Teacher Appreciation Week 2019: Teacher Empowerment

I feel most empowered a teacher when I’m
given a chance to work independently and collaborate with other teachers and really give a voice for what I do and how I do it. I feel most empowered as a teacher when I am involved in the
decision-making process and when administrators take the opinions of not
only myself but of my fellow teachers and students in mind before making the
final decision. When I learn something new and I’m able to share that knowledge
with my students and then watch them be successful with what I have taught them
from what I have learned. I feel most empowered as a teacher when I’m given
the reins to lead an initiative that I’ve thought of myself. It’s always
compelling to take on an idea of my own and try to see it through. I feel
most empowered as a teacher when I’m given the autonomy of choices about what
happens to my classroom on a daily basis. When I am able to start something new, to
pilot a program, allowed to make mistakes and regroup and continue to process. When my students are working collaboratively and actively when there’s noise in the
classroom and where the onus of teaching isn’t necessarily on me but the kids are
empowered doing something.

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