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Hi, my name is Isaiah, I’m 21 years old.
I’m from Saint Martin. And I’m in my second year in the Teachers
Education programme at the HU. Hi, my name is Andreas
and I’m 21 years old. I grew up in Italy,
but my parents are German. I’m enrolled in the double degree Teacher
Education in German and English at HU. My name is Hilde, I’m 19 years old.
I’m from Haarlem. I study International Teacher Education
at Hogeschool Utrecht. I chose this programme because
I wanted to teach German and English… and I wanted to study in the Netherlands. Ever since I was little I wanted to be
an English teacher, because my mum was. I spent six months studying in America
as well after my high school years. There I realised that international studies
are a lot more useful… because it teaches you to be more
comfortable with the language every day. What I really like about the International
Teacher Education is cultural diversity. We have a lot of different people
from a lot of different places… and I think especially in my first year
everyone was really nervous. But you have a lot to talk about. Everyone
has their story from different countries. During the break people would bring food
from different cultures, which was great. Your hands go over Marcia,
Miriam and Xena. Stay like that. While you do that, make a pirouette. Okay. Nice.
Good. Beautiful. You’re a born ballet dancer. And then twirl. Make a pirouette. Other way.
Take a few steps outside of the circle. There we go. I would say that the courses
are a lot broader than you would think. We have a lot of cultural courses which
teach you a lot about English history. It’s not just learning
how to teach the English language. What I like most about this programme
is the chance to do an internship. If there’s anything that would
make you decide not to be a teacher… it’s the internship, or make you decide
to be a teacher, it’s the internship. This is Laar en Berg, where I’ll
be doing my internship this year. My favourite thing about it
is still the interaction with the students. This is why you do the study you’re doing,
because you love teaching kids stuff. I’m walking over to my first class of today
which is a Halloween lesson for year one. We’re going to do
some exercises around Halloween… to see what you guys already know. What do you do with the pumpkin?
-Put candy in the pumpkin. Candy.
-You make a face in it. And you make a face in it. Well done. How do you think the lesson went today?
-I think it went really well. I had a little trouble
in the end with time. I thought the lesson
would end sooner than it did. You were very enthusiastic.
-It was really nice. We need to do 20 lesson fragments
in our 40 days. Which is really cool, because that means
you’re actively learning through teaching. Which is really nice to experience. Try to say ‘einfühlsam’.
-Einfühlsam. Try to say ‘Schwierigkeitsgrad’. Break it down.
-Schwierig. Schwierigkeitsgrad.
-Exactly. Schwierigkeitsgrad. I like Utrecht because you can
get everywhere with the bike. So it’s really nice. You don’t need
the bus all the time, you can go by bike. It’s really nice, because it’s also
close to major cities like Amsterdam. It’s in the centre of Holland.
You can pretty much get anywhere. Yeah, that’s true. Thou puny sharp one harpy. Okay. You artless face dirt appledoor. You punchy ill-nurtured maggot pie. You tottering non-fed buttock. Frothy fly-bitten huggermother. If you’re interested in this programme… my advice is to always
ask questions to the teachers. And always make sure
to find an internship on time. Before the year starts
or as the year starts… so you don’t miss out on certain work
and research that you have to do there. An internship in the first year
helps you gain experience from the start. The internship can be challenging at first. But forming a relationship
with students makes it worth it. Our teachers are very passionate
and always take time to help you. You’re not just a student number. The double degree allows you
to obtain two degrees within five years… and increase
your opportunities on the job market. The HU is an amazing environment.
You meet people from all over the world… and make friends from different cultures. The programme has helped me open up
and gain skills I never thought of before. How about you?

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