Teachers say $359m education scheme has no direct benefit for kids

The $359m Investing in Educational
Success (IES) policy put forward by Education Minister
Hekia Parata, is unworkable. Those are the sentiments
of the principals that gathered in Wellington
this morning to discuss the issue. Heta Gardiner has this report. More money for education. So why isn’t NZEI pleased? This helps principals,
it helps teachers, and it helps an assortment
of other people, but what about the kids themselves? What has come out of today’s meeting
between NZEI and principals is that the new roles
for principals and teachers are unworkable. Additionally,
NZEI feel that people working in the classrooms
were not consulted. If you’re talking about vast sums
of money like that, surely you should talk to the people working in the schools
with the children. Don’t forget our kids
in the schools. Don’t forget those
who are living in poverty. Some feel that more roles
and more money in pay packets won’t help our children. Money isn’t the motivation
for those going into teaching! If money is their motivation,
good grief! It’s clear what NZEI
wants to do with the money. Funding needs to go to schools with high Maori
and Pasifika populations. We made contact with the Minister of Education’s
Office for comment, but she was not available. Heta Gardiner, Te Karere.

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