20 thoughts on “Teacher Interview Answering Tough Questions”

  1. Thank you for the breakdown of the questions. I was a fool for thinking the interview would be more of a conversation to really get to know each other. It seems the interview is actually just a list of things the panel wants to hear!

  2. I'm a HR Manager, and there is a reason we ask the question "tell us a weakness". It is usually a way to see how well the prospective person reflects on themselves, and it also gives us an idea of what kind of thinker they are, if they are the kind of person that's likely to admit to having problems and needing help,etc. People that get frustrated really easily can't answer the question, they respond with something like "I don't know". That's the worst response an interviewee can give. My advice for this question is to lead with a more positive line such as "I'd like to spend more time working on my use of technology in the classroom as I have not had experience with some of the smart technology there is available, such as smart boards. The use of technology within the classroom can be highly effective and engaging and I would love to work more on my abilities to utilize it."

  3. Hi…I just finished taking up a Certificate in Professional Education here in the Philippines…it means that I am a unit earner of education in order for me to be a professional teacher…it's now time for me to apply for a job now…but I had no experience whatsoever of working even from my past post-graduate degrees…given that situation, can you give me some pointers on how can I still make my future job interviews interesting?

  4. To add to “what is your weakness or want to improve on” one of the best tips I got was to say “ my weakness would be discipline (for example) but I’m working to improve that by implementing class rules, and a token system, and taking Pd to help with my classroom behavior.” Just adding something positive so it doesn’t end on a negative way of you and shows you are trying to become better at your weakness and you realize you have one and ways to improve it.

  5. Tell us one weakness you have:

    An approach I've used to that question is "I have extremely high expectations for myself and students." This shows that as teachers, we're hungry for success on both sides of the fence. It also shows we're looking to push the envelope and that we operate with the mentality of starting with the end in mind.

  6. My class doesn’t believe I could get 450 subscribers by the end of the school year. Made a channel for the students to connect with them and it’s working!

  7. Ignore the haters ma'am, I love this video you made and I find it so helpful to people like me going on for an interview. Thank you so much and God bless you. 😊

  8. I'm always been afraid of interviews…
    Because the language I speak is urdu and in interviews English language is used…. And people admires this.. And I can't speak English that good.. Fluently :((
    So I think I can't do anything or find a job… Or if I go I will get blank.. And they will reject me :((

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