Teaching a SUBSCRIBER how to drive his 2019 Mustang GT!

what is up guys thank you for tuning in to another video today we have a cool video for you guys one of my subscribers his name's Alex say hi so picked up a 20-19 Mustang GT in manual and he hit me up because he wanted to get you know somehow learning how to drive manual now I told him I honestly give him major props for going with the manual even though he doesn't know how to drive it he just made the effort to get one and wants to learn so I'm super stoked today he has a beautiful 2019 Mustang GT that we're gonna go ahead and take for a little bit of a rib you know teach him some of the basics help him out he wants to get a little more smooth I seen him drive he knows you know how to get the car going stuff like that but obviously as a new driver if your driving manual there's some things that you can kind of pick up that will help make your driving experience a lot smoother a lot better so thankfully the 20 19's have the red mats over that's going to be major help for you when you're getting started as well as some other kind of features that make it a little easier to drive but I'm going to show you the car right now it's a little dirty but you know the guy's been busy working hustle ins I don't go too hard on the comments but I absolutely love the color you know that it really it's like this really beautiful blue and the accents you know and black kind of really pop off on it so it's obviously six-speed manual it's got the Performance Pack the upgraded sound system anything what else does it have on it would you say yeah so the only Mahdi's done so far is clean change out the clutch spring to the Steeda 35-pound clutch spring and I felt that it felt pretty good so stock exhaust stock everything else so we're gonna go ahead take the car for a drive kind of go over the basics I already drove with them in the car so I want to have him drive now and see kind of monitor and look at what things we can improve and we'll go from there what do you think all right let's go I was the OC Fair and yellow seekers oh hell yeah oh sorry all right it's gone and well you're good like the normal driving you're good all you need to practice is just first yeah by the person your engagement you're gonna be knocking it out very soon let's go somewhere we can practice a few more first gears because I know once you start driving on the road to get a little nervous I remember that struggles I've got to put in first okay there you go there you go okay very nice our guess so we took it a little bit of a ride I kind of got to see where you know the areas he needs help with and it's obviously that just first gear like just been getting the car off the line into the part where he's I'm struggling with right now but honestly he's pretty good he got it like we've only practiced it for what like 5 10 minutes and he already has it down a lot better than when we first started so now I want to show you something now this pedal right here this is what you're doing wrong all right so you're coming up here and then around this point right here is when the cart grabs it starts moving what you do is you go like that you see this right here so right here you're very very smooth car starts to move in that I don't wanna panic is go like that and this is why the car is like jolting so once once you're moving like that's looking you can do it for you check this out see see my foot see what that is one more time take this out see car starts to move slowly let out you see that without even applying any guess just that easy same thing as reverse I'm gonna go back a little bit see now when I tell you there's no boundary anybody behind me okay now what I want to tell you is when you when you let this out if you want to speed it up and you don't want to wait till out all the way at the FIA us what you're gonna do is as this foot is coming up this foot starts to go down like this you see if you hear the engine getting a little louder now look you see that very smooth like that you can ride the clutch a little bit first gear that's the only gear that you should be riding it in second third fourth fifth you should be very quick in and out first year you can write it a little bit that's okay that's alright so you can jump in let's go take a little lap okay so now look let's sit very close by the way so look now sometimes like you're pulling up to a light let's say let's say like there's a light right there right so I'm in second gear let's say I pull up to it I slow down so I can put it in first you know and I don't have if the car is rolling already you don't have to do the whole process over so now let's do a quick little stop and I go you know how to stop sign stuff like that you can kind of cheat it a little bit because to do that every single time you'd really kind of beat up your clutch and you don't want to do that so you don't want to be riding your clutch like every stop sign there is or traffic you know like constantly have it out so if you're rolling as long as the car is rolling you can be in first gear see like we're rolling right now we can be in first gear even we're going like four miles an hour so that's good so let's say stop and write a stop like you know look kind of a little California stuff you know I'm saying but after that you just get moving so I say that you have your rpm gauge set to 4,000 is that when you're shifting um it was already like the one at the Clark okay I haven't been fooling around with it yeah we can fix it for you does that also matter not really but it gives you like a little bit of an indicator which is kind of cool with these cars I've really opened it up at all or not sure your dad has probably oh no no nobody's and that's like your normal mode so if we change up the driving modes you're gonna feel a much bigger difference track mode is my favorite especially if you're driving around like crickets stuff like that this having some active exhaust oh no no it's so quiet compared to mine and see the bread master just makes it so easy like what I had to learn there was no ruffnut so even when you had to downshift you have to kick up the RPM and then grab it again so now you're you're a lot you know these aides are really good even if you like when you're changing gears you'll notice that the car holds the gear for the RPMs for you so that your next shift is smoother and that's you know new technology that does old cars don't do that the RPM will just fall if you didn't catch it fast enough so now look look at this and this guy's about a so I'm just gonna go into first I don't I didn't have to even ride the clutch or anything we just worked on that smoothness you kind of almost have it down and then after you see how smooth it is that you're getting the clutch to get out work on kind of flying gas at the same time so as you're coming out just hit it with a little bit of gas and then you'll just get better and better each and every time and then we'll get into like the more fun stuff because it's kind of like shifting a higher up so now all just your rpm for the shifting right here just pull up okay so mine I have it set at this is higher up there because also you're racing so no I have mine set at 6,900 so that way it's the opposite makes a noise do you have the noise on it should be I need to go somewhere I can actually go that high alright guys I'm gonna show them how to shift it's a little bit kind of have a little bit of hasn't really had the chance to open up his Mustang so it's only right so different being in this car because fine a so much louder and that all that stuff so being back in a stock mustang this bill it actually feels nice now that I've got you so I would like you know more aggressive my shifting is with the MTW and all that this feels pretty cool first even chirping the tires a little bit between shifts this messenger phone bro I would have died to have a car like this to learn on so you're very blessed once you get the hang of this thing where you're not gonna be able to stop driving it I'll tell you that right now there's gonna be addicted that's exactly how I felt I think my tour down there might see let's see you yeah well hit me up that one Chris more time a second and you want to be on the brakes when you're doing that yeah so when you're down shifting since the car is red matching for you and all that stuff all you got to do is just punch the clutch in be on the brake and then grab that next gear the moment you let go of the clutch when you're down shifting that's when the car will start slowing down with the gears okay let's see how you do now I know you got this there look at that alright guys start driving lessons over honestly he's doing really good for a new manual driver he's chips here was really well and definitely kinda has a very good basic foundation of what's going on all he's thinking he's struggling with a little bit of clutch release

39 thoughts on “Teaching a SUBSCRIBER how to drive his 2019 Mustang GT!”

  1. Btw learning to drive manual in this car is very easy, the clutch is heavier than most cars but since it has a lot of torque it’ll go into first without the throttle if you let off slowly and in the rest of the gears it’s like butter.

  2. Every driver experienced or not will struggle for the first few times of clutch release because the bite point, clutch pedal weight and pedal travel is different with every car.
    I’m highly experienced and daily drive my manual gt and almost stalled one of my friends cars the other day. Just takes practice that’s all.

  3. Nice job guys! maybe teach him to immediately put his right hand back on the wheel after each shift, especially for those 90 degree turns, never know when you might give her a little too much and she wants to come around. P

  4. I recently learned how to drive 10-speed trailers and it’s made me want to get a stick shift car, never learned a reg manual

  5. Rush! You should definitely plan a Mustang cruise with your subscribers one day!! That will be soo cool!!

  6. I don t want to be a hater but how the hell could you possibly having a 460 HP rear wheel drive car manual shift if you don t even know how to use a manual shift? That s really weird to me. Is it related to the fact that you guys in the US can obtain your driving license using an automatic car?
    That s kind from you to teach it tho 👍

  7. Manual can definitely maximize the pleasure only if you KNOW how to drive it,otherwise you r gonna be a great danger to yourself and others!!!!!!

  8. You do the new 10 speed automatic will eat up the standard? I have a new 2019 with every option you can get. It’s a screamer! I’ve already blown away several standards. My dealer told me the same about the automatic, it’s wraps out so fast!

  9. This was an awesome video for sure and shows that people still want a manual car. Can’t until I get my next car soon.

  10. That’s pretty cool! You should do more videos with him and show his progress. It would be cool to see. His car sounds great btw

  11. I'm working on teaching my boys how to drive my 16 GT PP, but they are just hesitant to drive around a lot. These cars are just so easy to drive, but then I've been driving manuals for over 35 yrs.

  12. I will be taking delivery of my Manual GT in April. I plan to come to Cali in July for a vacation. Maybe we could have a little fun ourselves too! I really love the way you interact with you fans. Great content.

  13. Just got a 2019 mustang gt with a stick. Same color as this but with the blackout pack…love it. I’m new to shifting gears and struggle with good launching. I’m fine with slow rolling starts but when I’m trying to get on it I suck and feel like I’m riding my clutch to much.

  14. If you could get a c63 in manual you would totally go for it, so why not a mustang in manual, so much more fun!

  15. Had to sell my coyote because as a daily in michigan winters it wasn't pratical. I surely miss rowing gears and hearing the exhaust man, Currently shopping for something thats decent in winter, thinking Taurus SHO, or a boat charger w/ the 8 speed lol

  16. Why not get a used old 4 cylinder to practice and beat on to learn to drive a manual and race speed shift, like a civic. Spoiled kids these days

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