TEACHERS GONE WILD! – Teachers losing their SH*T Compilation Reaction!

what it is guys do bless them say Steve I don't know about y'all but when I was a kid man we used to get beatings whippings I guess they call them now but I moved one time I lost eyesight for about a week you only have one eye though you know and only most of the colors I only see black and white out of one of my eyes for week you know what it is nowadays childrens ain't gettin beaten up that's where everything is going so terribly wrong man back in a day it wasn't out of the ordinary to just America moan about thought about the side of a plate glass window like what I'm saying is kids need to go it needs to go back to the days of when discipline and the truth was was acceptable this is ultimate students versus teachers talking back and talking correct I have a scene at ease so they will please me but just not in the way that if you guys do this you talk more than anybody to know you can't tell me that you talk too much because all you do is talk oh that's all you do is talk much pretty much yeah pretty much but if you hand over your life they're still here you're still here you're still here you're still here there's people who just got here five days ago who have done more work than you've done in the past 30 days Guardium first of all I would entertain no losing you can't curse the kid the kid go lose regardless because the minute you start winning you send them right to the principal's office every time you beat me in this roast contest you get detention huh oh you'll talk about me well guess what you got a so City Utah Cindy no uh-uh see I wish you know I see that's one of those situations where you have to hit a kid that's another reason why no teachers you got to come here before I break your legs here see somebody try not hit somebody from Dutch did it you go you go see what what did i do what did I do I'm just sitting here no I'm just laughing you don't have I can laugh if I didn't something's funny so you see being too nice to him I gotta beat these kids man that's real hard a wolffish out of this little school shooter at acting mother what you reckon like right now Sonam animals they need a leash around in it so you go out the window here let me help you brush my teeth take this kid to the vet and get his ass euthanized no kids like that all rostislav flamboyant itself are the rules to him up some real nice blow it again blow it again haha half of me is like I'm not taking this crap nobody the other half of me is like yeah yeah keep doing it this is funny have you come and do something entertaining like that right a little you come into trouble hey hey before you play that you're gonna play play flood walk one yeah so we're going to take these points that we have and move them to the right and one down and then we'll be able to draw our new curve [Laughter] situation world's most fruitless argument I wouldn't entertain notice this fine somebody punch someone here we go ting pick on the kid like this man and I don't mean like in the mean way or physically or something whenever we got the hardest thing to read in the board hey hey our will you you hey Arthur look you up you you don't read read that read the board oh you can't yeah you can read the shit that's why I'm not no teacher happy damn where the kids were terrible to me back I haven't been good at being better than people yet I'm getting better at it just not a whole lot of you can't be sorry these alejos me you gotta be real with them ain't nothing realer did me kicking your ass how to pick them up on the back of the scruff of his neck like he a baby kitten out this man you got big titties in the females in here sir before I cut some bacon off your back yes that's enough for me fucking crap too bad kids oh my god that would be so funny if I did a video of me teaching like a real class for the kids I'd be like beating the kids and stuff I'll be trying to rap to him I'd be trying to give him the BA my mixtape and stuff yeah do your homework and you better buy my mixtape we got video you did make sure to comment like and those subscribers will blast HD Christmas

26 thoughts on “TEACHERS GONE WILD! – Teachers losing their SH*T Compilation Reaction!”

  1. Bruh I agree beat these entitled kids, show them the world ain't gonna revolve around them do somethin for Christ sake, I was raised on ass whoopins, scariest one is the damn switch.

  2. No lie I thought you died. You ain’t popped up on my timeline in over a year and a half😭😭 glad you still goingπŸ’―

  3. Bruh that guy should have came to school every day just to stand outside his classroom and play just for the f*ck of it.

  4. 10:07

    …Well normally for us students in SINGAPORE mostly dont argue with the teachers cause were too pacifist.

    well for my experiance that is

    If i was there i would have stopped him.

  5. 10:21 incident is from Singapore, the "Strawberry Generation" the teachers are having a tough time because of this law. Parents come up to complaint about every reason, problematic students arising because most parents do not condone to punishment.

  6. Omggg that trumpet kid had me dying πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BTW
    What is the catchy outro music? I be jamming hard πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  7. I agree blast I'm 24 kid's These days need honest Good old school punishments gee Even I was spoiled but Damm

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