46 thoughts on “Teacher Describes an American High School: "Chaos"”

  1. Ha , Ask them the 2 country's that border the US? A "Graduate" Ha, They don't know. Don't hire these retards. Hire a 60 year old.

  2. Lol I’ve seen JFK in Paterson this school from the outside looks more like a prison rather than a school, high fences and concrete walls

  3. They call poverty having Iphones, flat screens, and a free meal ticket for the whole damn family?! My grandma grew up during the depression and never misbehaved in school.

  4. When are we going to require a test to become a parent? It sounds crazy I get it but there needs to be something!!!

  5. This pisses me off! Not only because I busted my butt in school to get top grades and achievements but these don’t do shit and still get to graduate so some POS school official can get a bonus based on false information!!!

  6. We are already saved! A few more years and psychology will find something while whit sharing they will have no problem they have a cabinet in every school.

  7. There are many uninformed commentators here. Yes, Paterson has a significant amount of poverty which correlates with the quality of the education system. But towns aren’t magically either rich or poor. Social structure makes them that way. And since the inception of this nation, structural racism has forced many black people into the recesses of society and giving them few resources, while pouring money into white communities for higher quality education, housing, and greater overall accessibility to resources. This is real. This is history. Dont take my word for it. Look it up. Research “land grants”. Research black codes, jim crow, segregation. When you have centuries worth of legalized discrimination, you actively build severe wealth disparity. These kids, like everyone, are products of their environment. They were brought up in an environment where achievement wasn’t encouraged and the bar was set very low. This is what our white supremacist government wants. The areas of our nation that are stricken with poverty were designed that way. It’s accidental or coincidental. The children aren’t to blame here. Their country, legislators, administrators, teachers, and parents have failed them. If they’d grown up in nurturing environments, they would have excelled. Do not blame the situation. Rather, look for the root cause and seek ways to change it. There’s nothing wrong with the kids, but there’s a lot wrong with our education system that allows bullying, suppresses children’s expression and creativity for 8 hrs each day – 5 days/week, passes along failing children instead of getting them the help they need, provides miseducation via blatant lies about history, and allows the cycle to continue. When you’re ready to examine the past in order to understand the present, feel sickened by wealth disparity, and want to help create a better future, then we as a nation can progress.

  8. The western world was a better place when there were certain social norms that were just not put into discussion

  9. Such a shame. It’s so interesting hearing about the education system from a teachers perspective. Growing up in all this, though; I don’t think it’s all about the education system. It’s mostly about how the society in the U.S. at least allows this new generation to think there are no consequences.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all young people. Lots of us are hard working, but being the youngest in my family, I could see how kids get rewarded for not working hard. It doesn’t have to do with financial status whatsoever. It has to do with how the parents react to negative behavior. True discipline has been rapidly declining for the past few decades.

  10. He’s not lying this guy is pure truth!!! He had no support such bsss this is what’s running our future in 35 years such a damn shame

  11. This is a society issue and a parent issue …
    So sad
    We will be and have been seeing the adult versions of these public school "grads" called liberals…
    This is most every school in California ..

  12. What they lack is discipline. It is not hard to teach them from a young age. Of course, tell them anything and it's "DON'T TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY KIDS"

  13. The problem is the parents. The anti-war, anti-establishment movement of the 60's (including the sexual revolution) has produced a generation of parents who are dysfunctional human beings and hence horrible parents. We have a shitty school system because we have a huge population of pathetic parents, and a huge school administration system that is overpaid and unaccountable. The teachers unions are ALSO part of the problem since they are also unaccountable. We need more school choice: charter schools, school vouchers, etc. otherwise the U.S. public school system will continue to worsen!

  14. He is not lying. The administration is only interested in counting heads to qualify for as much federal funding as they can get. That is why there are very few suspensions or consequences for misbehavior. The only authority that the kids listen to are their coach if they are in sports.

  15. the real crime is the money that goes into this system to produce garbage. it is a giant con-game…millions of dollars are collected and appropriated to school districts, like Paterson, and when the dust settles and all the money is spent the kids aren't educated and some very fat administrators, lazy tenured teachers and union big wigs are richer.

  16. There are no male teachers anymore. It's become a risk for men to teach, Becuase they will get criminal charges for simply enforcing school policy, or worst, false accusations.
    9 out of 10 primary school teachers are women, and 77% of all teachers are women these days. There is no order Becuase women are dominating teaching and our youth is being taught through a gynosentric lense.
    Men are not aloud to have a voice in school atmosphere. Masculinity is looked down on as if it is oppressive, therefore men are not respected for existing as a man, and the importance of balanced teaching from both genders has become one sided.
    Kids raised by single mothers are far more likely to enguage in criminal activity. In this day and age, custodial fathers only make up 17.3% of custodial parents. Biased family courts award custody to women. Single mothers raise more criminals than anyone.
    Our schools have become a daycare ran by women that have no accountability for the monsters they create by not holding these kids responsible for how they behave. Public schools are nothing more then a daycare, and a steady paycheck for women that really don't care about what they do.
    If I had a kid, I would never put them in these public schools where women ruin our children, and indoctrinate them with nonsense like feminism, and extreme leftist victim mentality.
    It's sick and wrong.
    This is why I will never have kids, or get married. Women are ruining society Becuase we entrust our children to be taught by these assholes……

  17. ALL students have the right to a free and appropriate education, however, you DO NOT have the right to interrupt or take that education away from another student by being disruptive. The students that don't care, they should be investigated, the parents should be investigated, and they need to have a sit down talk. If the parent does not care, the child will not care(mostly).

  18. Take testing away, things will change drastically. When schools are no longer held accountable based on testing, behavior, grades, etc. they will improve substantially.

  19. Sounds like many Australian schools. Education in Australia is in chaos, academic rigour is virtually non-existent, and so many students are wilful and unruly.

  20. I agree we don't want to be like China…China that stayed away from fake mind illnesses and giving their citizens western brain shrinking drugs on their own people ..They are far more educated then all of us Americans just sitting here with mostly psycho babble degrees…Yay AMERICA is the best – and soon going to be drugging new borns for medical mental illness for the" SIGN "of crying….Wow we are really going places as The Best In THE WEST…LOL….President Trump is lying ..the Chinese are not laughing at us…No !No! that's all in President Trumps mental illness brain…A nation of FUCKING retards and horrifying GREED we have become!

  21. Teachers are the greatest purveyors of leftist culture.
    Including Gender Fluidity inculcation.
    Child grooming.
    Not to mention feminist attacks on the Family.
    Fathers are redundant.
    This man is describing the fruits.
    It's not the children,it's the Teachers.

  22. I graduated from high school 20 years ago and if someone in my class were to do what this guy says that these kids are doing we would be expelled from school. I feel so sorry for kids that have to go to school these days because it’s not good anymore. Where is the respect for the teachers? These kids have a rude awakening waiting for them… it’s called reality. What a terrible situation for teachers and this is the reason why I would never be a teacher. I wouldn’t want to put up with the nonsense and immaturity of these kids. I have better things to do with my life.

  23. He's right there has to be rules ..and as far as our nation is concerned that was flushed down the toilet sges ago ..

  24. The problem is there is no consequences for misbehaving. There needs to be a special school for problem kids. Maybe one with less freedoms and more staff. Its not fair to the kids who are trying to learn to have problem kids disrupting the system. Its also not fair to teachers who end up having to be more like babysitters or security. The problem kids need to be separated. Cull the herd!

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