Teacher Planner Set up and Fun in the Summer Teacher Tag!

hey guys Brendan's craft scissors here with a tag video slash teacher played a setup video is what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna be setting up my planer as well as answering some fun in the summer teacher tag questions that I got from a channel that recently said to me it's let's see she's teacher inspiration station yeah teacher inspiration station so I will definitely link her video and then description box below so if you're a teacher and you want to go check out other teacher channels because she also uses a happy planner as well I don't know if she's the exact same one or not but there you go or if she does teacher plan with me cuz I don't but I thought it would be fun to show you kind of how I'm thinking I'm gonna use this and go ahead and start putting in some dates that I know about ahead of time I know it is the end of June and I'm already getting ready for the school year but if I didn't love teaching I wouldn't do it so I do have some my Clips here I just thought the gold bow it was like the gold new year here and then I we might be out of the pencils I'm not sure so I might bring those back and then I have like three apples left so if you're running those make sure you snag them and then I have some of my teacher washi tape but I said in a video previously that I was like I'm pretty sure that I am that I do not have my teacher planner stickers with me so that is an issue a little bit but we do have stickers that came with the planer itself so I thought we might incorporate some of those if we wanted to and then I do have some stickers left over from my Erin Condren teacher planner that I thought I might use as well I have all these sheets from the back of that planer there's some what teacher related or at least just planer related so I might use some of those so I brought those out too so let's go ahead and get started I've never done a planer setup video so this is kind of all new to me I was thinking I wanted my Sharpie pen normally I write with like erasable pens and my teacher planner I will say that but I know that like the goals for is honestly to learn their names so I was gonna do that one but now I'm thinking I should have grabbed my stencil to kind of like create a checkbox and I'm seeing it in there I might have moved planers because I do that so I'm not gonna put the checkbox in there but I am gonna put no students names because that is always a struggle at the beginning of the year okay so the first question also I hate my handwriting so just bear with me on that one first question is what is your favorite thing about summer I love the weather obviously I don't have student birthdays yet events are holidays I don't think that they've necessarily told us anything about that yet the focus of the month is different for every class so I can't really like put that in there here is the monthly spread versus where I was gonna write some things I'm gonna pop this little guy out which is really long by the way I'm really considering cutting it down because that's ridiculous so I my favorite thing is the weather usually is what I'm gonna say because sometimes it's a hot mess okay so I know for sure that from here to here is like teacher workdays so I was thinking I would use washi tape to mark that is what I was considering doing because I've seen people do that before like use a little corner box or something I don't think there's meetings but I don't see like work days on here necessarily so I guess we could use that I wish I had that yellow that would have been good I will use a different color we'll use what goes with the yellow the pastel green okay I guess so we're gonna put it here so it says the seventh yeah the seven through the twelfth is professional days is what they call them so I'm gonna put it in here so we just call it pl days professional learning days so pl days and then I'm gonna grab my little teacher washi tape here that I have quite a bit of there's the one that came with the actual kit and it says to you Shalev inspire unique and stuff and then there's like this one this one and this one and this one I'm thinking use the apples you know choose the apples because why not this one's kind of Elementary I don't teach elementary I teach high school so a second question what do you typically spend how do you typically spend your summer days well they've been a little different and just to put this off because I had a scrape it a little bit and now it's wrinkled so they've been a little different because my son is in summer school some of the first like basically we had like a week and a half off or he wasn't in summer school and so we were sleeping in but now it's like I wake up a little bit later because I don't have to be to work bye it's my cricket scraper case you're new to planning our new in my channel because you saw me in this video I don't know so I'm gonna put that there because I don't work that day and but it does go through here and then that's the first day of school so I'm gonna put another corner box here I call these quarter boxes that's what I'm gonna call them I guess so PLD this one is usually like meetings literally all day and we're not even a door even our own school which is kind of frustrating but and then the day before school starts usually that night of or is when our open house is I believe so I'm just gonna put de because it's not days at that point and then this will be our first day of school so that will be interesting I'm trying to think I think I want the backpack with another sticker I guess but I need to be able to write on it so thank you oh that's my white paper that's funny grab some of these I thought I'd pooped it over I wonder if this like notebook paper box fits in these boxes or not but c'est la vie right now okay I'm gonna go with this green one that already has an apple in it I might still put the backpack down I can't decide I'm wondering if this fits in there her if it's too big Oh way too big okay no I'm doing that one that's for sure okay so I think we're back to doing that little quarter box cuz other than that it's like these and I think that that might fit but I don't want to cover up the date so I'm not gonna do that no so I want it to be a different color if you want to go with this orange so we'll put this down here or up here help it up and then I'll put the backpack over here we'll grab a green one so it kind of goes with the other stickers I picked the back like their first day okay so typically we're still waking up and getting ready for school I'm not making both of our lunches the night before so that's kind of nice and then the rest of our summer day is honestly working on a tee stuff we've kind of thrown ourselves into that or running errands without our child sometimes I go we go out to breakfast sometimes we go out to lunch without him and have kind of like morning or after new dates where we don't have to like make sure that someone can watch him and things like that so that's been kind of nice as a teacher mom kind of aspect to it alright and then the next day I for sure know about is in October I don't like I said we're gonna be skipping around although I did think did you see how it said birthdays yeah I have a birthday sticker in one of these sheets do that it's gonna grab a birthday cake at least for a while I have them right I should put that in there that's what I was thinking yes and then yeah so I can't really play in that out necessarily and then we this is a no school week this is when I start back to work but not really on that Monday and then usually I put coffee cups on Mondays just have my coffee Monday sticker so I will probably continue to still do that as part of planner setup but I'm not going to go through every week with you doing that because that'll be super boring but I will go ahead and put in my birthday stickers for the months that I can because I have a few here and then I can grab more later on when I get to it when I get to it but I got like kind of holiday themed like seasonal one if you will so I really like it but if seasons or holidays are not your thing then that might not be this one this particular teacher pointer might not be your thing okay so yeah it kind of varies after that and then like we pretty much eat dinner or still at the same time we have gone to the pool a few times and then our birthdays are all the month of June so we're birthday party crazy it says what are your go-to summer activities or places to visit definitely the pool we're going to be doing a lot more things in the next couple of weeks so the 11th is another teacher work day another one of these and I think we're gonna go with orange cuz the orange spread here kind of thing happening now this one's a little bit different it says it actually it says professional day but I know it's like a teacher work day but I'm gonna put piano so P no day and then see the tenth is also when let's see is that mid-quarter no that's quarter maid quarters in September I missed it I need to go back and do that so October 10th I need to put down a sticker because grades get I have to get those like posted and uploaded so the 10th is first quarter and in the first quarter and first corner that you weren't sure how I was gonna write that one so go to summer activities we also have taken my son to this like jump bounce place a couple of times and then my in-laws have a pool so we've done that so I'm gonna go back to September and put in that mid quarter date I think when I grab this like periwinkle looking Erin Condren sticker so I'm gonna grab that for September 20th that is mid-quarter cuz in our at our school we have also cut-off dates for make up work from mid corner in quarter so that's why those are also very important October I don't see any other days that I know about ahead of time yeah Oh September 2nd is also no school I think I have some no school stickers that someone sent me and I definitely put them in my planner and I can get them out turn my happy planner I meant to grab them so I could put in them in some I did not so I need to grab those and there we go wellshe's those your happy planner stickers that mama cat sent me okay so they say no school on I think when you grab the green one just because the green apples that I'm seeing so no school this is from a teacher planner so no school that day and then I'm also gonna put that in the weekly spread I'm just gonna grab the pink one for that cuz i will start planning and like not even realized oh there's no school that day ding-dong so don't do that kind of thing okay so that's September next question beach or swimming pool okay so I grew up going to the beach on occasion so it was not like an all the time kind of thing at all okay I think I'm done with October and then the pool we had like when I was like I don't know 2 feet pools and like our side backyard that had like brick on it so that's why we went in a pool there sometimes we will go to the public pool but it was like way into town we lived in like a suburb of the town I guess is what I would call it and we didn't have a neighborhood pool in the neighborhood I lived in okay so for October I've not seen any other dates that I need to write ahead of time so we can skip to October November I need to go to November we will have teacher parent-teacher conferences it looks like it says November 4th starts the week of October 21st so I don't know when ours necessarily are but November 5th we have a day off to like make up for doing that so I need a sticker for the fifth oh no the fifth is supposed to be a professional work day I thought that was our day off to make up for working that I don't know there should be another day off then October the 11th yeah you got that one the 14th already got November it says fourth and fifth students out staff out unless professional date ok so the 4th there is no school v is a teacher work day that's confusing just saying okay probably also going to you I'm gonna use the green I think oh we use this one we'll use just like nude color or both of those I think getting use out of my Erin Condren stickers okay from the Erin Condren teacher pointer all right so this one is no school I guess I could just but no school we could just do a no school sticker that works no school and then put this one down how does a teacher work day okay so anything else in November November 15th America Recycles day November 15th is mid-quarter again okay so PNL day and then mid-quarter camp and then I don't think there's anything else for November oven Thanksgiving and they're not being school so then I'll need some no schools for the week of Thanksgiving which for us is the 27th 28th and 29th so no school I'm gonna put one sticker down and then use some washi I think I'm gonna go with school days back to school I don't want that one cuz we're not going back to school I think I'll use this one this is like rulers my friend Chris they gave me this one long time ago we met up at Michael's one time and she gave it to me okay so do I prefer the beach or the swimming pool I prefer this foaming pool just cuz okay the beach is beautiful but you are taking sand home with you is my thing and so I just I don't know I feel like at the pool it's like when I'm done I'm done kind of thing so just gonna go like that was it okay I think I'm done with that I'm done and then yeah so November is taking care of I think yeah fourth and fifth all right next just Samba just simple I don't know I have yeah I have another birthday cake dad you remember I do in November birthday cake no ok well that cake is going in November because I do think even at a high school teacher I should be putting student birthdays in here I'm so bad about it it's honor thing and it does not remind us like it'll be like it's my birthday and I'm like well I don't know I like system that tracks all the information does not tell me you'll remind me to say that I'm like why can't they do with a hat right like help me out here so there's December's so for December we have a few dates so December 20th no the 19th is the end of semester so in the corner so that was why I was like oh I should keep the green for those I should keep the green what I was thinking and I was right that light green would go to okay so the 19th is an importer or end-of-semester actually but it's end of another quarter so for us it's end of semester on the 19th and semester and then the 20th should be a teacher work day yeah can we use that like greening and just mix it up so this is a P&L day because this is us putting in grades honestly and prepping for next semester P you know day and then there'll be no school all through here and all through here so I can do that with one no school sticker grabber no schools together from here and then honestly Christmas washi would be really cute right here and I have some nearby this one has some green Christmas trees on it I don't remember where it's from so don't even ask because I got no scissors would be good okay so I prefer I guess the pool now but when I was a kid probably beaches because I knew that meant we were going out of town and taking a big trip and I was gonna be awesome so I feel like that just changes as you can grow up and you're the one packing the trip so the next one let's see what is your favorite ice cream flavor usually I go for cookie dough anything also in my particular town custard frozen custard is a big thing and we also have it's not dull whip but we have pineapple whip stands so there's that happening so I'm gonna put this one across these two days too because obviously there's no schools in but usually we go back like we have this day off and then we'll go back that like Thursday it's usually how it ends up because we usually get the day after New Year's Eve like New Year's day off and then it's like the very next day we're in school I just twisted that worse did you see that so but if it's like chocolate or strawberry usually I go chocolate or strawberry as far as that goes if it's like a scoop of something let's see and then it says what is your favorite summertime song oh I don't know probably like throwback songs 90s music I guess I don't know because honestly I get to listen to me at more music during the school year because while I'm working in on my conference I'll play music so I feel like I listen to more music then if anything any other time okay so December I don't think there's anything else that I need yeah we're out oh it says we're out all the way through here there's no school okay we're not back until the 6th so that's awesome ok so January moving on it says cozy January we need to grab some like probably like it smells like washi or something yeah okay so also no school so I'm gonna grab a pink one this time just for fun so I'm gonna put no school here for New Year's Day and then have this snowflake washi go across okay so I don't really have I mean I guess Beach Boys music I don't know is this summer mood I haven't listened to the beach boys all summer so I can't say that but honestly like I said I listen to more music during the school year I feel like okay your favorite summertime movie I mentioned before I like to watch sixteen Candles on my birthday or around my birthday and that's during the summer so maybe that's it and then I'm gonna put maybe this perfect periwinkle color I'm gonna put this one on the six-four first day back because it's like the first day of semester what do they call it first day of quarter whatever first day back I'm gonna write and then so for the rest of January we have the 20th no school of course so I'm gonna put that one right on top of the reason Martin Luther King jr. Day and then I don't think there's anything else in January No so then we can move on to February yeah at the 17th is apparently a teacher says district clothed staff and student out oh yeah I know why yeah okay February Wow there's lots of other extra holidays in here so there's no school on the 20th no wait what no 17th there we go I was like wait 1 it was the 20th of January I was funny so Presidents Day no school that's a little crooked can I fix it a little bit yeah cause it's a happy partner all right and then I'm so scared I'm gonna mark up my planner by leaving the cap open so favorite sometime movie I guess sixteen Candles i watch a lot of movies I've been to watch movies on Amazon Prime I really like like Breakfast Club and sixteen Candles and those kind of movies and I always come across ones that I haven't seen before like what was it called if the shoe fits never would watch that before but it was fun and it says oh that's funny it says what are your Netflix summertime viewing plans which shows our movies do you watch and that kind of thing so I don't have Netflix anymore I have Amazon Prime and I've been binge-watching SVU a lot so I guess you can count out and then just been watching movies okay so February that is literally it Oh February 7th is mid-corner so that's important so February 7th and Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday which would only be important in Missouri because we have her house okay so in case you didn't know all right so then this is mid corner which is only important at my school and then so we're going into March March is when our Spring Break is so the twelfth is first or third corner so I need to put that one in I guess we'll go back we'll go to this blue I think is what I'm gonna do and we're gonna put that what did I say though what day March 12th yeah so that is in the quarter and yeah in the corner third quarter and then the 13th is a P&L day there should be yep yeah P&L day so the kids get to start their spring break after Thursday and then we do a work day to put grades in so P&L day usually there's a staff meeting of course okay and then we get spring break of no schools so that we need another knows full sticker so the sixteenth this time so I think I'm gonna have to bump my shop every sale because usually I do it on the 11th and I'm still gonna be like working so that would be a hot mess okay I need to move this a little bit I think I'm gonna do oh if I can reach my st. Patrick's Day washy I would love to use that instead I tapping my pen down I really hope I'm not no but I'm putting my sticker down real crooked that's excellent excellent okay I don't think I can reach my battery stay washy so I'll put that in later because I definitely would rather do that one so then we'll have spring break and then the 23rd will be the first day of quarter starting over it's so funny because I stuck with blue I guess I shouldn't green but whatever okay so the 23rd fourth-quarter begins okay and then my next question what which books are on your summertime reading list I've been trying to reading my Jane Ivanovich or whatever I – for the money so I'm on the three the third one whatever that one is and so it's a newer series that I've started and it takes me a long time to read because I'm always doing other things so I'm trying but that's my reading list I guess for now I have done like huge binge watch not binge watch Ben's reading before during the summer where I read like ten fifteen books in one summer I have done that and that's super fun to make those goals what are your must-haves essential items for this summer sunscreen and are we done with March I think I'm done with March okay April's I know there's no pests I'm aware okay so for April I need to put in the 10th is a teacher work day yeah so I guess we'll use this yellow no we'll just use pink we'll just completely contrast it what's the magic we're gonna match the umbrellas that's what we're doing that's what we're doing okay so another PNL day I know you feel like we have those all the time but honestly it's a once a month and that's it and that's our extra date agreed and they always suck it away with at least an hour an hour and a half of meetings sometimes more if you're on other committees okay then I can move on to may actually so we are moving right along now it says oh yeah so sunscreen bug spray I'm super allergic to bugs all kinds of bugs so I have to deal with that so May it doesn't have when graduation day is from my school necessarily but usually graduation week is like this week so I'm guessing your graduation is going to be on the 7th possibly it says since the last day of school is as early as the 22nd but I never put that down just in case something happens so I'm I'm gonna put anything down in May because I'm afraid that it will change this is what will end up happening did I write down April 17th is mid-quarter should I write that down no okay I thought I might have skipped it because it sneaks up on us honestly and then we're like oh we have to post grades so mid-quarter all right so I think that's it as far as pre-planning a lot of what I can do all right and then it says any teaching goals or projects you hope to accomplish over the summer prepping my planner check um as far as that goes there might be a teacher work day that I do in July to prep for my new class that I'm teaching it's not brand new to me but it is in the sense that I won't I don't think I have that I won't have the same textbook so the textbook changes so therefore I kind of have to change in how I teach I don't try to teach the textbook that's not at all what I'm saying but I definitely utilize it as a resource I'm gonna use up these coffee stickers while we're still talking and that I do decorate my spreads I did think that because of how many classes I'm teaching this will become my daily to-do list like each of these boxes so I'm gonna put to do suckers at the top of here I need this space to write in my subject so I can't put washi there but I could put washi down here is what I was thinking incorporating that in my spreads so we shall see but you never can tell until I'm there I guess so the next one any professional development days yeah so during the summer there's not so much unless you're a brand new teacher then you have those like the week before school starts there's a bunch of them and they don't even pay you until the end of September at least in my district so it can be a little rough I'm so gonna put a copy sticker and then when you like start out you could ask for an advance paycheck and then they like scrape it off the top of your other checks so that's kind of frustrating later down the road but I think most of us have to do it because we have bills to pay so and you can't like work another job and start teaching at the same time it's too hard when do you start preparing to go back to school I guess now no at the end of July I'll probably go back to school shopping because I am out of coffee Snickers I don't think I have a use for any of those at the moment I guess I could use these because I'm gonna be using that as my to-do list so we can incorporate those I guess but I will start preparing I guess that week the last week of July and then I go ahead and do I think it's like August 6th I go ahead and help out with something at my school to get my conference but not my conference my like duties done because we have to do two supervisions a year at my school and so I'll get one of them done ahead of time doing it that way so I'm just utilizing these stickers yeah and then what is your first day back so it's officially August when I say my first day of school was August 13th yeah we start back on a Tuesday how awesome is that most of us are like why don't we start back on a Tuesday but we do so we do okay I'm just gonna use paper clips now I'm wondering if there's an idea box because it says focus of the month to do this month goals shooting birthdays events and holidays I don't know I started aside if there was a good place for like an idea dump maybe in goals could be goals could be a good spot for like my ideas I guess I don't know I just thought I wouldn't want to use up these stickers in this spread and kind of prep you my planner making it look fun before the school year starts describe your perfect summer day so not storming which lately it has been regularly storming or having a chance of thunderstorms so that's been somewhat frustrating so a sunny nice day of like late 80s early 90s so that we can still hit the pool but we don't have like sometimes it's hot from sunrise it's like sunset it's like it's hot even after the Sun sets here because the humidity so in July it gets a lot worse so I'm enjoying June right now but I know I feel like it's not gonna last and we're definitely gonna be tortured in July so and then I was perfect summer days probably like watching movies are going swimming or just doing stuff with my family because like during the school year it's like oh no we don't have time for that no no we don't have time for that so it just kind of starts being like that I feel like during the school year we make excuses of like why we can't do that today because you know we don't have all that time anymore so and that's including my son because obviously he goes to school too and it says three words to describe summer relaxing I feel like accomplished I guess I accomplished more around the house and like with my family and like things like that so I feel more accomplished around the house and then so relaxing accomplished and just fun and I feel like I just I don't know I feel like I'm a completely different person during the summer than when I am during the school year because I have time to actually socialize and be with friends so that gets me going and then it's like I hit the school year hits and I'm like nope don't have time for that I don't have time for that like I just start you know giving those excuses of not wanting to join into things so I do want to decorate this planner somewhere but I think we're gonna have to do that another video cuz this one took a little bit longer than I thought so thank you guys so much for watching if you want to do the tag I will put the questions in the description box below and then once you film your video send me the link and I will add it to my description box just like she did so I'm excited about that alright thank you guys so much for watching give this video a like and please subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one

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  1. I need to go through my books and send you more of those. I can't use them since my kids are done with school. I just have to remember to do it. We are decluttering our house and giving away things so I could do it and count that as part of my declutter time. lol Thanks for teaching, people don't really understand how hard it can be for teachers. I know you are a good influence and you truly care about your students and they need that. Thank you for sharing your planner with us.

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