Teachers Share STRANGEST Encounters With Students Parents

39 thoughts on “Teachers Share STRANGEST Encounters With Students Parents”

  1. I don't get the last name story. How does signing her last name as his lead people to think they are having sex? I would think a teacher would just ask her one day and get it resolved then and there. Is there some culture or country where doing this means getting it on?

  2. "Many people assume I am biracial" well, being Italian and Mexican means being white and Latina, so isn't she actually biracial? Or is Latina not a race? (I'm serious, not trying to be offensive or racist or anything, just genuinely wondering)

  3. This girl in my mum's class thrusted her hips out, patted her vagina and called it her 'money maker'. Mum called the mother and talked to her about it. The mother said "Daughter, don't touch your money-maker in front of teachers."


  4. Art teacher is right, childhood obesity is no joke and needs to be curb stomped. Step dad is just salty it takes him 10 minutes to find the mom's vagina.

  5. Not the only one who thinks the story at 3:00 is an r/thathappened right? What the father did would be assualt and by the art teacher pushing the mother, depending on how that is seen, is most likely to also count as an assault and something tells me there is almost no way the principle would have just stood there, or sat there I guess.

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