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ass credit teachers have ridet what is your best read the note to the class story in high school a girl in class passed a note to another girl asking if she had a pad or tampon teacher completely blew up started yelling at them and asked them to read it out loud they did and the teacher who was an older man immediately calmed down and let it go I think he was more embarrassed than the girls my then-fiance was a high school math teacher one day she thought she saw a note being passed but she wasn't sure so she waited then she thought she saw it again finally she saw it walked over and took it it was a wedding card signed by half of the class before she took it she cried edit yes she's now my wife student not a teacher in maybe the fourth or fifth grader kid is trying to pass me a note and is caught by the teacher I wasn't paying attention to where it came from I only noticed when it was about to be handed to me she makes him read the note in front of the class he reads the note and it says you want to be my boyfriend I like the way your booty moves when you walk I every act and say I'm not gay and the boy says I didn't write that it came from Tosha everyone laughs and she and I are both extremely embarrassed after class I go to talk to her at the locker and she says yeah I wrote it but I don't like you like that anymore legend has it I'm still single to this day when I was in HS we had a kid passing out to another kid all subtle like they both sat behind me in the same row the kid did not even read it he put it in his pocket but the teacher saw she made him stand up and told him to pull out the note he refused she told him to pull out the note again and he refused she legit reached into his pocket and said something like let's see what you are hiding from class she saw the contents and went white she grabbed both boys and led them to the office immediately the note which I later found out said something along the lines of package left in second trash can of the third empty room or something like that with gum you won't need it don't fuck this up the police found a small amount of heroin and a 22 pistol with no ammo in the Sur trash can underneath some balled up papers this turned into a mess where the kids both claimed neither one wrote the note and were not the intended recipient so the school said they would expel everyone from that line of desks which are parents pretty much stopped the police tried searching all of our homes but my parents refused to allow anyone into our I was in band at the time and had to take a drug test every six weeks my parents believed me so they refused to allow the police to search the home the event never got punished because they could never prove anything other than the teacher saw two kids passing out about four years after graduation I saw on Miss space yup that long ago that one of them died too and not and the other was arrested for his murder they never got him for the murder of supplying drugs to a Dru G but did get him on a drug charge a positive spin I was long-term subbing a class one day I noticed students discretely passing around a piece of paper while I was teaching I went to retrieve it and discovered it was a petition signed by each student requesting I remain their teacher for the rest of the year in health class we were talking about boners and how they fill up with blood my cousin took a piece of paper and wrote your penis is filled with blood and threw it at some popular kid the teacher picked it up and you can see him die inside because of the immaturity of eighth graders and how he has to teach them for a career not a teacher but when I was in high school I started a note from the back row of the class which was passed and read by nearly everyone in the class the teacher grabbed it as it went past him when there was only three people left who hasn't read it I think he was going to read it out to the class but he looked at it before he read it all the note said was that the zip on his pants was down with all respect to him he calmly zipped up and continued teaching student not the teacher in my college thermodynamics class the professor said that he didn't care if we got a text message in class however he did care if we had our in his own so his rule was that if you got a text message and your phone went off out enough for the whole room to hear it you had two options you could neither read the text out loud to the whole class or you could bring in doughnuts for everyone at the next class there were about 20 of us of course everyone keeps their phones on silence so it never happens until smack dab in the middle of one of the exomes when the professor's phone gets a text message and rings out loud and clear in the middle of the exam professor freezes takes one look at his phone as we all start giggling and says guess I'm bringing you guys all doughnuts on Wednesday they were delicious one day in middle school right around when the Nintendo Wii I came out you could add other friends online for certain compatible online winner games by sharing a serial code of like 16 numbers or something around there sitting in the back of our seventh period science class three of my friends and I started to exchange and write down are we high serial codes on a small piece of paper we'd pass it down and share it as we passed it and copy them in our notebooks our teacher pauses his lecture as he looks at us he just gets up from the front of the class walked to our oh we're the four of us sat put his hand out to my buddy for the paper with all of our serial codes on him takes a moment to glance at it only to see a matrix of random numbers followed by the first letter of our names event glances up at us and then to my buddy with the most dumbfounded stare squints and asked is this some kind of joke cause I'm clueless on this one my buddy that had to explain ourselves saved us all the embarrassment and said I'll explain after class as he blushed luckily our teacher was a really cool dude and was fine with that answer and told us to just put it away we told him after class and he understood but also said he was expecting some sort of elaborate code that we were encrypting messages in ha ha not a teacher but there was one teacher who was really cool bust still took his teacher job seriously one lesson there is a note being passed around because of the giggling he sharpened his senses and honed in on the notes location and intercepted the handoff did that getting ready for a speech cough opened the note and laughed the note said giggle and pass it on there was another time he intercepted a note that said happy birthday mr. blank space not a note but an anonymous question to the class in health class in freshman year of high school we had to anonymously write questions about sexuality and the reproductive process and the teacher would pull out a random card read the question and respond with a textbook answer said teacher was very religious and very open about her faith in a way that almost seemed patronizing so I was surprised when she pulled out and read a card that said what does the word cunt mean she look at the card looked at us all calm and then proceeded to pull up Wikipedia and other web media to inform us of the origin of the word its connotation and how it's used differently around the world I was kind of shocked that she just wanted us to know what it meant as if to say don't look like a dumb fuck if you want to use this word in a sentence I taught for a decade in a really rough area i intercepted a lot of notes and was pretty shameless in public humiliation of my kids I read a lot of a bad stuff out loud however one really nice moment that stands out was when the super popular bubbly Latin a girl sat next to the stereotype depressed weird white theater band girl I see them passing notes which is really uncharacteristic the band girl seemed off and upset but I let it go because it seemed like there was something going on more and the Latin a girl was a really nice kid I didn't think she was bullying or anything I had the girls stay after for a second and asked them what was up the Latino girl said I was worried about her she looked sadder than usual so I wanted to make sure she's cool I asked the other girl if that's what was happening and she said yep and showed me the notes which was a really heartfelt convo about boys relationships and feeling lonely it was so damned sweet I asked if they needed more time and they both said yes I could get them excused from their next class and they asked if they could chill and talk more I said sure because you bet your ass wellness and mental health there's a fuck ton more important than curriculum they really had a moment and it seemed to help them both this was as 10th graders I got to see them really develop a nice friendship over the next few years go girls wherever you are now I hope you're still friends and I'm glad I could help facilitate that another non teacher here but my seventh grade teacher typically always wore a dress shirt to class and looked very presentable but this day he had his sleeves rolled up now everyone loved this teacher but my immediate though was to write a note to my friend sitting beside me that his arms were super hairy and that note was passed back and forth with his cracking jokes about it nothing malicious or overly mean just that we didn't think he'd have such hairy arms we eventually got caught and between classes he took us aside and warned us to not pass notes and since this was the first time this happened he would toss it out without reading it and let us go well a couple months go by and he decides to wear short sleeves again and his arms were noticeably less hairy I know 12 year olds don't have the greatest moral compass but to this day I still feel so bad that my dumbest little note might have made him so self-conscious about something so unimportant I'm sorry mr. field wherever you are now sad face

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  1. My friend and I used to make lesbian jokes a lot (earlier this year
    , I moved schools) and I wrote on a note “I love you more than all the letters on this page” (I wrote it on the back of a word search) and then m6 teacher saw us and read it aloud. She looked at my friend and said “aww that’s cute, do you have a boyfriend?” And my friend replied “no, Kayla wrote it” and the teacher looked at me and said “are you lesbian..” and I froze and went so red (from embarrassment duh) and was like “no” pretty embarassing..

  2. Wtf is the song in the background? Sounds like a piano rendition of some Final Fantasy boss fight music.

  3. Once I got passed a note and the teacher decided to take it and read it to the class. She couldn't read it because it was just a drawing of a chicken leg😂

  4. Meh, best I get is them saying so-and-so loves another student, me, panties, poops or toilets. They often write them in a great hurry and aren't native English speakers, though, so the names are misspelled. I just ask who the misspelled names are.

  5. I’m not a teacher but the student who had the note. It was in my math class and the teachers pet was reading the sticky note over her shoulder. Now what had happened was one of my friends had asked me out for another friend on said sticky note collection. I sent one back and the teacher saw me do so.. so she took them and read it. I had turned him down. So now not only does he and my entire class know that he got rejected, the entire school does because where I was there were always people talking.

  6. This reminds me of 9th grade where me and my friend would pass notes to each other just arguing about which character in a show was better. I'm glad we never got caught because it would've been hard to explain to a teacher why we were passing notes that said "Homura is a meanie, Mami is better!" "Mami died so Homura is superior!"

  7. I was passing a note to my friend. It just had a ton of doodles on it, and random crap. We had a sub. Now, this sub is the sub everyone knows, and everyone hates! We had no work to do and so many kids were talking, so this shouldn’t have been bad. The teacher still saw us and said, u want me to read this to the class? Remember, all it had was doodles. We both said, sure. She saw it, and was humiliated. That was the best day ever.

  8. So everyone in my class was trying to convince me that this girl had a crush on me, she told me that she doesn't so i believed her. One time in music class the girl that supposedly liked me wrote a note to me. (I'm getting this info from my friends so it probably wasn't for me). One of the girls friends held the note up to me, it was in pink writing on white paper so I couldn't read it. Her friend past it back to her but our music teacher caught her passing notes. The teacher didn't even read the note out loud, he just silently read it and didn't get the not back. Ngl, I wanted to know what was on that note.

  9. Not a teacher but this is a true story on the last day of their grade I'm going to fourth we were going to play this game against people and we all kept fighting so I was passing a not and when my teacher read it shes really nice and sh let me read it to them but I ripped it and said sone stuff but one of my friends wanted it lol

  10. Light Yagami: I was writing a criminals name on a page from the Death Note but Misa took it.The teacher thought we were passing notes like little kids.The teacher took the note.I ran as fast as I can when he got to the part when it described his death.Goodbye my privacy and hello L.

  11. There was this one kid in class who was drawing tiddies on a white board and kept holding it up to the other side of the room to his friend, the teacher was busy on the computer so she didn’t notice yet, but as soon as the guy started giggling the teacher noticed and told him to give her the white board, he didn’t let her so she snatched it from him, but by the time she did it was half erased,………he got detention for 2 days lol……

  12. Am I the only person who has teachers that let you pass notes? Like as long as you're working you can pass notes/talk (if not on silence)

  13. My friend at the time passed me a note in math class.
    The teacher took the note and later asked me to read it to the class.
    "I like my men like I like my feet, sweaty and gross"
    The teacher never spoke about it again.
    The ironic part is that the ex friend in question was an out and proud lesbian.

  14. In middle school, my English teacher caught these two girls passing notes. It was them talking about one of their crushes and how he had a great butt. Then it turned into them talking about which boy’s in the class had the best ass, who was noticeably growing, and who were the flattest one. Only one of the girls names were written on it and she was the one who started the discussion.

    This started a trend of guys in the 7th grade shaking their ass in her direction or asking Note girl to say how great their ass were for an entire school year. Several guys got suspended or detention for sexual harassment but that didn’t stop most of the repeat offenders. What really made things hit the fan was when the Crush and couple of his friends along with some of the best ranked guys mooned her as a Valentine’s Day present.

    …….. That girl never passed a note again and I’m certain she learned how to spell booty correctly after getting roasted by our English teacher about her bad grammar.

  15. I might be too late but once in 7th grade I was playing with my phone in the french class while it was in a small bag on my lap. My friend who was sitting next to me suspected my act and calmly asked about it. I sent him a note explaining what I was doing. The teacher saw me passing it and she read the note. I got nervous and started stuttering and said "it was just a joke". Yes, I said it in English in the French class to my French teacher, while English was my third language (I come from an Arabic country). She didn't say anything. Instead, she sent me outside the whole class. Thanks for reading my embarrassing experience. I purple youuu.

  16. My math teacher yelled at my class because we wouldn't stop talking and he said that he was stressed enough bc the very back row passed a note from one end to the other several times containing memes. I laughed

  17. Once passed a note saying “you’re gay” to my friend. And the teacher grabbed it put it in her desk and kept talking. She then read it and gasped, she asked to talk to me in the hallway, she lectured me about how I wouldn’t want to be called that, then I said “but I am gay! And showed her my yay for gay pin on my hat. She then said “ya but still, that’s rude” she sent me back to sit down and my friend said “I heard her, she’s ridiculous” I just thought this was funny and should share it XD

  18. My friend and I don't even pass notes.

    We straight up yeet them to each other's desks in crumpled up balls of paper when the teacher is completely lost in her work.

  19. One of my teachers last year picked up a note in class. It wasn't a note from our class, we were his 2nd period and he had found the paper on the floor. He was going to read the note out loud so he uncrumpled the paper. Then he laughed harder then I expected. We asked what it said and he told us that if he read it he could get fired and we didn't want to know. Of course the only thing we found out was a rumor about how it was possibly about a kid telling a girl she had a nice ass or something.

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