TEACHERS TURN ON THE WHOLE CLASS – Teacher's Story – Kindergarten Gameplay #4

well done you got Lily Monty and bugs that's unprecedented you've earned three gold stars I'm like a hit man four gold stars is disgusting what's up guys welcome back to kindergarten and for today's episode we're going to try something a little bit different no up until this point I've mainly been focusing on the students we get to the end of Jerome's quest Cindy's quest nuggets quest which was eye-opening to say the least but today I'm a lot more interested in the staff there's something really weird going on in this school the principal has a technological statue he's got bombs that listen in on students he shoots anybody who's misbehaving the janitor just impaled students on his mop for no good reason and of all three of them it looks like the teacher actually has her own quest she's got a bunch of hints here which seemed to be next in the game's progression start the day by getting robbed by bugs and tattling on him get rid of Jerome during morning time by giving him a yo-yo and then giving the teacher his Hall Pass bugs Monte and Lily should all be eliminated during lunch and Lily should be eliminated after bugs and Monte by knocking on the principal's door eliminated so Oh actually now that I think about it if I get both of these guys in trouble as well they're probably going to go to the principal's office and get killed right so by the sounds of it I need to kill the entire class today should be an interesting episode I grabbed all the cash out of my piggy bank and it looks like once again bugs can smell it on me yeah someone is definitely carrying more than three dollars around here do you think if he's just walking around in a mall and like 99% of people have more than three dollars on him he's just overwhelmed by the smell of money these are the things that I wonder hey kid are you carrying any cash no don't lie to me I know when I smell money give me a half R else no look kid I don't have time to argue this with you give it to me or you're dead meat you're gonna get in trouble so screw you I'm gonna get you suspended you're gonna get shot stop hitting me stop stomping on my face stop turning my own right I need to give him the money and then tattle on it we haven't seen him kill us before have we fine yes I have more than $3 on me excellent give me half or I'll split your empty skull with my foot and we've shown that he's a man of his word he'll do it okay fine here's a 370 good boy now don't go telling the teacher about this or you might turn up missing like that Billy kid a bright I would never dream of do teacher teacher it's my first day and and he stole all my money well some of my money I'll tell her although I want him to get in extra trouble right bug stole my money he did interesting I'll make you a deal well juice is a real troublemaker if he's violent and a danger to others if you go over there and challenge him I'll make it worth your while okay what's in it for me I'll give you a gold star we all love gold stars don't we sure whatever I'm just trying to get people killed oh how I love a good kitty fight just go over there and push him a little bit and when he attacks back just yell for me and I'll put a stop to it okay so bugs you said you want to introduce your foot to my face you here to follow through on that you're a big bitch what do you want dweeb I'm not giving you your money back get out of here before I squish you squishing we won't make your dad come back my dad will come back he just went to the store to get some cigarettes is all get out of here before I beat you so hard it'll make him proud he'll never be proud of you yes he will if you don't leave right now I'll kill you going wouldn't be so bad fine you asked for it this is for you dad and I'll call over Miss jiggly tits I'm really curious if she's going to be a murderer as well right because she's the only one that hasn't really killed students she'll start fights she'll swallow their pills and stuff like that but she doesn't seem to kill people bugs how dare you attack another student unprovoked again that's last straw I'm sending you to the principal's office where you will be promptly shot in the head no please don't he started it he's a liar he said my dad was never coming back well he's right that always gets me so blunt and after this little incident neither are you now go to the principal's office or I'll have the janitor carry you they're what but go work stupid rat we could have been friends if you didn't rat me out that's in yellow as well so maybe I could have been friends with him and that's a different story I think bugs has a story we'll get to that another episode I don't think that has anything to do with her oh happy day I'm finally rid of that little degenerate here's your gold star as promised thanks hmm now you've got me thinking though Jerome thinks he's so high and mighty because he's the principal's kid why don't we arrange a trip for him to visit daddy oh we've never done this before it's not in yellow but I remember one of the hints saying get rid of Jerome during morning time by giving him a yo-yo and then giving the teacher is Hall Pass so there's something we need to do between now and morning time and I don't know if we're going to get rid of Jerome now and that'll be a mistake in reality I haven't done this before so we might as well just explore all avenues that's kind of the point of the game so yeah maybe we could oh that's what I like to hear come see me during morning time and I'll tell you what to do okay see you then I'm still bleeding from my face but I feel pretty good about that oh right and I need the yo-yo so we can buy that I'm Monty if you need something come talk to me odds are I can get it for you for the right price what I need a want is how changes throughout the day so come see me often okay I want to buy the yo-yo yet don't know what it is about these things but Jerome loves them you can have it for a dollar yeah I'll take it right now because I'll spend an Apple here and then not one during morning time in case I need it then I don't think I need my apples right now okay that's all I need and then we'll sell this Apple and go get drone killed good morning children it's time for you to pick your buddies for morning time or you can be sad pathetic and alone as long as you're the best you you can be so I'm not going to go find a partner I'm gonna go talk to you go find a morning buddy oh you'll be an outcast loser like nugget you was gonna say like why do you just got a disc nugget like that I came to you because you told me to you wanted to see me about your ohm ah yes the high and mighty Jerome always talking back to me because his dad is my boss I think it's time we finally got even with him how do we do that the principal has informed me that one of his hall passes has gone missing I'd bet nuggets life the Jerome took them but why always with nugget man he doesn't deserve this he deserves better why don't you just take it what's Nuggets life worth to you now what's Nuggets life worth you not much but I make a teacher's salary so even by my students life valuing system it's still a pretty significant percentage why don't you just take the pass I'm not allowed to search a student without probable cause and Lord knows there's no probable cause for searching the principal son that's why I need him to give it to you he does have it though right we use that for his quest so I can do that excellent just go over there and get him to give it to you okay so if I give him the yo-yo we're gonna do the same thing that we did for his quest right hopefully dude you know you're not cool enough to talk to me let alone be my morning buddy besides Monty is gonna hook me up with a sweet yo-yo you mean this yo-yo oh come on he told me he was going to save that for me well you can have it for free if you'll be my buddy you've got a deal and since we're gonna be friends friends I think you should do something to help me you know as a friend you know what come to think about it he's gonna send me to the janitor's closet to get his laser pointer again it's the same as his quest right yeah it should all be the same thing so he sent me to the crazy murder janitor's closet to get his laser pointer probably knowing very well that he's insane so I really don't feel any regret for what I'm about to do just don't linger too long yeah I got it you can go distract the teacher for me he gives me the hall pass and then we're gonna go over here and be a total rat just give me a minute Jerome is distracting me I got hardhats I knew it Jerome you little cockroach we've been over this you can't just steal your dad's hall passes what you ratted me out to the teacher dude it yes he did he's a good little rat will you stop calling me the hex no because that's what you are teachers special little rats just like Jerome is teachers special suspended hooligan aw come on bro I thought you were cool well he's not and because he's so uncool he gets one of my special gold stars now why don't you go take that patch back to your dad I'm sure he'd love to know where it went I wonder if he's gonna kill his own son man stupid rat getting me in trouble my dad is gonna kill me literally oh that was just perfect you're a natural at this let's keep this kid removal train rolling okay she must not really want to be a teacher she wants the whole class gone so she could just sit here and jiggle around how what do you want me to do now I have a special plan for nugget no not nugget he's the best just befriend a little weirdo by the time recess starts okay feel free to get any of the other kids in trouble while you're in there you'll have to get creative though man ah that's just the worst I've got lots of gold stars oh you seem to get a star every time a student gets knocked out so bad news we may have screwed up I don't know where but we didn't get the second hint I thought the second hint would be agreeing to screw with Jerome but we're now on number 4 talked to nugget after Jerome has been suspended and we already did three so what did I miss before school started I'm not totally sure we can keep going if I need to go back it's fine but right now we need to befriend nugget so nugget what up don't mind all the blood spilling from my face and the two students that have gone missing because of me I just want to be your friend nugget does not wish to spend mourning time with you nugget is very busy this is different do you want to be friends Oh nugget normally spends morning time alone and eats lunch alone and lives life alone nugget supposes he could be your friend if if what you eat this nugget oh did he give me the poison one that's a dick move nugget that's it yes do this for nugget and he will be your friend okay good now remember the taste of the Nugget we will dine together at lunch Nugget we'll see you then okay I didn't die I think I just ate some weird kids pocket meat so we need to eliminate bugs of Monty and Lily at lunch time and we need to continue doing stuff oh it bugs has already eliminated oh that's weird so I guess we just need to do Monty and Lily or did I screw up and where we supposed to poison bugs rather than get him suspended not totally sure okay well either way let's talk to nugget nugget is pleased you have returned tell nugget the nugget you consumed was very tasty yes yeah sure I guess you couldn't taste the poison wait what now get poisoned the nugget I'm gonna die strange normally bugs his throne slop at Nuggets head by now I've got bugs expelled this morning you did oh my nuggets revenge on bugs would have been so satisfying but I guess this does not cause any potential legal trouble for nugget down the road okay so how about that antidote oh yes of course silly nugget almost forgot there you are wouldn't want Nuggets new friend to cough up his own stomach now what we I'll be taking act I didn't die I knew it was the poison one nugget you're a little nugget is glad to have you as his friend please come visit nugget every says nugget would like to show you something okay so now I'm Nuggets friend which means he might let me into the nugget cave it looks like I skipped a big part of Nuggets story now because we are friends interesting okay so now we need to get Monty and Lilly in trouble and I know Lilly doesn't do anything right please don't sit with me I don't want to talk to anyone until they find my brother yeah she's just stonewalling people right now so maybe we can eliminate her later by having her jump down Nuggets hole again we've already gotten her killed once before right so now we just need to focus on Monty I figured you'd be seeing me around now slop is no good and I don't think anyone is brave enough to try a biscuit from the janitor dumb old man can't even spell it right oh I wonder if I told the janitor that you don't like how he smells biscuits when he doesn't beat you to death biscuit balls get your biscuit balls get them while they're hot you spelled biscuit wrong what no I didn't how would you even know you can't even read Monte Tan there you go okay is that the dweeb with the glasses Who am I kidding of course it is hey nerd oh that's not good please please don't beat the balding ginger child um what do you want got some janitor stuff you want to sell me no but I got a coffin for you to buy no don't inhale the children let this be a lesson to you about correcting people spelling nobody likes that is true everybody hates it their lessons were learned lines were drawn oh he dropped something we picked it Oh what I think those were his glasses uh and Lily ran away interesting you're a good kid for letting me know that little monster is going around correcting spelling and in a school of all places shameful the way kids turn out these days uh is he dead now he's moving around you not that gasps shameful but you seem to be one of the good ones Thanks long as you don't kill me you just let the old janitor know if anyone else has anything to say about his spelling I don't think that'll happen again oh he gave me the glasses oh these glasses flew off the nerds face when I hit him you can have them these old eyes don't miss a thing okay so who wants a pair of glasses how are you doing over there Monty you're still bleeding and moving so you're clearly not dead hmm what what did you say to him you should just rest for now yeah just just rest oh no I thought we could eliminate Lily like we did in the first episode by having her jump down Nuggets hole but it says that I need to eliminate her during lunch and she just ran out here and I can't go out here hey stop you can't leave until lunch is over oh man is there any kind of conversation line that I can talk to you maybe you let me go how you doing there sunny want some tasty nutritious slop for lunch can I go to the bathroom oh look I'm not allowed to let any of UK's out in the hall during lunch but maybe you could do me a little something if you wanted me to look the other way sure what uh well I seem to have misplaced my glasses these old eyes can't read the menu without them see if you can find a pair of lying around or I'll let you have them these ones are fresh off a nerds face so you can you can have they're all yours Oh lovely thanks so much go ahead and do what you got to do I won't stop you excellent so now how are we going to get Lily in trouble what are you doing over here go away kid I'll get in trouble if the principal hears you okay so principal should be able to hear me is the door to the principal's office yeah let's just knock what just it's lunchtime who's knocking on my door that better not get me killed too now that I think about it if I can blame her were you doing it you're going to get us both in trouble what are you kids doing out here you should be in the cafeteria Lily was eavesdropping on you or we were used dropping yeah Lily was eavesdropping on you if Lily was eavesdropping then what were you doing I knocked to let you know Lily we've been over this I had nothing to do with your brother's disappearance why don't you step inside my office and we'll talk this over again what I knew it was you one day I'll prove it I'm getting real sick of this young lady office now so she's dead please excuse me for a moment I'll just wait out here okay thank you for letting me know about her I have screwed over Lily so many times and people are always so upset at we in common I try guys I promise as soon as I could do a request as soon as I could do well by her I will try but I think it's one of the last ones because the whole mystery of the game is finding her brother I'm pretty sure so until then she's going to keep getting boned or shot in the face in this example why don't you go finish your lunch you're covered in blood was that a gunshot okay um I I'm yeah I'm not interested okay who don't really want to die all if I borrow the screwdriver I might have been able to got this card damn it okay that's fine we'll just go back to lunch so Lily good Monte's good and you're good bugs so all we have left is nugget and Cindy okay to be easy enough to the hints have anything about Cindy I don't think so no nothing here about Cindy okay well I guess we'll just move on and then hope for the best well done you got Lily Monte and bugs that's unprecedented you've earned three gold stars I'm like a hit man four gold stars is disgusting what about nugget did you manage to befriend a little mole creature yeah yeah he's my friend excellent you see that hole he's standing by over there he's been digging it out for a few days now I'm pretty sure he's gone straight through the bottom of the box Wow yes I would be impressed if it wasn't so dangerous unfortunately I have no way to prove how dangerous it is and the principal doesn't seem to care what does this have to do with me gaining his trust because he won't let anyone in the hole who he doesn't trust that's why you're going down there uh fine of course not he may be weird ugly and disturbed but he's only a little stupid he knows I'm out to get him okay fine I'll do it I'll do it just give me my gold star I need gold stacks I need to go down there into the hole and find something it doesn't have to be much just anything we can use to get him in trouble the dead dog that's what it was there for last episode if I can prove that the dog died in his hole he's gonna get shot in the head like everybody else I don't know I just know there has to be something down there just go down there and find it okay okay okay good to come back when it's done now get we're friends right you want to let me down in your hole thank you for coming as no get asked nugget normally does not have any friends to show his work to but today he does are you ready to enter the nugget cave sure excellent but first nugget must do something emptying his pockets of all that weird little kid pocket meat sounds really really gross there now we are ready okay so let's just jump on in we're going to enter the Nugget cave we I can't imagine landing on a pile of nuggets would be very easy there's the dead dog and we'll just be grabbing that right Oh a little doggie nugget forgot that was there is it dead yes it is but do not fret nugget did not do that nugget was just digging the nugget cave when it fell from the sky nugget dares not bring it to the surface it would probably cause trouble okay we're going to take the dog and I'm also going to take this card right yeah we could do that if I need to restart the room that we can do that okay now get I want out how do I get out you don't have a ladder down here are you enjoying your stay here in the nugget cave yep but I'm going to keep looking around yeah I'm ready to go okay teacher I found a dead dog it was totally in luck it's cave well what did you find this dog core oh my Deary me is that is that is that always Cyndi's dog oh why did you were the one who kidnapped my dog oh my god she's dead Cindy I think what he was trying to tell me is that nugget you shut your fat ugly mouth I have to make this right did she just stab me in the face Cindy no you can't just actually it would be one less kid for me to deal with you turned on me and I can see your jiggly bits good job Cindy you've earned a gold star that was my gold star no Cindy might be a little upset to hear about her dog so do I need to do something to Cindy first yeah okay well done thank you for all the gold stars yeah I'll go get the dog I need to do something – Cindy no I screwed up I did everything right except for this the second hint was by the voice recorder before getting sent to the office with Cindy by asking her if your love is enough I don't know what any of that means but before school starts we need to deal with her using the voice recorder from Monte and then we do everything else the way that we did it and then when I get nugget in trouble she won't be here to stab me and we'll be in the good so I'm gonna restart and do everything the exact same way but this time hopefully with less Sydney since it'd stabby McGee get Rex bugs see you later one down I brought enough money with me to buy the yo-yo the voice recorder and the screwdriver because I think we did have enough apples when we were in the hallway getting Lily in trouble to get that card behind a vent it looks like the cards are usually baked but I really want to try I can't buy right now though because every time I buy something it's gonna cost me an apple and I need the apples to get to Cindy right now so we're just by the voice recorder because I need that costs 250 it can help keep you out of trouble if someone ever accuses you of something you didn't do okay well we'll take that pleasure doing business with you alright thank you now Cindy hey there cutie I'm Cindy you want to be my boyfriend sure that's what I like to hear and will totally be the cutest couple in school but first you have to do something for me isn't our love enough ha ha ha ha ha that's cute but no it isn't you're gonna have to prove it to me why why how about cuz I'm the prettiest smartest nicest girl you'll ever meet does that do it for you uh you don't seem like any of those things excuse me I know you did not just say that to me because if you did I would have you taken out how would you do that I'd like to see you try oh why should bait or into doing something because I'll be have evidence with my voice recorder okay yeah I like to see you try fine you asked for it what are you gonna do ray Wow Wow okay Oh Deary me what on earth is going on over here I heard someone cry rape holy yes miss Applegate it was me this boy tried to write me so I Cindy we've been over this boy's not wanting to be your boyfriend does not count as rape but as per the school policy I have to send you both to the principal Oh what you're punishing me for almost being raped now you listen to me you little parasite okay I can agree with her this time you are going to the principal's office end of story this is so unfair yeah yeah tell it to the principal okay I have evidence we're we're in the clear I'm not getting shot in the head Oh bugs hasn't been shot in the head yet I'm sorry bugs but you leave me no choice but to bugs was about to be shot in the head we interrupted it Oh what now what are you doing here he tried to rape me great well then bugs it looks like you're off easy this time get out of here you little dumpster fire look at the random like comedy in the commentary of this game just always kills me so does bugs live am I gonna have to deal with him now I'll be seeing you at recess pal No so I need to find another way to kill bugs oh I guess I could give him the poison nugget no nugget has me eat the poison nugget I don't know what we're going to need to do yet I do need to get him at recess though or lunch right like the hint told me okay you two let's get this over with so you're accusing the little friend here of trying to rape you really Cindy yes sir I could barely fight them off I'm going to assume you are going to deny that you raped her is that correct yes I love that he could ask what's right I think in regard I can't even read that's what I thought well since no one witnessed the incident and you don't have any proof there's not much I can do except separate YouTube for a while I recorded the whole so the entire thing you did well that make sense this is a hell of a lot easier Cindy do I even have to listen to this or will you make it easy on yourself and just admit nothing happened what what he what okay fine but he started it he said I was mean not good enough I think I'm going to enjoy not having you in my school for a while Cindy I'm going to keep this recorder in case there's any trouble when you're awful mother calls so I can't have it back no now why don't you go run on back to class now I think you've missed enough learning for today sure I'll get the hell out of here no gunfire she's dealt with okay you're back where's Cindy what's your punishment none I proof I didn't do it so that means she's gone oh happy happy day I was sick of hearing all of her nonsense you would have earned do you yet you would have earned a gold star would have but why not well our little ruse didn't get rid of bugs like I'd hope but don't worry there's plenty of time to handle that later oh we do need to dig with bugs a different way okay what about Jerome oh yes the high in my tea Jerome okay so this is where it's going to pick off to be the same I'll just cut to bugs in lunch and I was trying to deal with him get wrecked Jerome see you later two down this time bugs was actually here to throw sloth at nugget and perhaps that depends on what you do next bugs just rusul off on you yes he does that every day but today at nugget has poison and you are going to poison bugs for nugget why would I do that because nugget also has the antidote that will save your life how do I poison him here is another nugget it is quite similar to the one that you just ate only this one is far more potent just get bugs to eat it okay I'll try better hurry look at things you have until the bell rings before the poison does its work I hate you okay so we just need to egg him on again I need you to eat this it's a nugget because you're a sissy and Jerome is the one who thinks you're a sissy and then you're going to eat it Lilly's going to run off don't worry we'll be getting to you in a mo moment and did you eat it he didn't eat it Oh tits Jerome's gone so how do I get you to eat it oh no wait he did eat it I don't have it anymore why did you have me eat that nugget oh you'll know soon enough okay so he eats it then I go over the Nugget that's right is it done yet has bugs been poisoned it's done wonderful nugget is quite pleased if what you say is true bugs should die any moment now and there he goes here's the antidote as promised okay so now we're good to go we just need to get Monty stomped we need to go outside and screw over Lily and then we're off to the races get rekt Monty three down directly four down well what did you find this dog corpse oh my Deary me is that is that is that Cyndi's dog maybe nuggets yes no Cindy no screaming is no face stabbing we're in the clear what is it large teacher lady did you kill Cindy's dog what no one nugget would never well not never but nugget is relatively harmless don't lie to me nugget is not lying nugget nose it was the janitor who killed the little puppy I know it was you bye nugget was Nuggets her down there shouldn't he technically not get crushed oh my that was unfortunate I think he got crushed I think Nuggets done damn well that didn't go as planned but I'm relatively pleased with the result you've earned another gold star cool well would you look at that this playground is completely empty you've gotten rid of all your classmates and collected six gold stars so what now now I go home early don't I get a reward oh right your reward here you go it's a special lunch pass you can use it anytime you want to have lunch with me it's my way of protecting my rats for selling out their kids or their selling other friends Thanks well there's no one left to teach today so I'm going to take off okay look kid either I can earn a gold star or you can start walking home choice is yours that's a threat I'll walk home then good I'll see you tomorrow toodles we're not even okay we're not even have Show and Tell that there's nothing to show nobody would you show it to so we get a lunch pass and we killed everybody that was insane and that was definitely the hardest question in this game if I didn't have those hints this would have taken way more than like two and a half hours it did take but I think that's going to be it for this episode of kindergarten guys we have two items left and I'm going to guess they belong to bugs and to Monty right because Lily would be the final quest once we have all of the items I'm pretty sure we would go to her and then hopefully find out what happened to Billy I feel like that's what all of this is leading up to maybe not maybe the game is complete nonsense trick people I don't really care I'm having a lot of fun so hopefully you guys are enjoying it like it's worth watching his video I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next time Oh

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  1. Response to 3:54 The teacher does want to make a underground student arena, so i think they might be a murderer.

  2. I made a oc based off of nugget, it’s nut, he’s obsessed with Walnuts, and he talks like Nugget XD

  3. O. My. Gosh. You. Killed. EveryoneπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ™πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  4. Bugs is the janitors son Jerome is the principal's son because of this message (this is,a key for my DADS office)
    Captinsauce is the best thanks for playing ,kindergarten

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