TEACHER // Official Trailer

claims of obsolescence have been levied against English teachers for years we need to prove that we have practical utility I understand you witnessed an altercation what started it are you sure tim threw the first punch my students witnessed it tim actually picks on him a little bit harder met his dad clouds need permission to rain on his lawn Julie and I are deeply concerned about his grades ok don't work 80 hours a week to make sure that my son will get the best education the best school in the best part of town no use are just too Curt am sensitive to see the world for what it is was it yeah or what no you should take my advice to start looking for a new life and never talk to my kid again the only way to prove anything is to send this to the police school doesn't want that trust me just over Claire princess this is the nice version of things I'll kill you ulis it's like people like you and me we're getting walked all over I wish that things were different they just not sometimes got a pig aside you

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