Okay class what you've got to do next is carry the two over to this side, okay ACK! Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a bloody hoe, she is! Hey guys, it is mess yourself there. So today we are gonna be reacting to some school videos. Now some funny stuff always happens in school. Okay, sometimes teachers get mad Sometimes students pull pranks and sometimes there's loads of fights and disagreements. So let's watch these stupid funny school videos I just wanna watch funny videos. Leave me alone Why I gotta explain myself? NO POMEGRANATES NO NO NO NO NO POMEGRANATES What's going on okay this a teacher and she's saying no Pomegranates the fruit wait is pomegranates a fruit? Oh, yeah pomegranates are fruit. Okay NO NO NO NO NO POMEGRANATES! NO NO NO NO NO POMEGRANATES! Why is she so mad? NO! I DON'T WANT THEM ANYWHERE NEAR ME. AM I CLEAR… oh my god! what a scary a** teacher! (indeed) "AM I CLEAR.." Jesus Christ calm down you old bitch. Okay! what has pomegranates ever done to you No pomegranates sorry miss. Okay. We won't bring in pomegranates. God dammit. What is the story behind this video? Okay, this some kid draw a pomegranate at her and then she got angry or she allergic to pomegranates (Maybe she got harassed by one) I have no idea what she got against about poor pomegranates excuse me, teacher, I got you a pomegranate. I SAID NO POMEGRANATES! okay, we've got a hole full of graduation. looks like their graduation some people are bein' so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Okay Look who's leaving'; all the black people! oh my god! she said, "look who's leaving all the black people"! Look at everyone lose their shit. Oh hell no, okay I don't have time for this okay i dont have time for this old-ass crazy-ass white girl. Everyone's reaction. They're in shock It's everyone's graduation and out of all the times to be a racist, bitch, it's-it's that time. It's that time look how everyone reacts when she says look at all the black people leaving look who's leavin' all the black people. look at this guy he's like oh h*** nah b****! You cant say that to my face! You can't say something like that but I think I mean I mean it's technically not racist, but it's implied So, I mean it pretty much is racist. Okay, what are you trying to say? The black people are leaving but because you've been a boring. a** bitch with your boring a** speech Nothing to do with race is probably the fact that you're a boring ass, bitch All right So we've got a foreigner teacher don't speak English and he's talking to this little girl and with the I,U And he and she on the board. It looks like they're teaching English class what is-a matter with-a you Isabelle-a! You don't understand English! what is wrong!? I'm not very good at English sir Please be nice why you stupid bitch the roster with this girl is class miss cow So stupid sir, please. You better not make me angry. You better not make me angry. (unknown language) oh hes pushing ahead. Oh my god. Okay, a teacher can't bloody push your head to the side you oh no i feel sorry for this kid now its just turn into a teacher bullying a poor little student for not knowing English (unknown language) SUBTITLES BY SnowGlobe SUBSCRIBE oooh what a bada** girl! look at her! Oh sh** she just ran away! Is that real no no, no, okay. Okay. I thought that was being a bit too serious But is that was that real? amondiou, shindaoo. Neenonee? (loud screech) Okay, oh my god.. ah ortha oh my god i cant stand this noise! Oh my god, the teacher can teach this bloody music class Okay. Oh god, they're awful. Is the teacher gonna go mad- oh no! ahh! He just broke his bloody instrument- he owns that! that must of Cost a lot of money and the teacher just broke out anger oh my-ahh just takes it from him! Cause he's shit up playing it. Oh my god. Oh my god You know what day it is today? kid: April fools day? YES IT IS! It was an April Fool's joke cuz happened on the first of April, okay Well, funny joke and everything but who's gonna pay for disguise violin? You just broke the shit out of it. Okay. Oh Well guess what? we're not learning anything. but what am i distracting? Shit okay. what am i distracting though? It seems like we've got this girl who's angry that the teacher can't teach for shit because im tired; im fed up and i had my last stroke of you mr.???. I come to school to learn. Not to be treated like im a little kid. I take care of my da** self. And geuss what? Imma learn somthin' from you. Oh! Man you betta teach sumthin! OOOOH man you better teach something you dumba** teacher! You betta teach something! Man this poor student. Okay. she is mad as hell at this teacher She does care about learning but yeah, this teacher clearly isn't good enough for her (cursing at teacher about teaching) Telling you what you need to do. Yeah you want kids to come in your class You gotta come in here you gotta make them yeah you want a kid to change and start doing better (Yeah) I'm gonna touch his freaking heart can't expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell him (yes) teacher:can you go outside please? There's a limit (there is a limit) and I'm not bitching. b****! he said the b**** word in school! Don't ever say that shit in school! and now I will leave your welcome. Oh, you're welcome If you would like I'll teach you a little more so you can actually learn how to teach a freakin class. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! the student gonna teach the teacher! man the teacher got absolutely owned. Okay, that student was very it was talking from the heart Okay So it seemed like the teachers were just handing them out like pieces of paper For the kids to learn on but this this kid, you know prefers, you know a bit more You know personal one come on teaching fair enough. Okay, but yeah the way the teacher was reacting She was like, okay, I don't care just go back. It's a shame. Okay, because some teachers actually love teaching Okay, they thrive off it They love helping kids and others You know see it as just a job and it's their job don't give a shit don't need to put in that extra effort It's just their job. Okay? We've got a kid in the lunchroom. What what's happening? Oh! hes dancing! OH! Oh hes dancing in front of the teacher! Oh my god is the dogs gonna happen look at the dog and don'ts of what's happening between us. Oh That's amazing that that teacher just joined in in the dance battle, okay, okay I'm glad all these clips aren't serious. Okay, that was pretty funny. Oh my god Teacher screaming, "SHUT UP!!!" Jesus Just feel sorry for this teacher. Okay. All she wants is a bit of quiet in the classroom But she could not handle her class Okay, this is I think a girl like this is just a prime example of a woman who's you know? Smart enough to become a teacher Probably not capable of actually doing it though this guy over here. It's just can't stop laughing (teacher screaming at student) Jesus christ. Okay. This guy has anger problems. Okay, you just shouted and yelled in that kid's ear no you dont have any sense cause your over here aruguin with me, and your making me mad. and im gonna send you to the office if you dont SHUT UP! your making me god*** mad, and im gonna send you to the principal's office, yes I will. SHUT UP! (laughs) Just laughing oh Bloody, well, does he? Oh no, where's she going now? She's gonna call the bloody principle that all hell's gonna break loose soon miss Oh, Mister I am serious. What? wipe that smirk off your face now! wipe that god**** smirk off your face This teachers mad I'm guessing is a PE teacher You are a phony! Im john cena! No Piper double-damn oh ya wanna see me dab Look now the teachers that dabbing Oh oh i can dab too god**** watch me dab This guy's Dabbing while he teaches just yelling at him. He's just dabbing right in front of him Oh the disrespect was that some of these students had man. Okay. I'm not gonna lie I'm starting to cringe some of these clips now. Okay guys, that was me reacting to some funny clips from school. Okay This didn't take me long to make find these clips so if you were like a part 2 – if we reach 10,000 likes on this video, I'll make a part 2 because you know It's funny stuff. A lot of you guys in school be good students. Don't make your teacher mad Okay, they're just trying to teach and come on now You know stop acting like any of these idiots like you see in this video. Thank you guys So so watching and I'll see you in the next video buh-bye

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  1. In Norway we say granateple instead of pomegranates and granateple roughly transelates to Grenade Apples.

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