45 thoughts on “Teacher had to tell this boy to be quiet. But what followed is truly heartbreaking”

  1. my dad was a math teacher. he died two years ago. i gave the eulogy at his funeral, called "ripples". it was about the ripples you create in your life, that you dont even know how it affects other people. my dad taught math for many years, and i like to think that at least one of his students is now working for NASA, planning trips to mars or beyond. Pat It Forward!

  2. Wish my time was today, a wife who never wanted me in 43 years of marriage, not even on our wedding night. A beautiful girlfriend I cant have, life has nothing to offer me, I only want to die

  3. Couldn't help but cry a few tears after reading about Mark.Good advice though.life is short enough without falling out with people.RIP Mark.

  4. I gave a comment on another site.And I said I always cried when reading this story.You know what's?i still do…Love Jim.not my husband David…

  5. putting masking tape on his mouth was child abuse she should been removed from education. teachers need to learn their not in charge and have no authorty over students

  6. That is an amazing uplifting story it made my day love and kindness are two things we shoùld show everyday people are so busy they forget these simple but meaningful things that can make there own day and someone else's I wish I had a teacher like you who cared about her students so much well done thanks for sharing a beautiful story and god bless Mark xx💜

  7. Very inspirational, like a movie. I love the message but have trouble believing its a true story. That doesn't really matter though. The sentiment remains.

  8. Not teacher's should do this. I might help to build their students character and morale, not to mention make them.feel good about themselves

  9. I have been taught that when it rains at a funeral, especially at the burial, the deceased has been automatically taken to Heaven.
    Mark is in HEAVEN.

  10. My father was a teacher, I, his son am a physician. Please don't think y your actions did anything to help this child.

  11. I've heard this story before, but it gets me every time. What a beautiful story of how a teacher that cares can truly touch so many lives. Stories like this is what keeps my drive to be a teacher going.

  12. remember this folks: "tomorrow is not promised!" God Bless you Sister! Mrs. Cantrel, my 3rd grade teacher was good for me, as well.

  13. being kind and respectful of each other leaves no regrets💛 such a wise choice teacher made that left impact💛

  14. No matter the outcome … publicly taping a child’s mouth is child abuse. There is never an excuse to publicly humiliate a child. 😡

  15. I had a teacher back in Alabama in the 50s. I was not a good student. I did not like her. She made me a better student. She was my teacher for the 4th 5th and 6th grade. I did not understand her. She saw something in me that made me a better student after leaving her. I just wished I had told her thank you. I remember her and none of my other teachers that I had. I am 72 now I still wished I could have thanked her.

  16. Yes I remember Sister Johnathon, she said one day while handing out test results, Look, Master XXX finally passed a spelling test, the class laughed at me, I will never forget that catholic nun's kindness

  17. Nice story, feel free to speed it up, tho, unless you read at 3rd grade level 🙂 Moral: remember to tell others nice things and to write down nice things people say about you!

  18. I was once told by a teacher that we are like a boat moving up a river. Everything up front shows no sign of our passing, but behind us, the wake has an impact of the shore line, setting things rocking He said that life is a lot like that, we never know what impact we have of things around us, but beware, we always make an impact – I've never forgotten that bit of philosophy

  19. I never met this young man but this killed. Couldn't stop crying. This opened a wound about my cousin who went to Vietnam and came back different. We lost track of him because he moved to California. Many years later my aunt hired a detective found out he died out there with no family.Even now it hurts. This beautiful video hurts too. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH.And all the military men + women out there.

  20. Was so glad to come upon this video. I think each day we should try to say something kind to anyone that we meet..You never know how just a kind word will affect that person

  21. To A££ whom is serving and who has served I thank you 🙏🏽 from the bottom of my heart ♥️
    Love can heal but hate will destroy us all.. be sure u love and let someone love u as well peace ☮️ all
    Have a beautiful Memorial DaY••

  22. I am a school bus driver for 19 years. I spend over 2 ours a day with a lot of my students.

    I tell them all that I love them just in case no one in their lives does this.

    The loud kids often take up my attention the most. I do however take the time to connect with the quiet ones who frequently get forgotten.
    I tell them how proud I am for their behavior. I also LISTEN to them.

    These student who blend into the background need attention. I hope they remember me.

    I lose a lot of them as they grow up and move on to another bus. I make it a point to pray for all of them right in front of everyone.

    I pray God hears my prayers for my (babies) and bless, protect them and love them.

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