Teachers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Teaching

who is such a tricky question to answer hi my name is Salani and i have been a science teacher for about five years my name is Jenny and I have been teaching in a preschool for about 10 years now hi I'm Dan I was an adjunct professor in art and film and today I'm going to be answering some commonly googled questions about teaching education schools can teachers smoke weed well I feel like that's one of those questions that you don't want to answer I mean I guess if nobody knows what you're doing you just do what you got to do from my perspective teaching college yes you can we did not have drug testing of that nature I don't really know the law when it comes to public school teachers I don't know off the top of my head my school's policy on it but I would just guess that they would prefer that you not come to work high they would probably prefer it if you were sober in the classroom and I would assume that most schools would have that policy so I would hope that most teachers would follow that as well I think that they're not legally supposed to smoke weed but I think that they should be allowed to matter of fact I think they should add that into their page just go on and throw in weed in the pay so that we could be better teachers there have been plenty of situations where I've needed weed not only wanted but needed weed when I've been cussed out by a parent because their child is bad like I've substituted a couple times and when there's really really rowdy kids I had a kid WWE like slam somebody on a table definitely needed the weed why are teachers underpaid [Laughter] that's such a tricky question to answer question when somebody finds the answer please tell me because schools don't have the money to give teachers what they deserve schools are underfunded the state gives money to a school they are essentially investing in the future of their city and of the world really you're not gonna see return on that investment for many many many years but it is essentially the way that capitalism looks at you why our schools overcrowded there are a lot of people in the world and again it comes back to funding and the ability to build new academic institutions is not there without money if it's a public school it's just probably the most available school that is out there so public schools are crowded because they're free you just want to give all of your attention to as many kids as you can and the more kids you have the harder it is to focus that attention on the individual students will school ever end well that's kind of up to you it feels like never feels like no matter what you're always going to school you're always learning school will never end you guys you're gonna be learning forever and we have a baby if you get married you're gonna learn so no the school doesn't end you think it does and then it gets worse it doesn't feel like it'll ever end when you're a teacher but it does end eventually it legally ends when you graduate high school there are of course exceptions to that you don't have to stay if you don't want to stay but I think you should because cliches it may be you are the future of this country we are struggling to get through these final days of school just keep going just know that you can do it you're amazing you got this because honestly it's worth it in the end I promise will teachers be replaced by AI I hope not because then I will lose my job oh I've taught online classes before so that's a slippery slope for sure you know what I really wouldn't doubt the teachers are never gonna be replaced that would be sad because that's where I got the most outside of the home was with the teacher like talking to a person so that'd be so weird and sad will they probably should they hell no I don't think so because I think you need that warmth of a real person I could definitely foresee a future in which teachers are replaced by a I don't think it's a healthy future to imagine but it's certainly a realistic one an AI can't replicate feelings if a child has you know had an accident or hurt themselves I don't think an AI is gonna walk up to the big child and say oh it's gonna be okay they're gonna be like get back to your seats you guys got some interesting questions on Google but now I want to know what other questions are out there if you have questions for teachers you should just ask teachers Google can give you a lot of misinformation and no one teacher is the same I know every teacher is kind of lumped into teachers think like this or teachers are like that but we are all unique individuals just like you are all unique individuals but I think wanting to be educated wanting to learn is amazing and always keep seeking that I need smarter people in the world

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  1. 4:11
    my ex teachers (i changed high school even through i don't know my new ones yet) were the worst. they constantly criticised me (even my appearance) and they made me have nervous breakdowns everyday and almost suspended me because i had various anxiety attacks during the day as they told me i failed school for no reason at all. there was no warmth in their hearts, you don't make someone fail their year just because you don't understand me. i'm not attacking you, it's you attacking me and making everything worse

  2. Idk about any other states but in my state if a teacher gets hurt on the job, goes to the doctor so they can get workman's comp, and they find traces of any drug in the urine test they do at every doctor's appointment, they will most likely get fired. I don't smoke, but it's definitely not worth the risk for those who do. Quite a few people in my Master's cohort quit because of this. Drinking alcohol is fine as long as it's not done where your students can see you (like getting a margarita at the neighborhood Chili's) or before a school function. Also make sure you're not wearing spirit wear so no one knows where you work. (Not saying the state because I'm a new public school teacher and I don't want to risk losing my job before I even start 🙃)

  3. I was an education major for four semesters before I switched majors and I can give better, more sophisticated answers than what some of these teachers did. Tbh I was let down with some of those teachers

  4. i went to school high multiple times. did better in class. went to exams high, did better on those too. but not saying you should🥴

  5. Are teachers really underpaid? Yeah it seems that way, but they honestly work less. Count the number of days they have off ( no weekends) Not only that.. isnt the average salary of a teacher like 55k? its not like its 30k

  6. I'm a 23 year old teacher … high school students always ask you if you smoke 😂. Listen, this job is damn stressful we need it 😂

  7. These are not "real" teachers. Anyone can be an "adjunct" professor. 5 years of teaching is nothing. Preschool teachers do not have to be credentialed.

  8. I can't be a teacher kids were bad when I was in there so I know we things got worse y'all have my deepest sympathy

  9. I think the most annoying thing about this video is that only one of them is technically a teacher. A preschool teacher only requires A certificate, a professor although definitely qualified in the knowledge department of the subject area, they have no formal teacher training. The science teacher is the only real teacher because she had to get her degree and then go to teaching school

  10. I think she they should be able to recreationally or medically smoke marijuana as long as it's in their own personal life not while they're at school. just like teachers can go home and have a drink or meet after school at the bar for happy hour. They need to put more money towards School an educated nation is a strong Nation.

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