16 thoughts on “Teacher Training in London – Teach English as a Foreign Language at IH London”

  1. I wish to finish my college so fast and have opportunity to be part of these classes …but it's so hard from Iraq to London it's like a dream

  2. I think if British English get influenced by American then it will definitely lose its popularity. British English is easy to learn by non native English speakers.

  3. Sorry there not good teachers in London because they don’t teach the children more because they always they but the children either bad behaviour so they can get more funding for the council or special educational needs so they can make more money by lying the child behaviour in London the teachers they don’t have that much Power is all about deputy headteacher they have to flow what ever she he said

  4. True. As a teacher, I frequently run into the adjectival/adverbial issue in regard to the use of everyday vs. every day. However, it is possible that the sentence that is being modeled is being used as an example of a student misunderstanding in order to highlight the frequent misuse of the two forms–the same misunderstanding you mention 😉 Nonetheless–nice eye!

  5. For a promo video, it doesn't look good that at 0:57 the adjective "everyday" is incorrectly used. The sentence should have ended "every day".

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