26 thoughts on “Teachers Portrayed By Spongebob”

  1. New Portrayed By Spongebob video is out! It is Teenagers Portrayed By Spongebob!

    And My Apex Legends Portrayed By Spongebob:
    ~ https://youtu.be/u4Kxgdrzyjg

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  2. The "Won't let you talk" teacher is my homeroom teacher
    The "No one ever listens to" teacher is my Language arts teacher

  3. The "Kills the bug" teacher… That reminds me of when my sub teacher was teaching and I screamed because there was an ant on my leg XD

  4. What about the pedophile teacher who is touching children and the sexist teacher who is only nice to the people of the same sex as the teacher.

  5. 2:34 everyone was freaking out over a stink bug and the substitute teacher stepped on it and it stunk so bad 😂

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