Teachers Reveal Trashiest Things That Parents Have Done (Reddit School Stories r/AskReddit)

41 thoughts on “Teachers Reveal Trashiest Things That Parents Have Done (Reddit School Stories r/AskReddit)”

  1. I have a story:
    I’m not a teacher but a student. From 1st grade til 6th grade a girl I knew would always come to school with dirt all over her face and clothes. She smelt like cigarettes and liquor from where her grandparents would carelessly smoke and drink around her while her mother suffered from cancer and could never leave the hospital so that connection was never really there with her mother. Like I said the grandparents didn’t care about her as long as they were getting paid from her mom to take care of her (which they didn’t secretly) she would constantly be ignored at school for her smell and unattractiveness. One day she just disappeared, I hope she’s living better now somewhere.

  2. People getting shocked because there are dark stories here…sad thing, if you work with children, soon or later you will find a pretty shitty parent.

    Honestly, the worst part of working with children is that they have parents.

  3. I working at repair shop close to the school (My mom is a nurse). Guy from front came to me to see something
    I came. He told me a girl came to her ask some hygiene products. She give her and try to put it on her
    Found some foamy liquid on her sensitive part. I call my mom. She came and check.
    She got an STD
    Turns out her mom "sold her on random dudes"
    That kid is my sister now

  4. most parents are garbage at the job and most teachers are mediocre but what really takes the cake is when these fuckheads do their 3rd level up in inbred evolution but don't ever get fucking called out for their tomfuckery.

  5. Hey man, I appreciate you making these videos but I have some constructive criticism. Maybe when a post is being narrated about a young school girl with a learning disability who is neglected and supposedly raped or molested, don’t play happy and chipper piano tunes. Otherwise, the video was good! 👍

  6. I firmly believe that everyone who reproduces should undergo a psychology test among other things. It would help with our world’s overpopulation crisis too..

  7. I'd take down the rabbit eating parents information and send it into PETA so they can harass them

  8. My mom is a process coordinator (retiring once summer starts) and has occasionally told me about the kids she has to work with. One story that stuck out in particular: A kid from a less than caring home at one of the schools my mom worked at took a massive (like, seriously huge) crap on the hallway floor, and when he was questioned, he said that his parents wouldn't let him use the bathroom at all the day before, despite knowing he had to go. The poor kid simply couldn't handle the pain in his colon anymore, and didn't even have time to make it to the school bathroom before letting loose.

    Needless to say, CPS was later called on the kids' parents. When I first heard the story, I was livid with rage at the thought of a parent doing that to their own child.

  9. Not even halfway thru the video and already I wanna fücking murder half of these gøddåmn shïtstains who call themselves parents.

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