Teacher Interview Questions: Top Ten

24 thoughts on “Teacher Interview Questions: Top Ten”

  1. I'm majoring in Education and I'm very passionate about the students. As a teacher, one thing that's been emphasized is the importance of not placing stereotypes on students and the misrepresentation of students. I thoroughly appreciate this information that you've provided to teacher candidates, however, one thing that's bothersome about this video is that everytime you chose to illustrate an African-American student he was dressed like a thug. I can't, no matter how hard I try to, ignore this degrading misrepresentation of those students. That may have not been your motive, at least I hope not, but that gives the wrong depiction of students.

  2. This video is excellent because it reminds me of some aspects that I could have missed for the interview. Thank you!

  3. Why does no one pronounce the middle "t" in "important" anymore? Everyone now pronounces it as "impor' ant". Queen's English, please. "Import" + "ant" = "Important".

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