Teacher Wanjiku UNCUT – From Cuba With Love

[Applause] [Applause] introducing the finest comedian Eleni comedian she's the biggest trust me you I know you never for the very first time in a kuru Nakuru make some noise for one and only this Terra aqua hit the desk work aha what would you be usher who you are at it yes we are not a commander when I'm very sorry Oh your monitor e hawk Emmanuel nari pirat you trust you pass it a servo ta make an idiot nyira mocha narnia forming a food upon us as she showed any moment at Occupy assignment yep yes there three types of advice there is good advice bad advice and free admins who advise this water dragon Olli do not drink and drive buta Kufa that is not right you see you know where HS a la una cosa there is bad advice what shall you reap a real meaty butter Nutella now they weird ways masha'allah good and bad ela Рno Guerrera me free advice which I'm going to give you today if you are a woman Edna seated next to a man Nana if you are a man and yes Italia a Nashville your eyes I'm a dancer I'm a water view I'm a pudica chorus member how do I look welcome eponymous Lama Рyou look fine but who's your bikini Pierre my boy walkie-talkie walkie-talkie Рtheir meaning to marry a woman you look fine but here beauty Takeda while many chickapedia bill militia Copiah you canada if you know Oh Dennis a man not a Caprice official Quan amenity for nominee cha Nick iguana Caribbean movie la costura de bourree pas he massaged interpretation crazy me breaking news who can I believe me domine ninh Maria Clara men do not add anything else return ' Tolliver BIA Aborigine requena Monisha nigga remember acaba way volcania Korea una poca do not add anything else semifinal suck now that is free adverse another free advice Nutella cobia nesmania Gary Acosta Bimini Melina Marie moon do not look at your spouse's phone do not come here on a match as it you can you let happen Aperta a very innocent message ladies very innocent thank you so much for us night give me my purse aqua here SMS me thank you so much last night paku nyata lee seongu thank you so much forest night cocoon attempt a TA Qali stay away from your small cell phone women when you are set up for a president president missile hallelujah qu e VAR f aРya muhammad abu Taniya Kaka TV Chiana a million apologies Tata Tata Tata brand-new washer Рoh he's gonna taxi Jana Jana Jana to be famous yuki-onna Luciana Natalia but the refere we all develop for Sunday motoki Apocrypha he'll only security forget Kuki onomatopoeia paella baccarat Hamo supercommittee Caputo Coba Cocina TV Wasel on aluminum ooh Nigeria Hawaii pocket forget about that now you know when I was growing up we were four sisters and two boys so my mother is to advise us I cannot watch a free advice mirai nikki Hachiko papa he knew baccarat wa mata coitus is not my memory support at a university Darla kasi wanna me become a millinery chica de primera he's not picking us it was a bad day yes so what I'm about to tell you is a disclaimer whether the teenagers what are you a new bunny no our 18 don't try this at home so I have to have a boyfriend stroke crash broken economy can be followed up with a boy was my friend yes economist mama llama boy was my friend Meatwad area new money mama hi and a pin-up boy was my very macabre definitely never cost Hunico coffee a satima coffee Griffith yeah now morphine what led to an idea Nana me РMS ha ha ha nai kedo not be able to begin am sorry niaruna cost me what an itchy butt yeah noona coffee their factory reset [Applause] btyb aquarium sorry a new body concept you he oughta he new toy so it was again to my boy was my friend Eva Bobby Lord you are having me in trouble mr. keema by APPA a baby villains are come up with an idea yo mama cottager so it's on me every day at 4:00 p.m. at the wanna watch American TV make a new a hopper tip so every day at 4 p.m. near aquatic otter delicious Nastia photo nazca sycamore de mama boca neato timing she sent me to the market Bella Bella trattoria Masonic on Alegre 55 days our pocket Alicia because well so I went back I came to my boy was my friend commentary notes do not come up with anything else really to put they are come up with an idea I'm the creative one and I teach cinematically a de la coru̱a vary upon ceramic ah captain Adama toga a Taco Bell yeah Polly locket million different Mitaka 160 Gmail refugia squeal and in you are you Рmadam our ability possible comedic wahoo you juicy add 2 rakaat meta technial Vasari icky icky Malta mata ashita wa doko Mathematica go Murray Oh Danny Boy is no Caputi 160 mahabharata Рpromoter Rasta Babu how Akina 159 were equal y et to do I have a teenage daughter Erica can I be a juicy mum Рtonight the symposium symposium Anoka phonetic : now guys I want us to get into something a bit serious no but this is very serious it's a true story nanny supersonic Aroha but I thought you know I'm coming Рnakuru and then what happened what happens in so nerium cast buoy the kakouton Emmanuel mihari fight men da Cunha in a turkey a new era linearity Sean Loughran area mcwhopper da Cunha new era yeah nya Danny new era yes sirree people also must consider oh my goodness the defending League come on Nina and after seductive and do not conduct us this fake candle doctors for survival when over a DES and upon a seminoma rotation escape from our area Рa scale Megacon Aquino prance yeah nigga por nada puta puta human doctors you know when you hear about a Cuban doctor wisdom immunity yeah you know one I had rose from ferocious warrior and recover the possible food and I thought we Canada capita my Cuban drops adopted a hydro Mexican economy a new product area roses is good yattaman Americana Mia who Fuqua Brava if he got me cornered Amin Amin Pasha dasa babaji maharaja he tina surah Rika banana where tuna mahamasina yet how do you explain to somebody who does not understand you in Uruguay una manuera Mahara fight me in sign language notorious to a mess Emma Lucas Emma you not miss our salad I can idea what you covet I'm suspecting is your tester on reference our high than your student Nick Georgia now heat the tester on Sunita at-st oh no no man the Civic otaku you see cool everywhere РPapa poverty mama goose is a security now how do you know your testosterone levels are high without even going to see a doctor if you are a woman now if you don't have another catastro did anybody at Arriba if you are a woman and you're posting to us a photo on Instagram kukuana cookies super custom duccini no Roberta 11 Drake's now here 11 Yakko that is not a copy if you are a man no Kannamma boys wakka mikka Nasir Fukuoka Airport aria if you are a man namu maker hapana one on me encircle yes what 182 carry carry dear Tsubaki lee baca mama 31 a pedometer taniyama commercial for PETA now how is the etiquette water came to Hoonah a teacher Miss ADA Oh [Applause]

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