Teacher Centred vs. Student Centred Method of Teaching

26 thoughts on “Teacher Centred vs. Student Centred Method of Teaching”

  1. Mam iske types ni krne h kya. .bcoz vhan se bi question aa jata h..eg. demonstration method deductive nd indeductive method
    Group discussion seminar role play or bi bhot se h

  2. Till now I prepare my 1st paper notes by Ur videos…n really it's very helpful for us due to change syllabus..
    So thanks
    I one request that on logical reasoning Ur videos may be less for prep so can u plzz provide us whole ….

  3. Mam I want to ask the question ma'am yeh teaching ka yahi syllabus Jo update aap ne krwaya ha yahi krna ha ya iske ilalwa Jo hole tha . principal nd maxims.nd all wo bhi krna ha

  4. Man can you please upload a video on different strategies for both teacher centered and learner centered method.

  5. Mam If possible please add some mcq at the end of each topic so that better evaluation can be done. I know it will become lengthy.. But it helps

  6. Thank You Mam.. Nice Lecture.. Mam if i am not wrong in teacher-centric approach student is fully dependent on the teacher for the class, for learning, then how can they (students) learn themselves, how can they make the decision for their own.. Please correct me if i am wrong

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