youtubers that deal with cars period I even cart youtubers will just deal with cars so yeah be different to be different for a challenge no I'm saying Plus it'd be fun for all of us good just like the rest of his no Sam she really made everybody int besides Brian shoot Ryan and Lottie that's all people she met him Brian but everybody else she met you know saying but that's coming no I get together but I gotta say man but I came out here I'm sure when I launch the car a little bit but either way man i Scott coming and sharing the videos are gonna becoming more frequent prayer food like say it's getting kind of hard coming up with content without having your own car at the moment yes it's kind of hard like on saying but when the bitch ain't come down steps um no hey I'm not gonna say it cuz I already got the first few videos you don't want to do up here I'm gonna speak on it y'all Sam but they here players either way man license Drive coming this year hit that notification base I can see feel as first you can lifers you can comment first to incredible job and I see our next piece


  1. Atleast if y'all did crash….she can do her own appraisals…..atleast she learning….and she basically exposed your heavily competitive nature..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚…just told BrownBear a couple weeks back that your competitive nature brings out the beast inside you…

  2. Man it seem like u teachin her how to drive ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ All love tho at least she tryin

  3. Are yall friends or related ๐Ÿค” no cap tho once that 5th gen get secured just lay low for awhile cuz everybody you raced the other day are gonna embarrass you ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. bro it would dope if u raced and drove the pontiac g8 those things are insanely loud and fast ive seen some before lol hondas are not slow she might have driven a civic which is slow lol

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