Teacher Interview Tips Video 1 Part A

so it's very competitive and I'll put some of the things I will share with you will help you have an edge in that interview process some of the things that I look for in teachers number one is enthusiasm when you have your interview your passion for kids and your passion for teaching has to come across and because I teach your course of learning stats it can be a quiet passion or it can be hey watch my energy fill the room but it needs to be so you have to have a nice blend of working with your associate being part of the school community and what you did with kids okay that's all gonna come across and just in terms of how you come across you have to be articulate you have to be able to say here's what I heard and here's what I do in the future and be prepared I was explaining to the last group I've had teachers and not just student teachers I've had experienced teachers in my own board who've applied to me let's say I have a grade-2 posted and they'll talk to me about the grade five that they're teaching my kids you know our dad knows something about the grade 2 curriculum and can you say at the grade 5 level this is a science lesson I did at grade 2 with this strand I would modify a point like this so you're using multiple intelligences you're using learning styles you're using whatever but you're at least not what you'd be teaching that just shows me that you've cracked open a curriculum and are prepared for the interview and I think most experienced interviewers will do this for you as well your first question will be some kind of an icebreaker type question you know why did you apply to this school why do you want to teach grade 2 here at Conestoga in your case you know you're a student teacher what brought you to teaching what experiences did you have that made you think I don't want to be a teacher so you should be able to put together some ideas some thoughts about why you're applying I'm really impressed when people say well you know I went on the website and I saw this in this in this about your school and I'm really intrigued with for example in our school we have lots of special needs kids who are integrated into the mainstream and we have three very diverse special ed classes we have an autistic class of behavioral learning glass so people that know that certainly it's a little piece that I put back there and play okay you've done some homework you know you've actually looked and sound like you're interested in teaching in my school and you can do that with peal I don't know about other boards I don't know if any of you are thinking of applying to other ports but if you are and they have that or another thing is show up fifteen minutes earlier make the head secretary your best friend doctor or if you ask permission walk through the halls see what's on display that's another thing teachers have done they've come in and said I just looked at your Hall display and that you know below I've said something I thought okay you know that shows an interest but also they're making comments about their interpretation of what they're seeing and that's sort of that so when we get into the question part you're always always always always going to be asked a question about setting up the behavioral norms and keeping the students and hearing now let me tell you what I normally did from student teachers I'll say and I always hear the song everything's beautiful their background they are oh well the first day of school in community introduce myself and we don't have some you know name game or something where we get to know one another and then we talk about the behavioral norms and we'd write them up and we'd all sign the sheet and then I'd post them that seems to be the end of things and my follow-up question is so what do you do about the kid that doesn't play by anybody's rules and oftentimes there's very little fob or it's like well you know if they were doing this I take my ball and talk to him all right well the other 24 kids in your class you know and some people say to them you know at what point would you be talking to me you know I think the kids behavior is sufficiently disruptive so you have to keep in mind when you do that we will set it about 80% of the kids a majority of time love is they want to please you they're going to follow the rules you've all had your first blog right so you know that there are some kids we have a reason and you know you've made them earlier than when you're teaching my friend sharpen my pencil or ask questions letter and nearly over the water in my yeah so those are I consider those low-level rule breakers what do you do with them as opposed to the kid gets up to sharpen his pants on goal goal you know or uses a racial slur or swears kicks over chair toes I'm out of here and leaves so there are progressive levels of misbehavior that you need to have progressive levels of how do I deal with this so I need to know that that kid that kicks over the chair and says I'm out of here at least know to buzz the office I just had a kid leave the classroom because your responsibility is to the class and so it's a would point do you run out of strategies and what point these young high parents at what point do you notify the office on what point did bring the kid do in school review talk to the psychologist you know are there people in the school like in my school we have a behavior glass teacher he's used as a resource Peter what would you do with this kid and he can give ideas so you want to make sure that you avail yourself of the complete resources of the school many student teachers come in and they answer as if this is my class my kids and I've got to do it and then they say and I'm a team player

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