Teacher Education – Isobel

I’m Issy, I’m studying Primary Education and
I’m in my final year. I chose to study at York St John because I thought I could quite happily live here for three years and continue my education. It’s a beautiful city, it’s very pretty, there’s always things going on. And the campus itself is very friendly, it’s a good size. I chose to study Primary Education at York St John because it’s a very highly regarded institution for teacher training. The course is very intensive and offers lots
of practical experience in schools. There is the school experience and there is also
the settings outside of school experience and international placements that you can do as well. The course is very well rounded, you get insights into subject teaching so you can look at how you would teach Science in the classroom or a Maths lesson or Performing Arts or something. And then as you progress through the course you also tend to look more at the professional side of teaching, so you debate contemporary issues in education and
you develop your own personal teaching philosophy which is really useful to go into schools with. As a Primary Education student you study in lots of different areas of the university. My personal favourites are the colourful Maths and Science rooms along the New Wing corridor which are set up like a classroom with all of the resources that you would have in an average classroom but adult size – which is really good. There is also the Primary Education section of the
library which is very colourful and full of teaching resources that you can use in school. One of the best things about being a student at York St John is the amount of extra opportunities that you get. Especially as a Primary Education student, you need to leave here with more than just your degree course So I’ve been involved with the Primary Education committee, where we put on different events and get in educational speakers and things like that which just really helps towards your CV. I’ve also been involved with the Dance Society for three years which is really good because it’s healthy and it keeps you active but it’s also just really fun and you meet great people so it’s nice. My advice to anybody who is thinking about
coming to study at York St John would be to come and visit the univeristy, visit the campus,
talk to the lecturers and the students and just get a feel for the place.

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