Teacher Reacts | Which of the three houses would I want to teach in? [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]

Oh still can't believe we some reason decided to move to Filan wait a minute we're moving so that requires me to find a new job Oh God hope I can find a teaching position there though oh man why not look at this before Oh okay you know what not to panic let's just see if there any current job postings available for file and and just go from there I really should have thought of this beforehand oh sweet that actually seems to be three okay let's go let's just see if my life is not in total ruin teacher for the Black Eagles at the offices Academy of Garrick mock monastery okay seems like a decent paying job let's look at the listing we are looking for a teacher who is comfortable working with magic and your cult huh yeah I got this and have experience working with high-end clientele who are sensitive to the upholding of proper nobility culture okay nice they're pretty straight to the point I can appreciate that we also asked for a teacher who was able to keep control of their students at all times and are not deterred by those with strong / independent personalities our students are very serious and talented and our future politicians Lords and academics in the making we also ask that you are knowledgeable in this specific field politics law sociology of race and ethnic relations statecraft and idle management wait what I don't I'm not the one to judge okay moving on if you are interested please submit a resume and cover letter to Princess Ella god of their address Tinian empire with the heading the empire needs you okay if it seems pretty interesting magic a cult oh so I'll be working with nobility so maybe I can the career path you know I could get promoted and maybe I'll become a lord you know that's not bad okay I'll keep that in mind let's see the next listing is oh it's also from Garak mark monastery and it's for an educator for the blue lions okay let's see what this is all about salutations to those who are looking to join and serve the holy kingdom of Fergus as an educator to our budding future protectors of okay already totally different tone okay let's see why I should go to the blue lions we are a proud group who cherish our heritage and traditions and are known throughout the lands for a courage and sugary the top two qualities that are ingrained and all of the Knights that come from our homeland with that being said we are looking for a teacher who can join us in helping lead the next generation of holy Knights okay pretty cool we require that the teacher is comfortable working in high intensity environments with strict rules structures and codes of conduct we are in the business of training Knights after all fair we ask that the teacher is also available to teach phys ed and health education when needed it would be great of the teachers proficient in one of these skills as well swordsmanship Lansing and/or dueling with an axe experience okay yeah I do okay we also asked that you are knowledgeable in these specific fields gardening public speaking and comparative literature specializing in tales of heroes and chivalry okay whatever they need if you are interested please submit a resume and cover letter to the Prince of the holy kingdom of Fergus Dimitri with the heading let's walk the true path of justice okay pretty different from the black eye I like how I think would be really cool to work with Knights I've never done that before and I think my previous lightsaber skills can definitely be an asset to this organization or a teaching company or whatever want to call it sure cool okay last house wonder how they're all different man all these houses offers such variants I think you'll be challenging and rewarding to teach in all of them but at last we can only pick one so let's get right into the next one the golden dears please show me what you guys are all about really guys it's a picture okay I see what you're selling hmm I am a failure and I should be ashamed as an educator apply apply apply I know who you are mysterious man but I would like to be your best friend hey everyone I hope you guys enjoyed that video basically as an educator myself if I had an opportunity to teach in one of those houses I would probably make my decision based on something similar to what I did in this video with that being said I hope you guys are super excited for this game to come out as well as I leave you guys with this one question if you guys were teachers which house do you want to teach in please leave your answer below in the comments I hope you guys like and subscribe this video so I could produce more of these fun skits as well as Theory videos I also have in my channel with that being said I hope you guys have a wonderful day and that you guys will keep up the hype and enthusiasm for this game to come out cereal

4 thoughts on “Teacher Reacts | Which of the three houses would I want to teach in? [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]”

  1. Claude is the real mvp in this 😂😂 Flirting to get the teacher (us) to teach the Golden Deer house LOL

  2. Claude: I A M H O T N O W L E A D U S

    Also, why wouldnt you lead the golden deer, you have Claude, Lysithea, and Marianne

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