Teaching A 7 Year Old A Backflip!

Hey Dude Tina flips and today I'm going to be teaching the 70 on how to back from from the ground and land it home forth I'm open a book satellite so it scared I've been teaching how to be for a while since I got my siblings if I came to my house sometimes and she's already guards pretty good his back foot record my consecutive is like 12 right now and my invoice 18 to the kids home gonna pass machine no I don't we pass this consecutive that much but um he said he wanted to water at his have some walking up to his house got the tripod and the reason was also while we're doing that his hostage because he has a mat the Asha is Nextiva at our honey so someone can chew a little gum so this house is going on the street for me so yeah have a trip into some politics from that too and hopefully this will turn out good I know I can get them to commit to it three times now be no problem but the way end it maybe a fresh bottom sometimes that and then maybe if I teach him some tips stuff at there so I'm going to openly does it it would be awesome I'd be really happy and I'm so he would too so I knew would probably makes great video so I'm just about to get in his house so I'll see you when I get there okay so this is killing me teaching how to backflip James Jesse and he's seven years old so he's already pretty good I'll show you some clips of him on the trampoline right about now who knows my also he's really good at doing combos on the trampoline today is like really creative because a bunch of and flips and only tends to end things okay so basically our idea is pretty good especially for the ages of that so now let's try to get him to learn how to do a back flip right here we got Matt okay so this is set up we got this mallet heel she's pretty good and then we got this triangle Matt I just fold somehow um like this and put a good also to myself so hopefully we get some good clips okay so when we set off we're trying to like flip them over a little bit so I'm gonna starting at the top and actually let me quickly show you example I'm holding is the ball back with legs and what kind of all of it unless I'll just met up a little bit I guess wrapping a box and then let's buy it so I guess enough okay so they're always hot again today off-key on steps I just did one with Tristram our hands out like this and it's like a little spa available I'm gonna have my hammer Gibson spit your duck like that that's a starless whatever mop this let it get down skip one hand away if I dreamed it I'm happier than you do the master performance back up a little bit more to the edge we shouldn't smacks in the face now we're surfers I have all I did was push the legs up over city rotate a little bit battle oh my gosh shallow surface is way to sit do I have to be hold in your stamina don't whack me your feet let's read it what that class you're even custom at Yahoo ID like them tell ya know we closed the audio mo target City to do is I'll be movin this to Alaska planet oh now oh that was okay I'm so fat oh my god he won't dream so fast except now okay now okay you know okay now it's trying to point to it no okay I'm going to try this out trials coming up almost Josh no you're gonna love my elbow and oh landing on that yeah went back voiceover okay I'm gonna wax in the face Oh okay you're going to beat up coffee yeah nobody got home oh whoa nosh okay you're washing things like that but um now let's try to put it out again and see how each is at the time oh my gosh I like this so Donald it's only about a foot tall – come on – gang angle a little bit we don't hear it definitely get to do on him and so to start but you yeah someone up – that's it – how many do this is time few minutes the songs onerous that's sort of a constant tension and I need to watch just you up what strategy is going to tell you if you like them sitting down strong back up okay I'm gonna do this no no don't do the foot service throughout it so much up yeah that's so heavy because now you can do it down yo okay so now I'm gonna do it down here by talking yeah I went on a little bit you're supposed to do it on it's tough Dalton are getting talk but that was exit so now my god this is totally a dream okay this everyone else if you wanna while I'm in my dream okay royalty wins are great Inari guys so yeah just be on your fun well college is fun that was a doctor okay so you're gonna suck him so they think you can move this the window Nestle a couple of times all six before I do the grand finale okay 1-800 but moly – Hakurei I needed I needed to do what you did in the beginning but so the screen with this problem cause you're so worried about when you're – I now know all about my next shot Oh techno down a little bit and now this is gonna be the time that I place my hat so I must follow my gut decision I don't dare answer back there all movable milk the palette is all your mother does some of the old as you can oh you fell here just today I do today that's it because it affected region up in the middle in the middle okay going to drop them for the oh boy Oh all I do is like that why you need to do system whoa or did it was fish please what he did it if welcome Johnny listen to them up a little bit and a busy office routine summer blend it out again a few home to the end hit that sauce yes it's a full-time salary yawn open eyes I see a few times you do that okay baby Governor on how various offices on campus I anyhow they want to tell us what talk to my hands up you're in there everybody here I got this Vicki doing without me you might not win this time but I try to get okay how much they'll be right now okay okay on the Mac and back of me okay so now I'm going to have to do it by himself so I'm gonna be like you I was close and you have to get momentum okay the coffee passengers how's it doing on I did not I almost jumped in like a little bit but also push out a lot of momentum just okay so to the logbook today's video wait for what cuz you did subscribe to new and comments you want to see videos like just often and yeah I'm excited that I did it I mean I know easy one happy so um and yes grand finale full 500 a house a kind of them and my 85 you what happen on the champion yes than either one okay so you want to move like on video cause you did for Obama scenarios and talking about jitterbug yeah so once again me who I can't subscribers let o see you in the next video

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  2. This is what I hate about learning to do a backflip number 1. They already know how to do it on the trampoline number 2. I CAN’T DO IT AT ALL! No hate I’m just saying

  3. He doesnt ruck and dont bring his arm to the sky but he haves realllly good rotation and really good height

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