Teachers travel to DC to learn how to teach kids about the Holocaust

all right new tonight dozens of local teachers on their way to the nation's capital tonight the group will visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum to draw important learnings that will help them teach their students about diversity difference and bullying sponsors of the trip say these kind of lessons are more important now more than ever and here's NBC Charlotte's Mike Hanson with the story may your learning lead to wisdom may sending out to explore the darkest parts of human history they hope to enlighten others keeping hate from becoming another Holocaust our survivors are aging and sadly they are dying roughly 40 educators from across North Carolina loading up and going to the national Holocaust Memorial Museum so that they will come back with lessons learned from the Holocaust as well as being the first line of defense and educators the trip sponsored by the North Carolina Holocaust foundation the Jewish Federation and the stained Greenspun Center for peace the best way to slow it down try to eradicate it is to teach hatred as a universal thing it has no faith it has no color it's just hatred organizers say the trip is more important than ever they point to a recent poll by the claims conference that found 66 percent of Millennials could not identify Ashe wits a place of pure evil in all over six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust organizers say more work needs to be done they say the rise of hatred can be felt creeping up around us it's happening all over the world not only not only in Charlotte North Carolina but throughout this country in certain parts of Europe lessons learned from the past working for diversity tolerance and peace Mike Hansen NBC Charlotte and this marks the third year in a row educators have made this trip the museum even provides lesson plans that the teachers can use when they come back home

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