Teachers Reveal Secrets About Teaching

put like a little this is bad I shouldn't be telling you guys this hi I'm Dan I was an adjunct professor in film and art at a liberal arts college hi my name is Salani Thomas and I was a science teacher for a 1st through 5th grade my name is Jenny I have been teaching for almost 10 years now all in preschool today I'm gonna be sharing some insider knowledge about schooling Oh what kind of gossip and the teachers lounge we talk about everything I don't want to get myself in trouble here it's nothing that I think a student would find terribly interesting it's all about like unionization when we're taking vacations if we're even gonna be able to afford a vacation talking to it about the administration a little bit mainly I think we just talk about who's bugging who talk about our co-workers I guess we do talk about you for sure most of the time we talk about our experiences if we deal with really bad or misbehave children because if you're a problem to one teacher we want to know if you're a problem to every teacher or if you just hate us or if we had issues with the parents which happens quite often parents will come in and yell at us for their child not doing well and blame it on the teacher so we tend to gossip about that biggest pet peeve I would say is students coming to my classroom at lunchtime I mean just like blatant lying with the little ones it's probably when they just tap you constantly and they're trying to get your attention like hi hi hi I just needed my time to myself that's a really really difficult because you want to be nice you want to answer questions but we need a little break too plagiarism is a huge pet peeve because it's incredibly easy to catch yet it is so rampant another annoying thing that students do is when they think they know the answer to something and I'll try to explain something in science oh I know already I know already and I can't even explain it to the other kids I'm like that I'm glad you know but they don't know so she you know I think a lot of students are just trying their best they're trying their best in a system that is in many ways stacked against them so I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to the little annoyances have I ever had a student come in visibly or otherwise intoxicated I'm sure I mean depending on a good attendance day there are a hundred and ten students in this class was an auditorium class so the odds are that a few of them are intoxicated pretty high no cuz preschoolers are too young for that but we have had kids come in who are like clearly on medicine like they're sick and their parents end up knocked up on dayquil I have never had any students coming in toxicated I would be shocked if they did I think maybe they were intoxicated on their prescription medications but not anything outside of that I also understand that the world is falling apart and you need to cope with that feeling of hopelessness that I think a lot of us are feeling in varying degrees so I'm not gonna begrudge a student for coming in drunk or high to a class as long as they aren't disruptive and they aren't stopping other people from enjoying or at least listening to what I have to say how where am I have their personal lives they tell you everything as far as like the relationship be kind of stuff yeah with college classes you typically take breaks in the middle because you teach like three to four hour classes and in those thirty minutes you you hear some stuff they tell you about baby sister's baby brothers they'll tell you if their mom is pregnant before mom tells you you'll hear oh my Mommy has a baby in her belly I am super aware of my students gossip and personal lives because they are loud okay they talk about everything all the time with no awareness of anybody around them so I hear everything and I have dog ears so I hear stuff that I did not want to hear they talking about parties they talk about getting drunk getting high I've overheard a girl accidentally pee on herself they forgot to wear deodorant all kinds of fun stuff the worst way of cheating would be trying to signal to their friend across the room like because I can clearly see it it's terrible you're not gonna get away with it just study there's no cheating in preschool but preschoolers are sneaky you might say something's not open for them or something's closed and they'll turn around and go to another teacher and say oh can I have some more watermelon or can I have some more quesadilla and then when they say yes you were turn around you're like I just told them no everything I did was essay based I can hear the groans on the other side of the screen the worst thing I've seen is I taught a class of six people so six essays that's not a lot of essays two of the essays invariably were almost identical every single time like your pool is so small there's such a degree of like intellectual inbreeding happening right here that of course I'm gonna catch them and of course I'm gonna tell them that I caught them and you're almost disappointed in the lack of creativity and it's also kind of insulting to you personally it was like you didn't think I would notice I don't know what kind of apathy you're dealing with outside of this classroom but I really care I care too much to a lot of degrees I would say a good way of cheating would probably be this is bad I shouldn't be telling you guys this so take a paper put it on your chair and close your legs so that when you come you know you could look down at in there close your legs and then I probably won't notice that I love the joy that I get from seeing kids absorb information and that I can make science cool being a woman of color it's super super important to show that being represented is important being a teacher in preschool is almost like being a movie star you walk into a room and they are thrilled to see you there's their run to you they hug you they kiss you it's just they're very excited to see you and that is the biggest joy in preschool I mean it's kind of cliche to say but when you you see that aha look in a student's eyes like being able to distill an abstract concept into just a couple sentences and have them understand it for the first time is euphoric it's what we want it's what we live for it to a degree it makes me miss teaching more and more every day cool is everything for now but it's gonna change just focus on loving yourself do your homework listen to your parents when you get older you have to start over again

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  1. Lol what if a student had to go to the bathroom and it was like
    Student: can I go to the bathroom
    Teacher: idk can you?
    Student: i will right here if you don’t let me go

    Idk why I made this scenario I’m tired

  2. Let's be honest. If you are an adjunct professor in film and art at a liberal arts college, you're probably just a former student that couldn't actually succeed in finding a job in film or art…

  3. How to cheat!
    -For things like language tests etc. (where u know what the test answers will be but you need to remember how to write them) write the words quickly on the back and then erase them later
    -if you have a school issued device set the answers and notes as a background and pretend to check the time
    -roll up your pants! Write something on your leg and cover it with your pants. You can also try writing it on your foot under your socks, shoes, or boots. Pretend to itch your leg or pick at a scab and just look at your notes. Also try writing it on the side of your leg and sit criss cross applesauce so that you can see it
    -write it under your sleeve and do the same thing as above ^^^ just check under your sleeve and they won’t notice, but look quickly
    -my favorite method! Wear ripped jeans and write under the holes, so that it’s covered but you can see it if you shift the fabric. Best used if you have higher up rips such as on the upper thigh, that way the teachers can’t really ask if they notice.

  4. I always try go to my teachers room at lunch because I like to read, and it's a bit hard in the lunch room. Plus I never eat lunch at school so there's really no point in my being there, and when I get to read it gives me something to look forward to instead of awkwardly sitting there

  5. My math teacher talks about other teachers because my math teacher just had a baby and people are always talking about it just to be her friend and she hates it so she talks about them in extra help.

  6. As a teacher, The dumbest way I have seen a student cheat was, she wrote the answers to the quiz on her hand… IN FRONT OF ME!
    I said, "The quiz is in five minutes." I sat at my desk, and my student grabbed her pen and started writing the naswers on her hand…. Knowing I was watching her every move… SMH.
    The smartest way I have caught a student teaching was by pure accident. He wrote the answers on the inside of a water bottle wrapper, put it back on the bottle, and could see the answers through the water…. Damn smart!

  7. I like the Adjunct Prof. I hope, since he said he "was" a professor, that he got a better-paying job.

  8. best way to cheat(for dress/skirt wearers): wear a dress/skirt and write important info on your thighs… "itch" your leg to look at your notes. Dare someone to make you pull up your dress if they think they've caught you.

  9. Lol in the first grade my mom was having a baby And i told every teacher before my mom told them it was so funny

  10. Hearing the preschool teacher say its like being a movie star made me AWWWWHHHHHHH soooooo haaarrrrrdddd

  11. I'm 22 and a mom and have 3 teacher friends so I feel less bad about saying this now…
    Teachers when I was in school weren't people. That's really bad and dehumanizing but legit, they never left the school and they were just there all the time seeing a teacher in the wild was a terrifying experience. Like, even seeing my favorite teachers in the real life world was weird. I mean, you're people to me now but back then… BRO

  12. I went to a Catholic high school where we could wear short little kilts like they do in Gossip Girl, and one time I cheated by writing the answers in my inner thigh LOL
    You know a teacher was NEVER going to ask me to open my legs to see if I was cheating… pretty ingenious if you ask me 😛

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