Teacher Collaboration: Spreading Best Practices School-Wide

>>Karl: When we work together, we are able to create something
great for our students. That collaboration creates an
amazing school environment. >>Mary Beth: One of the biggest
challenges of any school is people go into their rooms and
they close their doors and that's the way teaching
used to be, right? So you have to begin making it
not okay to close your door. >>Karl: So often we hold all the
good things we do to ourselves because it becomes kind
of like a competition. >>Georgia: But when you're able to
collaborate with your colleagues, it really affects the
students' education. >>I'm not sure we're
having the exact same idea. >>Mary Beth: In terms of
building a team, you have to think about where are the strengths. >>Georgia: Our principal saw that I have
this strength and he has that strength, so when she put us together,
it was hard at first. >>Okay, there are differences
in opinion. >>Karl: Yeah, big time. >>The truth is, is that we
didn't really like each other. >>Georgia: Because we were very
different people, different styles. >>Karl: But when we started working
together, we were both passionate about working, we were both
willing to put the time in. >>Mary Beth: They started
talking to each other. "Well, what text are you using? How are you making that connection? How are you going to run
your writing conference?" IT was like the conversation
of the month. >>Karl: We're both understanding
that the main goal as a teacher is to get those students to learn. >>Georgia: Okay, got it. >>Karl: Got it? >>Teacher collaboration at
Wildwood is really intentional. In our schedule, when we have our
preps, they're aligned to each other. >>Georgia: I wanted to also talk to you
about our current budgeting activity. Do you think they're ready to take a
whole four day, three night vacation with the thousand dollar budget? >>Karl: We didn't do this last
year as far as doing the activity. We did the questions, we
did everything like that, but we didn't do the activity. >>Georgia: We didn't prep them as much. >>Karl: Right. That whole area in that project. >>Georgia: They struggled. >>Karl: Was what they struggled on. >>Georgia: Remember, because last
year we also had a few issues with the itemized lists, that
they weren't being specific enough with the costs. >>Karl: What we can do to help them
out with that is like every morning, we can have a little mini activity that will have budgeting
that they have to do. Then moving on into the big
activity, which is this vacation. >>Georgia: Yeah, perfect, I like
that, because it's just a little bit, we're building every day,
so that's a good idea. >>That relationship, when you can
bounce ideas off of each other, it's to the benefit of the students. >>Karl: We should be helping each other
out and stop holding in all the things that we do great, and
sharing it with others so that they can make those same
gains within their classroom. And that's really what's important about
it, is that the collaboration creates that equality for all students.

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