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teachers of Reddit what is the craziest thing you have seen on a student social media not me but my wife a student posted a suicide note on snapchat another student showed it to my wife she ran to the front office and called 911 kid was home with his mom and had overdosed in his room kid was taken to a hospital and survived saved his life well I don't follow any students on Facebook but one of my co-workers deals with kids in a different way and is more tuned in on their parents on social media told me elementary schoolers mom went on Facebook live naked from the waist down spread-eagle telling people to look at her house pussy mom is a cokehead apparently not a teacher but some kidnap my teens school posted naked pictures of him being with another student's mom both were naked in the photo small-town word travels to everyone the mom and her husband got a divorce and they all moved out of town was a wild ride in our little it a town edit I should clarify that the kid had just turned 18 at the time of the photo a few years ago a school near where I teach had an epidemic of kids exchanging nudes from stories that I heard the kids were trading them like baseball cards and students that didn't participate were harassed until they did if I remember correctly I think the almost the entire football team was kicked off the team and many students throughout the school were charged with possessing child porn these teachers at my school found their kids mean page and keep in mind was a preppy stuck-up school anyway the meme account had the usually slightly edgy kind of content but the school acted as if it were a hate crime parents were called in there was a whole school assembly on social media and the appropriate content that should be posted the school went as far as suspending the kids behind the account for one week and giving detentions to every kid who liked the memes the whole ordeal was just stupid and left me wondering if teachers even cared about the kids who were very clearly smashed on drugs deleted eighth-graders posted his wake-and-bake session on snapchat someone showed that Deena now he has it saved on his phone for the rest of the year that kid was the most straight-laced dude literally think that Dean was blackmailing him into being a better student law edit my first silver thank you not me but my fiance used to work the it Dept of a school sometimes they got reports from students or teachers that suspect there's something on a student's school iPad all I can say is students for the love of God please stop taking news on school equipment I had a student tell me that he had to go out and look for his roommates body and therefore would not be in class and that his roommate had been killed in a kayaking incident now when a student dies we are told at some past institutions this was not the case for example if you had a student from your course commit suicide you were just supposed to act like nothing was wrong in that nothing had happened and that they had never been there so quite honestly was like okay this might be true or dude might be lying it was a few years ago and so I got on Facebook found the student and identified the roommate unfortunately it was true unfortunately he was not the one that found the body and the announcement came out slightly there after I was able to excuse the absence without further evidence which is always a nice thing to be able to do for somebody the crazy thing though was that his roommates quote was what doesn't kill me makes me stronger it was uncomfortable so in my school district teachers can lose their jobs for following students on social media that being said sometimes a student will get worried about something that they see posted and will bring me a screenshot of it so due to that the craziest thing I've ever seen was one of our students pointing a gun at the camera and threatening to turn the walls of the school red with blood I took the student who reported it to the front office and made a full report to administration never saw the kid who posted that again fighting videos like I'm talking fighting and teachers in the background watching the whole thing happen without doing a thing to separate it some kids were so ecstatic to show me – what a weird world not me but my GF principal called all teachers to talk about something a couple of students had done they were I assume bf and GF and stayed in the classroom during break she went down on him with one hand on his dick and the other filming for social media snapchat I guess the security camera caught it – edit I said resis instead of break my bad thanks for correcting me the kids are 15 16 yo when I was in graduate school I was living with the cop as a roommate one time I came home and saw her clearly on one of my students Facebook accounts he had posted pictures of himself in the dorm doing illegal stuff alcohol and weed so like expected illegal stuff for a college kid but it was incredibly awkward for me because she told me they were investigating him and then I got to see him in class the next day I worked Oh be careful what you put on social media lesson into what we were doing but he ended up getting kicked out of the dorms not long after and I'm not sure if they pursued anything else this isn't really crazy but Oh I stressed myself out so much in that week I felt bad for him because she was talking about nailing him to the wall for it but I also felt like I couldn't openly warn him and x200 be and yes this story is old because students were still on Facebook and weed was still a fairly serious charge also I was awkward and young and today I think I would just openly warn the student law when I was in middle school there was a trend where we made fake Facebook events and invited a bunch of people one time my brother or one of his friends made one that was called gay lesbian orgy and friend's name is house and invited a bunch of people he invited one of my friends girl around 15 years old that went to a different school and barely knew the people involved in the event and she clicked she would attend without paying much attention to the name a few days later one of her teachers approached her after class to have a very awkward conversations along the lines of I know you might be struggling with figuring out your sexuality but taking part in things like that could be very dangerous et Cie my friend was very confused not me but it happened to an acquaintance of mine when he was in high school he's not a teacher either one of the students in his class went missing parents were freaking out because it was unusual for their kid to disappear without a trace like that a week later the cops found his decapitated head cops never found the rest of his body though my acquaintance tells me the whole school was freaking out about what happened apparently the guy was a small-time drug dealer and something happened not a teacher but in my high school there was a guy who posted a dimly-lit video of him committing suicide his friends reported the poster teacher who called the police and an ambulance the responders arrived at the guy's house to find him completely okay turns out he posted a video he found on the internet that looked enough like him he didn't try to commit suicide they took him to the hospital anyway to evaluate him he stuck to his story until that teacher rated him out a close-knit alternative school where the students were close to end on a first-name basis with teachers to try and get kids to see the school as a community go to classes regularly this same kid threw a Halloween party earlier that same year where 100 kids showed up and hung out outside a snazzy building only to realize after midnight that all of his excuses about why we couldn't go and amount it to the fact that he didn't even live there we're guy I wonder what he's up to now a student was admitted to Stanford and tweeted like got into what standard or something Stanford apparently checked out his Twitter and he had tweets that were misogynistic and other tweets talking about smoking weed Stanford rescinded his admission and called the school to let the principal know exactly why his admission was rescinded he ended up being fine went to another good school on a full scholarship but not as good as Stanford an expensive lesson about social media

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