Teaching 2 NOOBS How to Play Minecraft Bedwars!

we are playing a minigame that I have not played in forever it is been wash so up fun fact this is gonna be Brandon's first ever game of been worse ever like oh okay okay hey what's up guys ee well here and welcome back to another awesome minecraft video for you guys today today guys i am on a server I have actually my ears to be honest and we are playing a video game that I have not played in forever it is bed Wars so uh fun tack this is gonna be Brandon's first ever game of bed worst ever like Bono how have we cleared on the server like for a long time he never played this see like what's up in my defense um yes okay yeah so anyways raw mean feds are gonna be tearing a noob guys I've never played and I'm probably still better than you oh wow those are fighting words anyways guys if you guys will enjoy the video don't forgot down and like it being games like maybe to like for today's video that be absolutely info on three on mine though Oh nope nope we're betting four guys were shaky 5 likes I go hey I want more I want more than feathers video all right you know that's not like funny things like that is a final leg bone both of your brand new door from a patient's yes we'll never have to miss a brand new video anyways guys let's get started and uh we're obviously gonna win right Brenda I am we're gonna be on the table get whatever video wait why'd you start rather okay so Brandon moves again I know how bad words works feather what do i do what do I do now I'm just kidding I know what to do yo we're already in advantage like another player disconnected we're good I mean I'm getting all the whores I'm like alright guys let's take out yellow yellow we have two people I don't know we're gonna get why is the team of great feather I don't like this ok wait this this this this let's Eris's defend the bed let's go to the diamond diamonds first yeah I know this this the menu is very confusing to me yeah you can customize out but you've never played so you haven't had a chance ah there's a lot of things that's why I'm sorry team yellow I'm sorry female we could you guys have to believe you guys yeah that is every bully they only have two people piece of gum I just got bed wars experience because I got a mentor they go to Diamond go to the diamond island you guys have never played this before something DS you I don't know which Ferris you just Harris you know we can go to mid from the diamond islands I'm gonna beat you to the doctor shut up I'm building beat you hear this loop here this here Lucic we got the darkness blues boy Sherman reach on me alright good why are we all here wow wow wow first time playing and I already got the kill okay help help help help I said help and I got the Bell I felt I felt did you get any diamond nice I'm sorry I have about PvP in a while and nope I didn't oh my gosh I'm gonna die another better I do with them just put them in the chest whoo thanks for the iron all right guys I'm mad yellow still alive we have two people wait no you almost said yellows gone with that one other singers I don't know it's my ass brother why do you have shears hi-yah because the main blinds get him oh man it's almost like someone built a bridge to record to middle who would you the hot guy Brandon oh baby don't fight on the fridge why I'm fine I got him dad you know right now aim for this the person who built a bridge all tomato like who would do such a thing yeah who would who would do such a thing who would obviously built a middle when there's literally paths leading from the diamond island Oh already probably set on the map all right so that matter happened I don't want to hear that tone next yeah well we all know with the new ways here guys I had welcome to the first video well coop did a first try guy on stride a bring it back are you really alright our very first game guys told her shot is Brendan all right let's get you your first win the press game first win I like I'm getting all the whores this is great the good strategy is to go to the diamond islands yeah even I know this and I've never played this before okay you guys don't like to play the fun way no errors you just play the way where you lose what are you talking about I don't know man I mean they all know whose reason we lost it I mean this is the first game out no I'm talking about yeah I need to do i man this is clean oh oh where did that do spray down how dare you what is this fortnight beatings I mean the trending Turkish now come on that is true how many did you get three team upgrades I'm gonna buy one ah if you're a microbe youtuber you'll bring them should I buy the heal pool sure sure I did something what am i buying what am i buying something helpful I need a better here's our good to get since yes how much is it cost lady 20 I am Irish stop stealing I'm hired or no no we booked at the same amount for right in here oh yeah I thought we took it from each other nope there's no skill I was I was he thought he was stealing and he was okay with it I was I out you're proud did blue do it for the diamond island who's also growing towards mid I got my job I'm gonna ignore there I'm gonna go for yellow since they don't seem that the benzylic for yellow right now as well go boys they don't see you yeah I might run out of blocks it's okay here you go I got you got block Jill why are we all here this is a bad idea go back through the pass yo feather they see you go go go go go the second I'm on top of the umbrella there yup great thing I don't know we're dealing with this ooh I want to keep the spring there we go wait if you didn't call him what are you here I think he went some I think it's a myth sorry I'll deal with that oh there's blue people there was blue people oh you can have the animals yeah I got it what I enderchest don't worry okay good yeah just there's an enderchest yes ah got him got him nice nice oh that was so easy yeah by the way I heard like you guys been in this far to the video and didn't like the video what are you guys doing like the video right now [Laughter] please on copyright me YouTube hey who threw that ah sorry Hey look blues here how you guys doing hey I'm gonna a stop that stop that stop that please don't let it break out of it oh wait a fire she's here capture your trap triggered I killed him area my kill what no I killed him really did you like my kill my oh my how did you get the final hit how did you get the final hit that actually venom fell from a but on the bright side I got 128 iron from the kill and then I fell off yeah you're not pulling your weight at all I'm the reason we're winning hello one of them you know what I've noticed then there got two beds and I got one that you feather and there's three beds total meaning that you got how many I got four kills how many kills do you have hey don't worry about it exactly you have a oniy final kills did you get to exactly so did I should go oh oh oh I almost fell he's he's probably coming to Ireland right now probably is he gonna clutch it maybe I should cheer for him which island away again there either I don't see him it's any of us there no whoopsie-daisy up it's a free-for-all alright they're dying I see him he's going to the diamond diamond which diamond island yeah I know I better name hey why are you freaking out if we're gonna try Friday's exactly look at that there's a reward summary I'm now I don't even know what half of this means oh I almost know Brandon case we're gonna make a deal okay feather you stay in you guard Satan what he's right but he sucks at PvP yes but you see but he's the guy who's not recording oh okay okay here we on okay okay I was holding shift and then I listen by ramen let's go this way can you guard guys Brandon hates be funny that's why you've never funny no cracker stop stop ready ready ready ready is something you are so funny oh my god red no I think for a second I won't sabotage this entire operation why because I feel like it I can't hit Hey look green is doing absolutely nothing oh I almost fell off the edge that's Petrina diamonds before you die I mean if you pull your weight sure we can do it you're gonna he's busy with the night well now the right guy is dead so we're not a wolf Oh got some weight I have no idea guys don't ask but I was being stupid and bought what else if I move out I got a boat I said Brandon finish him I don't thinks he's the whole team right now good yeah feather wait what sorry I do not understand that sentence you said it was English but it just didn't comprehend okay all right distract them Brennan oh no go actually distract them what oh shoot I thought my boys have an axe yep I got chilled with a fireball to the face see I use the pickaxe and then they pulled oh we're gonna have to make that off feather with the most pathetic out of that situation yes mother died first that's all I know I was that half a heart and I took a fireball face I am you're serious excuses yeah exactly exactly Oh who are you all right you guys fight him I'm just gonna blast you what oh well we would all right awesome we won again the bed wars experience guys soon I obviously carried the team

46 thoughts on “Teaching 2 NOOBS How to Play Minecraft Bedwars!”

  1. Your for sure not the noob it’s not like you fell off the map without building anything you probably thought you can walk on the air lol πŸ˜‚

  2. Brandon u should play fortnite just to try it just ones ya come on Brandon if you give this a heart that means yes but if you don’t that means no.

  3. Brandon was so cool through out the whole game I was laughing my freaking but off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Brandon you are a really good youtuber I love your videos plz Brandon give this comment a heart. πŸ™‚

  5. Can anyone help me to get to 9k subscribers if u would help that would be insane also i do every video.also have a lovely day guysπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜

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