Teachers change lives – World Teachers’ Day 2019

I was a pretty shy kid in school but
when I walked into the drama room Mr Sachacirrus made me believe that
anything was possible… …and he was just so welcoming, so engaging and had a real caring side to him which made my transition from primary school to high
school a whole lot easier. …for the rest of my life I have had this love of language, and dialect, and how important language is for culture… and I was really touched, and I will never ever forget how much she made me believe in myself and my writing.
Mr Hooker was the history teacher…and he transmitted that immense affection
for his discipline to those of us who were his students. My teachers convinced me to play football and I can thank them every day for the
life I now live. He was a young teacher who taught me in in my early years in high school to really appreciate and love the subject that he was teaching. This teacher really taught me how to look at something, see the interest in it,
and tell that story, and that’s pretty much what I do every day as a journalist. …and I looked at specimens which looking back on it I think we’re carnivorous plants from Western Australia, never knowing I would come and have my life here. That moment changed my life. …and I suspect that the way that he taught me in the subjects that he sort of brought to my mind are in a large part the
reason that I am doing the job that I’m doing today. It was in his class that we watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, always discussed current events and
enjoyed learning. The biggest thing I think she taught me was that if you believe in something and you do your very, very best, and someone guides you
through it, it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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