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teachers of Reddit what's the difference between 1997 2007 and 2017 students 97 quit passing notes 0-7 quit texting 17 are you seriously watching Netflix right now I teach English as a rural high school the biggest issue for 2017 students –is that they have almost zero self-confidence I don't know if this is a product of culture or if this is just a fluke with my students however they are unwilling to try anything challenging or new without an extreme amount of one-on-one guidance and that's very difficult to give in a classroom of 30 not exactly what you're looking for that I have a story to share my father graduated high school in the mid sixties after graduation he and a few friends rented a sailboat and went from the Carolina coast of the Bahamas young free healthy men spent a few days sailing a week on the beach and sailed home when I graduated shortly after 9 / 11 I tried to repeat this trip with a few of my friends no one would rent their sailboat to a couple 18 year olds I guess so seagull trust has changed we finally find one through a friend of my father and set sail for the Bahamas two days in and we see a helicopter then a coast guard vessel then we are boarded by US government guys with guns who say all right boys what is it today you moving guns or drugs after searching the boat for hours and it's a tiny boat and finding nothing we are let go but instructed to turn around and sail home under threat of arrest if we continued south yeah so I guess things have changed a bit my dad taught middle school from 1968 to 2004 when he retired I asked him what changes he saw in students from the beginning of his teaching career to the end he answered the kids never changed a teenager is always a teenager the parents however changed dramatically they used to respect teachers inside with us in disciplinary matters but now they think their kids are perfect and we are on glad I'm getting out before it gets worse 1997 colorful hair and piercings 2007 no colorful hair lots of tattoos 2017 colorful hair and tattoos I teach in college oh the other difference was 1997 no one talked about being gay 2007 students came up to me privately in my office 2070 students talk about being gay in class I was a student in 1997 at the school I now teach at so I can answer this one 2017 students are infinitely more polite harder working and more intelligent than my cohort ever was they are much less likely to smoke they don't drink the idea on the playing field at lunchtime and they don't sell each other shitty weed in industrial quantities I gather they sell each other excellent quality weed in very small quantities instead it's a big Secondary School on a fairly deprived estate so these aren't exactly kids who go to etiquette classes after school but I literally can't open a door by myself because some 16 year old with mutton chops will spring out to open it for me if I'd done that when I was at school it would have been instant social death everybody is going tag so I'll go with cultural all teams are a bell they all think they have it right and the grown-ups have it wrong but they show it differently in 97 the prevailing word was anger I hate the way things are kids were harsher meaner being nasty was the way to show your cool I saw a lot of kids get their kicks out of breaking the santur illusion for grade schoolers for example 17 kids are much nicer to each other think of the music of the time Smashing Pumpkins Lin and the like in spite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage in 0-7 the word was mope kids were softening up being nicer to each other but also getting more into the sadness is beautiful kind of thing they weren't angry at the adults so much as they just wanted them to go away and hide into their hoodies leave me alone to my solitude consider the way my was you to this time in seventeen kids are much nicer to each other they are kind to young kids and friendlier in general but there's this strange undercurrent of competition to be the most good person which leads to the weird yes mayonnaises agenda if that's how you identify kind of thing in seventeen kids want to explain to the grown-ups how they're all bigots they also handle failure far worse than previous generations seventeen kids try harder and genuinely want to succeed in ways that the ninety seven kids didn't in 97 you were cool if you avoided working hard and didn't care if you failed but ninety-seven kids also recovered from adversity faster they didn't bruise as easily they were harder meaner kids but also didn't quit as easily and thrived on constructive criticism now there's bits of each of these personality types in every year there were nice kids who were also soft in 97 and there are mopey emo types now but the prevailing culture shifted these ways going to sound like an old man here but when I was in high school in 97 we had a system where various teachers aides would photocopy all of the notes answer keys homeworks etc and put into an unused locker my whole class even the future valedictorian use that locker I'd imagine cheating efforts have advanced since then I wasn't old enough to teach yet in 1997 I was four years out of high school young and naive in 2007 students were semi glued to their phones but the technology to integrate them into the classroom Twitter accounts fossa book snapchat et Cie wasn't there not was it encouraged in any way through administration there were still affirms away rule for the most part the students in my tech courses at the college I was working were older either getting recertified new degrees or simply enhancing their current skills with newer ones I would put most of the ages in the late 20s to mid 30s in 2017 I have young students right out of high school it's rare now that I have an older student most of these students come in with at least basic knowledge of Technology / Hardware / software but more often than not they are even more advanced than that it's interesting how the tech group got so much younger and more skilled while the older group I don't know do they not move forward anymore are they switching to different careers graduated HS in 93 taught middle school I noticed a definite change regarding fund / social media went through the whole adjustment of no one having a phone – trying to enforce rules about phones – just dealing with them from a teacher's perspective I'd like to smash the shit out of their phones when they're using them in class kids think they are sneaky some are really not anyway went from kids being dicks about phones to now being cool and better about being polite about it definitely more parental involvement now as opposed to 10 years ago I feel students today want to be told exactly what to do and won't risk trying to figure it out on their own my husband just hired two assistants who are 22 and 23 and his job he says they are constantly needing guidance for stuff they should be able to figure out on their own it's just interesting that he is seeing it as well and has nothing to do with education students today are more aware of social issues most kids in 1997 weren't thinking about equality and immigration or anything political now kids are much more informed and mostly more tolerant kids today do not seem to care about being outside as much probably be see the media overdose has everyone convinced there's a pervert or murderer behind ever Bush I find myself spending ridiculous amounts of time on my phone looking at reddit and other digital entertainment it is strange to realize how it feels like a waste of time in 1997 this was not a problem so it is not just changing students it is a change in all of us teaching has certainly become a lot cooler as far as the technology goes not so much with the administrative interference I see a lot of people in this thread mentioning how high school is these days aren't as creative or don't take risks is often or can't figure stuff out their own in the high school senior and I can only speak from my perspective but for me I'm hesitant to take risks because the consequences are so great let's say that I wanted to take a challenging ID class and try to push myself a little harder if I fail or get a poor grade that drags down my GPA and can seriously mess up my options for the future if college admissions CR 3-0 and a 3-2 from applicants from the same background they'll probably take the 3-2 Seban because you took a risk you can't get into the college you wanted to colleges don't see that you challenged yourself and took a risk and learn from your failure they see the failure itself and dismiss you for it that vincit one of you have to be perfect and don't mess this up or else is one that I see all over so much is expected of me that it's hard to take risk and deal with failure because not only do you have yourself to beat up over it but everyone around you also the rates you for it it's hard to take risks when it seems like your entire self-worth and future is at stake standard disclaimer I was not in school before mm this is my experience as a student and member of the younger generation ninety seven little regard to terrorism zero seven remember nine over eleven seventeen can you explain what nine over eleven was I wasn't born yet as a history teacher it's been interesting and difficult trying to instill the gravity of events to people who weren't even born at the time I imagine it was a similarly strange scenario for teachers have taught during the attack on Pearl Harbor or the assassination of JFK strange to have major life events turn to just another historical story for kids within a few short years at the same time it gives me motivation to keep teaching with the same passion as if the events just happened so kids continue to understand its importance graduated HS in 1995 taught middle / high school in 2007 and am teaching college in 2017 I'd argue the biggest difference is technology in the 90s pagers were all the rage in the internet was relatively new to the masses on something you did sitting down at a computer and excruciating ly slow so as a teenager we spent a lot of time hanging out with each other one on one with an absence of technology sometimes we'd father to play video games but multiplayer was limited to a local network or split-screen most commonly we just take turns but I'd argue technology was not something we spent a lot of time on but rather dabbled with 2007 was at the beginning of the smartphone revolution many maybe most students at this point have cell phones social media Yahoo were coming of age and that has changed students a lot in my opinion I used to get annoyed / borderline angry when I saw a group of people at dinner all on their phones 2017 social media is rampant a lot of studies have correlated increasing usage of social media with social disconnectedness and even depression it is as if the creation of virtual social circles has actually created less personal social cohesion so it's important to put your phone down and go just hang out more rather than less you'll hear back in my day kids fill in the blank and it's for the most part horseshit kids are kids teens are teens some are put together some have huge obstacles to overcome progress that has been made it seems to me that young people are much more tolerant of other people's sexual orientation culture and religion compared when I was a kid I don't know anyone from my 700-plus high school that was out of the closet or identified as anything other than Christian publicly I never thought I would see gay marriage happen or pot legalized for that matter and now the focus on transgender issues is at society's forefront these are great steps that can not be overlooked and discounted so back in my day kids played outside and with each other teaching kids and healthy social relationships but people that weren't the norm were silenced these rascals today spend too much god time on their phones but live in a more accepting society oh yeah and have dank memez since I'm an old fart who has been teaching during all of these years I will give my impression the main difference I see is an attention span and impulsivity the 2007 teens cannot focus on only one thing if I'm talking they will be doing ten other things they have the attention span of a gnat and can't sit still for love nor money but if I stop and ask what I just said they can usually quote me word for word I've seen an exponential increase in attention deficit and vestibular issues but the really strange thing is they just don't seem curious maybe they are so bombarded with information they don't need to be where kids before would ask lots of questions want to know and find out things the 2007 teens just seemed like Flatliners who could care less content knowledge has been watered down because they can just google it but they don't if I had had Google at their age I would have been in heaven 2007 teens can literally find out anything in the world they want to know at the touch of a few buttons and they just can't be bothered or can't still long enough to do it there's one elementary teachers take

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  1. honestly, seeing older generations talk about mine like this kinda irritates me. for example; 12:11 , if i could put down my phone more and do other stuff i'd do it! definitely. but i can't. Nearly nobody hangs out for longer times irl, because of stress, work, school, personal stuff, etc. Everyone lives online and there's no way to avoid it. Just like all the stranger danger shit ab talking online. No, i don't know who i'm talking to and yes, it can be some kinda catfish or scam, but they're not gonna hack all my socials by hearing my voice (i mean, they could, but if they wanted to they wouldn't even bother to get my voice). Anyway, what i'm saying is that this is the way life is now, there'sno denying or avoiding it because it's just necessary. Besides, it's how i learned English and how i learned about different cultures. Istg i learn more from the internet than school. I wish it was different in some ways, but it isn't and i, well, we just have to deal with that

  2. A lot of these say that students have less self confidence and one of the reasons is if we go on the internet and see people living perfect amazing lives we feel bad about ourselves and compare us to them

  3. I graduated from secondary modern school yesterday and this is more than interesting, because I was and still am a very curious person. This sounds silly, but regarding the last comment I am more than happy that grew up in times where this "I can just Google it" mentality hadn't reached the children. To be honest, I still sometimes have Questions in my mind which I Google without success, so I'm glad that I Keep going to School after summer. German School System if anyone wonders why my Keyboard makes some words big. I just can't bother correcting it anymore.

  4. 2017 kids are the ones who look good on the outside but then find their discord accounts spamming the n word with their friends on league lol

  5. That last one made me tilt my head until I realized he was an elementary teacher. For all I know he's teaching fifth grade kids who still haven't actually grown into themselves a little or haven't actually been challenged by the school system or culturally yet.

  6. I hate how people tell teens now to "put down their phones and play outside youll be alot happier," We were born with them being a major part of our lives and we have had to adust ourselves around them. Technology will always advance and future generations will adapt to it and their activities that they enjoy will probably not conform to what we perceived as fun when we were young. This attitude towards hating how young people have adapted to coexist with new technology is just a cycle that has been happening for thousands of years.

  7. problem is, old people think they are right no matter if they are or not. you cant speak up about the police doing something wrong about you or the teachers being wrong because apparently you are being "disrespectful". you arent entitled to anything just because you are older than me. like you being 40 doesnt make you any better than me. i find it so stupid that if someone is 40 years old and are clearly wrong you cant say anything because you have to "respect your elders" smh cant wait for that generation to be wiped out of this planet.

    Edit: grammar

  8. "97: stop playing Riven in the computer lab
    "07: stop playing Roblox in the computer lab
    "17: stop playing Fortnite in the computer lab

  9. I was born not even 2 years after 9/11 but I freaking know what happened. How someone can not know? But I guess, that is probably the way of media and schools in America.

  10. I know this, I came of age just as tech was becoming prevalent(I graduated at the end of the last decade). I'm glad I did. I'd hate to be a kid today with all the social media.. Facebook had just became popular my last couple yes of highschool. And it was a simpler, nicer, less advertising Facebook, and it was pretty much all ppl in college and no younger than highschool and no older than like 35-40.

  11. I was in elementary school in 1997 and in college in 2007, lol. Funny to hear each era stereotyped and generalized though nonetheless, even if some of us transitioned multiple eras and remained mostly the same personality/style-wise 😉

  12. 14:22 a lot of us arent curious because we are aware of how pointless school is. i mean yeah, u do need to go, and get good grades, but thats really the only motivation. most of the time we dont give a fuck about any of this information, we're just aware that we need good grades. and pls dont reply saying i cArE aBoUt iT okay karen im speaking abt me & the other countless people ive heard say the same thing.

    also idk abt other ppl but i google random shit aLL the time. i dont get where the "they can google anything and they dont!" thing came from, i search every corner of the internet for an answer before i ask someone something but maybe thats just bc of my anxiety

  13. '97 – "Wanna hang at my place this weekend? We can smoke out and play Killer Instinct while listening to my new KMFDM CD!"
    '07 – "Wanna hang myself, nobody loves me." (emo music playing in background)

  14. In 2018/2019 I worked for an ISD where teachers were told to pass failing students regardless of their accomplishments or lack there of in class. It made me feel bad for the students who worked hard and deserved an "A" because the kids who were a distraction in class and didnt do anything still got to pass and walk.

    Never mind that the school had 90% of the students on IEP and 504 plans, because if any student was having slight issues they slap a SPED sticker on that caseload and give them accommodations until they passed.

    The principal stood in the front of the room with the APs and told a room full of professionals that "If a student is failing your class, you are failing them."

    Meanwhile, these kids are told they are accomplished without actaully earning anything.

  15. As teens, we often see the younger generation as a joke.

    Which they are

    But that has a large portion to do with their self confidence

  16. Turner117 is gonna be upset when he/she finds out that both 9/11 and JFK Assassination was thoroughly planned (by the US)

  17. I was not in school in 07 because I was too busy being locked up, and I didn't re-assimilate so… big shrug here.
    As far as technology goes, I remember when the schools ripped out the chalk boards in favor of dry erase boards. Phones were immediately confiscated could be picked up by your guardian at the end of the school year.

  18. "Highschoolers aren't as creative, dont take risks, and cant figure things out on their own now"
    >creativity is punished and shamed
    >failing a risk can ruin academic dreams
    >attempts at doing things our own way are told to be wrong

  19. 2:12 My parents listened to both sides of the story before they chose who to believe. Yeah, they were in school back then, they knew what happened 100% of the time: parents side with the teachers irregardless of the facts. I had some of those same teachers. They were wrong then, and they were wrong now.There are still those nightmare parents, but where I live they aren't very common, and you can tell they are one from how their kid(s) act.

    4:39 where does this guy teach? All the rampant cyberbullying going on in 2017 states otherwise. Kids are mean no matter what year it is. Highschool creates that atmosphere. Society runs on it.

  20. You can't take three from two
    Two is less than three
    So you look at the four in the tens place
    Now that's really four tens
    So you make it three tens
    Regroup, and you change a ten to ten ones
    And you add 'em to the two and get twelve
    And you take away three, that's nine
    Is that clear?

  21. 2017 kid: (not using google infront of the teacher at the moment)
    teacher: tHeY hAve gOoGlE bUt tHeY dOn’T uSE iT!!

  22. I'm 13 and all of my class are conservatives politically, because all our parents are SJWs. The only really rebellious thing we still do is drink in parks (this is the UK after all).

  23. Well if any older people are looking through the comments, don't think younger people are completely hopeless. I'm 20 and when I hang out with people, I don't like to be on my phone cuz I don't wanna look back 20 years from now and feel like I wasted a lot of quality time I can't get back staring at shit on social media. And I hate texting and prefer to see people in person or at the very least talk on the phone. Not every younger millennial or generation x kid is permanently glued to their phone.

  24. In today’s climate, even small mistakes are met with harsh punishment. Kids are put into a system where the smallest screw-up during a single test WILL change what options they have in terms of university selection and programs they can be admitted to. It’s an endless pursuit to be better than your fellow classmates and because of that the requirements keep going up and up as time goes on. It’s an unsustainable system. Soon it will be normal for people to be in school until they are at least 30, and normal to get married at 45. Soon you’ll be required to have a PhD just to work a job which 20 years ago only required an undergrad.

  25. Watching Netflix in the classroom?
    In Germany you'd be lucky to even have 3/4G service outside the school building to stream anything.
    Wifi? In German schools? When I graduated in 2013 (Gymnasium≈ High School) all phones were straight up banned.

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