Teaching Aaron How To Cook! [COOKING SIM]

okay so Jason you know how great of a cook I am I've made many memories for you first of all I am the great cook okay you wrote it into your scripts I am the best cook let me show you how it's done okay fine show me awesome what do you do what's the first thing you cook does since the timer I'm gonna set the timer because I'm gonna show you how a set timer II I'm gonna set it for okay and I don't know how to cook that's okay because I'm here to teach you I'm here to teach you everything you need to learn because you know how great of a cook I am no no the griddle I like how you put sticky notes on everything just so I know what they are yes because I wasn't there to turn back time I beg to differ I can't you can't I can't jump I can't Crouch I can't do anything I can just look around that's right that's right so so we need to go to the shop okay where you shots go to the shop but no no no everything that we orders gonna be instant instant like instant in front of us no no stop stop you can't leave there we need to prep Oh God oh I got this oh I've got this I will buy a bowl first things first gotta buy Bowl yep okay putting it all oh don't worry don't worry I know how tomato soup I know how to do okay I advanced control shift oh yes isn't that nice okay so now I need tomatoes are you a tomato yes you must they kind of look like apples but that's okay alright so shift controls okay what else is in tomato soup what else we got we got lemons could definitely be in tomato soup okay how do we turn this thing on oh my god what are you doing I'm doing what I need to do here can I slowly drop it no you cannot oh it's on a show get off the show you burn yeah yeah okay well kick will cook the lemons separately okay so what's my next door okay oh my god nice oh my god Oh where'd it go that was our only knife you got rid of the noise it's okay cuz you know what before we played this game I did something what oh my God look how many versions I put it repeat yeah okay alright now that I have the appropriate music I can tell you to stop no it's okay it's okay it's almost done okay we'll set it for two minutes put it down get out of here okay we've got a minute in 50 seconds what do we do okay all right oops almost dude no that's not that's all you have left on the order okay okay okay let me level with you okay I don't know how to make tomato soup okay yes I kind of figured that but okay so put it in the know you don't put it all in the oven you two okay okay I'm listening I'm listening what do you want me to do okay to buy ingredients you go to the shop which is conveniently located in a up you know and it starts the B it's a B has three letters I give it give another five little word that starts with B okay okay it's box what I got here all right so you gotta buy some ingredients all right so go look at the mick go look at the recipe on the on the on the ombré okay so you don't want me go to the box okay no but but just so you know that's where your shop is so you have to have ingredient you have tomato and onion okay so it's very close okay was tomato and not a lemon a tomato and an onion yes well yeah it was very close they were very close to each other that there are different colors but that's okay so I grabbed one what do i do well you need to buy pots okay grab box go get the box go get the box oh my god oh my god okay all right now put the box right there right there on the on the table all right now now go into the box no I'll go and buy a utensils go to utensils go get a bowl pots okay barn it by that big ol pot I'm putting turn that timer off oh my god oh this I got this okay no no I got this I got this don't get out of here yes no you did not oh okay so the timer is fixed what am i doing I've got okay how many more minutes I'll totally break it okay you into this yes okay okay onions put on the oven right here so that it works okay so this time this time I will listen to everything you tell me I will become the best chef I will not panic no timers in the oven no gas in the whatever that freaked that thing the corner is I will listen to my music and we will cook okay first things first ingredients but we don't even know we're making yet we don't even know the overlords haven't told us to make tomato soup boy you can at least get like go get your utensils okay no it's a trout okay nut does not say salmon whatsoever okay okay what do I do all right put the pin rather pin okay no no what's this thing it's called that you put the tray in into the pan no no no no it's not okay it's the one that we make pizza on at home okay then you go to the box a by a tray okay go in the box utensils big tray see it's called a tray fine the tray got it okay so the frigerators got cut fish yes fish okay bye Chuck whoa why do they look so different because the salmon is different all right now put the trout trout I put the trout on the on the cutting board okay look at this one okay all right you got it up you gotta make it look uh there's a lot of words on here so get some get some black pepper some thyme and some dill okay you are so fired my restaurant don't throw away the time okay okay so we need we need pepper dill time and horseradish I'm not gonna remember that no no pepper dill time and wait what pepper bye uh-huh dill yeah got it time to time what time what put 5 g on it ugly peppered his tail though I over the front come on no no I am a professional chef I will season his head with whatever this is the time there you go good oh look at you ok ok ok now what do I do what do this bake for 90 seconds based on so you put the fish on the baking tray flavor okay listen I walked normally and it fell off I didn't think that was a thing in this game ok what is this that's like the super tray maker Baker thing I don't know ok so what I do now put it on Oh 90 seconds yeah don't we time you this so if you look at the fish it kind of tells you there fish please tell me how are you look at the fish like the actual fish will get open any I forgots are you scaling at it what am i doing open it ok where you cook yet no ok good ok you don't move oh my I feel like gas is filling up this entire place now don't do that go get a lemon go get a lemon ha ha ok you're running out of time the lemon down yes kind of four pieces for peace oh my god okay okay okay that's dangerous what do I do this all right now go put the lemons on by touching lemons like like the way that you did the face the way I'm running out of time oh well we actually were full on time we just like them okay all right now go over to the to the plants over here on the break now get some of that uh whatever that is and put three of those on there I think one two three is it good is it good [Laughter] waiter serve dish wait I find that really hard to believe okay so what happens with like every chef and every there's a desert war okay no no like we need we need to talk we need to talk okay like is this what's going on every time I order a meal is like someone in the back room panicking yeah yeah like as I sit there tapping my foot they're like there's a timer but we're running out of time that's exactly what I'm pretty sure like I kind of want to be a chef now so I kind of I kind of like this you know if I get to like just do crazy things and like read sticky notes like this is pretty good I mean I can throw things around like my little office there's no one else here very safe yeah very safe you don't know how I should

47 thoughts on “Teaching Aaron How To Cook! [COOKING SIM]”

  1. Ahpmau please if you read this comment can you shout outs and shout me out and are you making a my street season 7

  2. Jason: “WHY DID YOU HIRE ME?!?!”
    Me: Because you’re married and she loves you-
    Jess: I DON’T KNOW!
    Me: I stand corrected. She has no idea why she hired you. I don’t know what you’re doing here, Jason

  3. I know I ain’t coming to yo restaurant, putting glass in some tomato soup ain’t no body gonna know it my blood I threw up from eating that soup

  4. Jess: looking at order
    Jason: sees knife
    Jess: what do we have here looks at Jason
    Jason: A KNIFE🗡
    Jess: AAAHHHHH
    Jason: where did it go??
    Jess: that was our only knife!!!😰😰

  5. "I'm trash! I just wanna go to the trash can! I don't belong here! I'm supposed to be good at this! Aaron was good at this! Why can't I be good at it?!"
    -Jason 2019

  6. My favorite line in this video is “AARON WAS GOOD AT THIS WHY AREN’T I?”

    Also Jason panicking while Faster Car plays in the background is the best lmao

  7. Not gonna lie The Time joke had me laughing my butt off because I wasnt expecting it, and also this whole video is me attempting to prepare cereal in the morning

  8. Just watched this yesterday, watching it again. For some reason I really like watching Jason freak out in a kitchen.

  9. Jason-WHY DID YOU HIRE ME ?! 🤨😆

    Jess- I DONT KNOW!!! 🤣😐


    Like if you love Jess and Jason 🙂

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