Teachers Teaching with Technology

information and communications technology or ICT has a huge role in bringing 21st century education in the Philippine setting it's four pillars of contribution are enhancing teaching and learning enhancing communication and engagement improving technology infrastructure and strengthening information systems to enhance teaching and learning the Department of Education in collaboration with a basic education sector transformation program or best conducted trainings to build the ICT skills of teachers the mode of delivery is through learning action cells or relax a learning action cell or Lac is a group of teachers school heads and/or supervisors who engage in collaborative learning sessions to solve shared challenges in a school or a cluster of schools or districts Lacs are also called professional learning communities communities of practice and teacher quality circles among many others it is a self-directed learning process and the reflective practice leading to action and self-evaluation the lack is a form of professional development that builds collective competence through regular peer coaching and learning in November 2015 the deaf ed curriculum and instruction ICT service and best program teams conducted the pilot training on ICT literacy skills development in Tacloban City in late them over 100 school ICT coordinators participated in the event three months after the training the best team went to visit the schools with the participating ICT coordinators to conduct classroom and Lac observations digital flashcards activities namie amuro namie digital quiz consigned by manipulate for young but Miss Muffet Jets that was Marin Pokemon icon stuff up on whether your answer nila is correct or who day for data for home features a great one I was not welcome in a seminar about integration so smug shift cosa great for casinos Victor for you young guru I know you my attorneys I know your mommy I'm gonna be tricky for the most money in 2004 the Lorraine way another famous area ever almost I am activity coordinator I'm happening the great things you can integrate for your IC design in particular particularly on the use of decorative activity which I have learned from our training please to activity didn't really help me a lot in giving instructions in dealing with few fields in working with their own their only belief also of a managed a nothing dressing a nice room in terms of my management because they totally really focus on and as well as to the pictures mirrored you find sub-dominant accessories friendly problema so this time in problema Nikita novel isn't about you thinking about lack of knowledge Paris until on you another some some ICT Sabu Cyril and yes Celia from San Rafael metal spoon I hope we won't school ipv4 get a third car holy with full of them 3/4 inch in all subjects you first love session damage mention about our facility back the kappa tomba off my competence that force after dark MVC Cassini now go and vinegar with Nami school is soon episode so done upon it started so a connects and shown in second session Eastham follow-up service where information my improvement in a bar major hot button for at least another one any lap the third session the month Nakuru come in and a little mimosa PowerPoint edge pasta some publishers so you can in in a man you name hats on but impractical sign input vinegaroon damage to the foot pattern I love the nominal cases and anime but we returned a famiiy image lion-men show positiveness attack hahaha an asset I didn't join let's get up major man enough about the lumps missie Baba Kaneda mentoring process parinama kingdom ago old people careful you'll Shia is there a pig to eat such a high shaft publisher nah sound up on the reading mama room to help to assist me let's India : good exam so peanut a laughs I'm a balloon a high dose of assistant liebe for at least collaboration in the patient's profit fabric or even Google Sabean I hope ICT coordinator cap some will connect knowledge so you give our mothers adding the talaga mention you get it ability pugna ha salmon will give in Murano so the fat milk at 11 patients of course you have to go get the finger well known expression a few validating my we have to look at most be open for me it's not about the summer in the clear areas about the instruction or the knowledge so very important to them because I am thinking for their betterment for my other region because my pupils you

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