Teacher And Student Affair 2018 – New Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2018

continue to rage read this one as police they alert he wouldn't 12 you it's over I must be out of my mind how they think again what is he even talking about hello god I am tired thank God I've been staring at this computer screen for the past hour and how's it going well I'm on my fourth cup of coffee and still not a single word Gothic romance novelist and English teacher I swear Charlotte I don't know how you do it well it's my first try I don't know either well I hate to burst that creative bubble that you're in but I need your new semester forms oh I haven't I'm sorry things have just been so crazy it's okay I need them by the end of the day they're waiting for you on your desk you'll have them by tomorrow I promise good luck with the book superstar bye Lydia where the children's books all the way to the back of the store Thanks hey Charlotte how's it going all right how about you good we just got the new Karen Clark again Oh awesome how's your book coming don't ask it's already well just holler if you need anything Thanks that's right got 11 huh love what an actual bookstore yeah they do make it really easy to just Amazon these days don't they yeah but then you can't touch it first I'll maybe read the back jacket I'm Chris Charlotte I wish my students had this much enthusiasm for reading I am a teacher over at Roosevelt High you're a teacher some days others I just feel like a grower fied babysitter well it's very cool to meet a fellow book lover my age as much as it pains me to say this I think I'm just a little bit older than you come on what are you 23 24 sure yeah sounds about right so what are you doing in the romance section you don't seem like the typical fan is that where I am yep they're not so bad actually my grandma Pat would agree with you a thousand percent she took care of me after my parents died oh god I'm sorry that's really really awful oh you know what it's all good it's okay we got along famously and she was obsessed with romance novels well my kind of grandma so why a school start again next week at Charlotte you're not gonna spend one of your last days of freedom in a bookstore are you okay I mean not though not the whole day why do you mean me later we can hang out really yeah I don't think I can oh I get it you have a boyfriend no actually we're on a break so seize the day why you actually be doing me a favor I just moved here and I barely know anyone I don't know tell you what why don't you give me your number while you figure it out can't believe I'm doing this catch you later Charlotte so I'm not trying to run your child or anything but shouldn't you be working on your sex book right now you know it's not a sex book yes you should be you just need some things to help get the creative juices flying have you heard please Scott don't ask you should use it aren't you supposed to write what you know it's a flaky boyfriend isn't exactly great source material for passion and romance you need to get out there find some inspiration maybe right so do it you could just a CD yet tasteful encounter oh okay looks like it crazy no Charlotte that's what I'm saying you need a little crazy in your life who's that uh just this guy I met at the bookstore this morning oh yeah he cute very come sweet – hmm but just as cute sweet book reader one from the likes of you and you have plans tonight Rusty's 7 o'clock be there you can thank me later you it's just been so lost the last time I was in school oz will be interesting I can't believe I just did that I know I can't believe I just did that sure I lied before this was what I needed I kind of lied to you too if I think I'm like this all the time but the truth is it's been awhile since I felt this good okay so let me get this straight you're intelligent you've got the looks and the body like a male-model good teeth no visible scars what's the glitch I'm a terrible kisser we what time is it oh crap I've never had a one-night stand before you're still sweet and cute but the whole hooking up with a stranger things not really my style you got to get out of here so thank you mm-hmm for getting me out of the house I won't forget it you never know maybe we'll run into each other again someday Oh Chris [Applause] we shall see [Applause] what do you want Scott I was until you called oh I'm just calling to see if you want to grab dinner sometime this week try something by last night but no you were here last night ah twice once around 8:00 and again around 11:00 where are you oh well maybe you don't know me as well as you think you do Wow are you like on a date or something no you don't get to ask me that sure I can't mere acts on a date you know what I can't believe after four years together you still don't know if I'm the person you want to be with yeah that's not true no great if you have something different to say I would love to hear it Charlotte yeah that's what I thought I gotta go what's wrong what do you think whose first ascent I'll give him that inconsistence more like it so can I borrow that green summer dress I love the low-cut one I have a date tonight if you spent half as much time as you do on bad dates and actually spent it looking for a real job forget about me I want to hear about your date last night oh wait a minute you didn't what did you do your bad I can't believe it you know it's not something I would normally do but I have to say I had fun I did see I told you you did something crazy and the world didn't end you need to start trusting me more and since it was basically me who sent you off on this mission of pleasure I and you can take it thank you but I want it back clean Hey hey guys hey Charlotte I got your forms last week finally thank you my pleasure so Lee how was your summer summer softens the mind and yourself uh you know it got off to a rough start but what a nice landing did you happen to see was tagged on the north wall this morning no what big letters that said vice principal Clark eats you can imagine the rest actually I I can he is more fun than ever huh he's always been cranky even before his wife died last winter oh god I almost forgot 26 years together I can't imagine speaking of are we gonna hear those wedding bells with you and Scott ah okay wrong question um how's the book coming along better than ever good that's exactly what I want to hear have a great day you too darlin Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare's tribute to star-crossed lovers let's dive in that was fast why can't we just watch the movie okay guys this isn't film class we're here to read okay I'll tell you what you give me your full attention we'll make it through the first act and then we'll watch that part of the movie to compare and contrast move on to act 2 and so on and so forth how's that sound sounds awesome hi what are you doing here it's the first day of school I'm Chris Williams I'm new here nice to meet you Chris I miss Hanson I know your name Charlotte Hansen English late or am I in the wrong place nope welcome to Isabel hi thank you this is what we're tackling the first perfect even though from the very beginning of the play we can see that the two families a bad blood that they have with each other it's destroying the city looks like we're done for today we'll pick up tomorrow Chris can I talk to you for a second I hope last night will affect my grade why didn't you tell me you're still in high school you never asked I didn't ask you if you were a serial killer but that's kind of something that you tell somebody if you knew I was in high school would you have met me at that bar no would we have come back here oh absolutely not then you know why I didn't tell you now we get to spend more time together do you know how much trouble I could get into for this relax I just turned 18 you guys wait you had an idea at the bar like those are hard to come by Hey look at me if anybody finds out about you know I'm finished here or any other school okay I promise no one has to know what happened between us there is no us okay I'm your teacher you're my student that's it if that's the way it has to be Charlotte mrs. Hanson and that's the way it has to be I just ask one thing all right tell me some of your book so I just want to see what you can do okay if I do that this is the last time we talk about the bookstore or the bar or your does all of it deal deal you look like you can use that oh thank you a good first day always a bear so how are you doing really I subscribe to triple-a theory all things in life or just adapt except I like that I miss waking up weather in the morning though I'll say that so hmm I saw you talking with our new shooting mr. Williams today you didn't I did anything you want to tell me ah you know me islet you an early read on the new kids right of course yeah so do you think mr. Williams are gonna fit in what do you think is gonna be your problem well I just met him today but no no I I don't expect any problems from him good who made copy this morning it's excellent right I'm trying to talk this wrong I was not yelling carrier are you okay yeah I'm fine never seen that side of you before I'm full of surprises you shouldn't be calling me sorry I just wanted to do a reading before bed when you go send over those chapters yeah about that I'm starting to think that's not such a great idea but we had a deal right but I mean the last thing I need is for someone to find out that I'm talking on the front of a student but much less sharing something so intimate so I shouldn't post this to the Roosevelt High Twitter page when did you take this you don't have any other photos from that night that I don't know about do you yes all the photos I got I swear you're staring at it aren't you no you should build hard together all right listen I'll send you the chapters I have so far but then that's it okay no more innuendos no more flirtatious looks you're just another guy in my class listening me drone on and on about dead writers I know that was the deal remember okay fine I'll send it right now Oh in here Hey I wish a coffee date should have stripes left on his ass I need a drink come true recipes with me sure why not I gotta go happy reading are you and excuse me I don't know you just feel different I can't explain it guys have really done a number on you bet I know what numbered so I'm gonna be meeting up with this bookstore set again oh I'm not are you insane why wouldn't you hit that again just not a good idea trust me means something my weight MA I gotta go fine go tell Scott I said to crap or get off the pot will ya I will I love it huh gonna love what no we Williams actual people no dating apps and swiping this way or that way I've never happened the art of just walking pretty girl at the bar is a night yeah hi hi I'm Maddie Frank she's here by yourself I wasn't sense where my friend bailed on me oh me too where'd yours run off to ex-boyfriend big mess what do you mean he's an artist you know the type can't commit was he any good good enough to have a studio in Franklin Street he's always there I'm sure that's where she went hey what's so important they need to see me like right away [Applause] you're telling you sure everything I've shot says you laughing it looks like hot garbage I'm taking dinner cuz hot garbage – dinners such a disgusting segue Oh serious you seen it serious I can tell I mean you can do that's that I'm pretty sure you can share a meal with me ever heard of a booty call come on nobody good times you can sit back and have a good life but just how pathetic my life has become over a nice chef salad no way extra dressing on the side mm-hmm give us some thought okay okay so how's the book coming great I'm actually right through it really I thought you had a writer's block yeah I got rid of it well I must be relief how'd you do it I gotta get to class well it's good the hell out me sorry man didn't mean any harm oh no no it's okay something I can help you with oh just passing by I had check out your work yeah yeah of course I'm Scott Jeremy so what's your story Scott uh I guess they're just the life of a typical professional photographer mm-hmm make most more money off my commercial work but these cityscapes are your real passion and I can tell really do your work man oh thanks I just moved to town been staring at empty walls for a few weeks now sounds awful anything catching your eye yeah not all of them the way you framed this photo I'm telling you it looked awesome in my new place that's a few of them wood or uh where'd you move from Miami what passes for taste down there everything's just so shiny so you been yeah I actually went the UFL a part of a Mexican I'm just gonna come out and say it all right I really dig it work I guess the only problem that I can see is my mother how so well she had a saying never make a major purchase without sleeping on it first huh mothers they know best right right those are cool I just think about a little bit and then come back and see you again yeah yeah of course hey Jeremy uh how major a purchase are we talking let me surprise you Romeo isn't the coolest character in the beginning is he it's kind of cranky he doesn't think before he acts and even his best friends think he's annoying but Juliet she's different than Romeo thoughtful more practical she knows if she refuses her mother's requests to consider Paris as a mate that's gonna do her no good even though she's clearly not interested sorry I know I'm late I guess that's it for today we'll see you guys tomorrow do you have a late note no Chris you can't just come and go as you please where were you how is the rest of your night do anything fun don't you have another class to get to don't you wanna know I thought about your book of course I do all right well it was really awesome guess you're not blocked anymore don't that was an older guy in your story you didn't change the age doesn't mean that you I'm serious I swore I could feel spilling off those pages it took me back to our night you and me on your desk or absent each other's the – I know everything don't oh oh hey hi we were just finishing up here oh you're right about that I think you need to get to class young man mr. Williams maybe you didn't hear me I said you need to get to class okay I get it that might have looked a little miser look I don't like the mince words so I'll just say it when I saw you and mr. Williams talking way too close to the second time in one week do you know what I fucked what I'll tell you what I thought I thought about all those adult males out there reading about female teachers sleeping with his shooters are wondering where were they when I was in high school right like it's some kind of damn joke well I'm not one of those men and I'm not one of those women believe me I would I would never he just came to the school you know how difficult that can be I was just giving him a little extra help good lecture to help it looks to me like he was helping himself just fine that's miss maybe it is maybe just either way I'm taking him out of your class I'm not in the business of looking foolish Charlotte and a story gets around about a teacher mr. where the truth it's a bad look for the people in charge so if I see you and mr. Williams within 10 feet of each other inside my school or out I promise you won't never stand in front of a classroom again do you understand and whatever this was or might have been is over now you're gonna get me fired why do you say he's gonna have you transfer out of my class and as long as he's walking the halls but you need him looking into this direction who's my fault yeah no kidding just have to live with it I guess maybe it's for the best I'm just easier that way yeah now you're probably right good good I'm I'm glad we're finally on the same page well we are don't worry okay mr. Williams what the hell are you doing here just check it out my new neighborhood that's all too young to drink and I bet you're not too old to remember those ways around that all right son you've been drinking your sorrows away what I heard you lost your wife not too long ago I'm really sorry about that I know if there was something keeping me in the love of my life apart I'd be sad too and real damn man you're not going to transfer me out of Charlotte's class now are you sure because her and I we have a very special relationship the only thing you need to know is to back the hell off of us Hey what listen to me mr. Williams I suggest you stop this nonsense right now and get yourself home and I fully expect you in my office first thing in the morning so we can officially put an end to ever you and this Hanson have going on fine Charlotte hey can you believe it believe what you haven't heard come on you're scaring me tell me what happened it's Lee he killed himself right it's night I tell you I haven't stopped shaking since we heard about it how how did he do it shot himself in his car oh my god no looks like he couldn't get over losing his wife after all he's like the last person I thought would view something like that would be to guess you never really know someone do you I'm sorry I had to give you the bad news um thanks for letting me know okay so this guy just showed up at the studio out of the book yeah he says he's interesting a couple photos being he's asleep on first that's a good thing right yeah yeah if he comes back and buys this I can't stop thinking about me just I can't believe you look too bad yeah no it's it's horrible then he just leaves his wife yeah I wonder see I listened to you when you talked so last night huh yeah yeah he was interesting I didn't hear you complaining I I wasn't and I'm not now at all I'm just kind of curious we got India oh we didn't order dessert it's on the house ban enjoy oh I'd enjoy it a lot more if you didn't just call me ma'am i am i think i got earpiece what do you mean my piece is God okay I'm sorry it took me so long hey I suppose I could get into how my father's been married three times and how I'm secretly terrified that this will pull me away from my art but the truth is I'm nothing like my father and I only want to get married once in my art he's absolutely nothing come i'm used by my side I love you so much will you marry me okay yes yes you gotta put it on hey I'm about to go crush some yoga what you want to tell me are you happy I am really but but what there's something else I want to talk to you about what's wrong is everything okay Charlotte I screwed up even though I didn't know I was screwing up at the time I have no idea what you're talking about the bookstore guy yeah well it turns out he's actually in my homeroom what do you mean is like your teacher assistant holy crap he's your student I swear I didn't know he doesn't look that young and he had an ID this is insane how's it been acting in your class only he's fine I think I just say I feel really bad no it's not your fault you didn't know I just wish I could take it all back I think he really had a crush on me hide her hath he seems to get it I mean I've made it really clear that it's over I just feel bad that can happen when you walk on the wild side you didn't tell me about that part so Scott doesn't know I'm kind of hoping he doesn't have to really getting used to this so you really don't think this dude's gonna be a problem I thought he was gonna be for a minute but he's cool with it he totally gets it when a bad cold puts the fun on hold hi uh hey what are you doing toasted light on the cream cheese just assumed come on don't make me eat alone quickly all right so how does your grandmother like the house oh well she actually died a few months ago but I'm very sure she'd like it well enough I didn't know she passed away – I'm so sorry so who are you living with now I'm 18 remember I need a guardian and since my parents have a small trust fund I don't need to move in with a third-string relative either you've had a rough summer it's nothing compared to when my parents died I don't think I said a word out loud for two months after it happened they are only supposed to be gone a week Jay it's okay I love you Chris stop it's not just about you being my student now okay breaks over very happy are you sure this is what you really want yes it really is I gotta go Chris it's it's okay I'm good I'm good congratulations really you should finish your bangle pharkas cold told you I'd be back yeah ma glad you are so so I slept on it that's good I woke up thinking the same thing I want your work on my walls great all right which was he thinking well I got my eye on that at least two of them that one and definitely that one yeah sounds good and I am having a hell of a week good great let's close this deal over a couple of beers uh yeah sure why not I'm the boss right we've done yeah there's a place right around the corner just give me a minute take your time great art great taste so you just sold a couple of photos you're very welcome by the way what else happened that made you weak I got engaged get married married Wow that isn't half of week it's her name Charlotte do you mean and girl she an artist – no no she's been writing a book lately but mostly she's a teacher how about you get yourself lady and do actually she's a teacher – we just met but I feel like I've known her forever how long you guys been together Oh four years and some change to be little while but making room so my girls a little time right yeah I was down like that man I wish you knows I never cheat on her she be out the door the first time congratulations again to love yeah you know we should go up sometimes with the clothes out of town no that will be fun [Applause] hey you hey when did you get back into town I I'm not who you think I am oh my god I'm so sorry you know what you look just like somebody I know no sir don't worry sir I should've known you are a much better kisser Hey so uh yeah my night just got weird come over right I will see you soon with some strange supposes pagan Jeremy or something or other and you just left you at the bar yeah I don't know I mean maybe stumbled out drunk get him it up with this girl so do you have a deal on the photos or not I don't know I mean he seems to keep coming around I guess I just have to wait till I see him again the good thing is is that now I'm here but not there yeah screw that guy yeah hmm I've got some spear phone what the hell hey just texting me what are you kidding me what they're getting engaged to me freak you out that bad I have no idea what you're talking about this is not what it looks what it looks like is she had her tongue in your mouth about an hour ago yes she just walked right up to me and she kissed me out of nowhere oh yeah you looked so stunned I was I swear I never never start before my life who sent you this no you know what I don't even care surely this is crazy you know what's crazy is me waiting for you for four years but I want you to let me just listen to me I want you to leave I don't even look at you right now so go come on now I was instantly attracted to Travis I felt like a schoolgirl [Applause] leave me alone hey hey question um that guy that you were having drinks with the other night that patron of the Arts what was his name again Jeremy what does Jeremy look like uh I don't know he's pretty athletic dark hair you know about my height kind of young oh yeah he's younger than us [Laughter] says him attend what when was this how do you know Jeremy his name's not Jeremy it's Chris how do you know that you know a few nights ago that date you assumed I was on this is the guy that you were out with we were on a break I'm sorry were you and then you go and you accuse me of cheating yeah because he set it up like that so what what this kids just like obsessed with you or something yeah yeah I think so oh well don't worry about it cuz I'm gonna kill him okay no you need to stay away from him no the hell I do just let me handle this why because there's something else I didn't tell you about jeez starlet who else could there be curse is one of my students I didn't know that until after we until after you wipe Scott until after you what sorry okay I think it's your turn Elise come on please just go please go I need time with this I'm gonna make this better promise I need to see you now hey I'm glad you wanna let you take you freakin maniac what do you mean Scott the photos you were gonna buy the girl at the bar are you stalking my life you're not still anxious about being seen with me are you vice principal Clark is gone God is dead what's the difference you've got problems Kris you need help you're the one who slept with their student before I knew who you were you think I don't matter if it gets energy all they'll say is that she slept with a teenager you're not gonna tell anybody do you know why is if you call you or anyone I care about again I'm going straight to the cops and I'm gonna have them stick you with any and every stalking charge they have since Scott will testify how sick and twisted you are if you have half a brain at all you will leave us alone you should save the fantasy for your book first chance I get I'm transferring you out of my class well I'm glad it's not today I love a good movie as promised we'll be watching act 1 of Romeo and Juliet maybe it'll make you appreciate the words more but I'm not holding out hope any questions before we get started okay hit the streaming link to the school server let's try it bolting today you guys that isn't here they'll shut it off please please it's a mistake I mean the new guys the man first of all hi Twitter page new theraflu powerbomb he must have spliced it into another copy of the movie and just slipped it in without me seeing it what the hell were you thinking I told you I didn't know he was a student and when you found out that he was you didn't do anything about it no I did I told him that nothing could ever happen between us again I thought he was ok with that well he just uploaded your sex tape to the whole school so being okay might be overstating it and what made you think your classroom where you teach will be the perfect choice for this little rendezvous it just happened I don't know what's gonna happen next the police are gonna have to take a statement and oh my god I'm so embarrassed well it's a lot more serious than just your feeling Charlotte I know that and I fired I don't know yet I could said he is 18 and I don't think that anyone is gonna doubt your story so there's gonna have to be an official investigation that will take place and the community is gonna come after you on social media but I'll see what I can do thank you so much oh don't thank me yet you're suspended without pay it's off Twitter at least right it's been taken down but come on Charlotte is anything ever really offered the internet okay look superintendent Roth is gonna be calling me any minute but I'll look at his file and see if I can find anything that might help you out Christopher okay so his parents were killed when he was for plane crash and he saw a couple of shrinks too in junior high to deal with the trauma and hmm but he requested to be in your classroom there was about a week between us meeting and the first day of school it definitely should have been flagged instead of him being allowed okay I'm on my way Charlotte right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey hey are you still mad at me oh I was but it didn't take me long to realize that if I had just done the right thing a while ago then we wouldn't be here I say where are you I'm driving I'm going to his last high school just it's a few hours away well how'd you do that because I need to get more information on him to make a case for the cops that is guys dangerous well how was school today they try anything else yeah you could say that I'll tell you about it later I'm sure I don't know why just well let me handle this guy just tell me where okay we're okay I love you howdy-do I put your 150 in your office which is no patient you really don't recognize me you have a gorgeous job I don't feel comfortable performing any further surgery on you she gave me this image to use for a number of surgeries stay away from my family not yet I don't want to hurt you I want to be got off on the wrong foot and I was thinking maybe if I got to know a little bit more about him maybe and you are Charlotte Charlotte if you really are a teacher then you should know better than to think we're gonna gossip about past students to just anyone who walks in maybe I can talk to the principal then well I don't know about you Charlotte but we are very busy around here so if you will excuse me look I'm sorry come on please this is really important is there anybody I can talk to Ashley Hayes mm-hmm what about her excuse me Ashley Hayes yes I'm sorry to bother you I need to ask you a few questions about a student he used to go here mm-hmm Chris Williams he's my student now why are you asking look I know this is gonna sound a little crazy but you slept with them don't worry I'm not gonna judge you I didn't judge Beth when she started sleeping with them but that Beth singer yeah yeah that was her name was she's dead what she was strangled in her kitchen last June do they know who did it it's hard to say she she had a boyfriend she would see him on and off Eddie and he did get rough with her before so the police assumed it was him but they haven't been able to find any evidence to prove it she think it could mean Chris I don't know maybe you know she did tell me that he was acting strange a few days before she was killed she said that he would do things that would make her feel uncomfortable like like he would call her by a different name do you think he did it look at this oh my god that's Beth and just found it at his house and her school's vice principal the only one who knew about me and Chris he just killed himself I'm gonna need that when I go to the cops with everything of course II take it you said to get the bastard you look just like her is there anything else I need to know about him that's all I got but I do know someone else you should talk to so how can I help you well this is gonna sound strange and maybe even unethical but I need to know everything I can about a student who in here Kris Williams I'm a guidance counselor Miss Charlotte Charlotte I just can't give out that kind of information please you have to help me I don't have anywhere else to turn well who are you to him exactly I'm his teacher you slept with him too and now I'm in trouble and not the kind you think I'm sorry I I can't help you please please you have to help me I was just at his house I didn't see any sign of a grandmother come on you've got to tell me what I'm dealing with here please you know what thanks a lot he doesn't have a grandmother he got foster care when his parents died he was just a paycheck to them they did all but ignore him luckily for him he had miss Martin who she Jane Martin his elementary school teacher from what he told me she was the only adult to ever show him any love after the plane crash she was his whole world and then she moved away and he said he felt beyond lost I never even saw his smile until till what until Beth singer started working here I heard member something getting a little too close but he just laughed it off my guess is she must have pulled away when his smile went away he must have returned to whatever dark place he was in when he first saw his folks look chris has a lot of rage I know that's why I'm here and he must get that confused with love he showed me a picture of Miss Martin once crazy thing is she looked just like you and bathroom except she wore her hair in a ponytail and had a southern accent definitely has a type and now perhaps dead yeah I was told that the police aren't sure who killed her do you think Chris could have done that I really can't say anymore I'm sorry Charlotte but luck thank you hey maybe where are you I'm heading back okay are you at the studio yeah I'm here you find anything out about that little creep you have no idea how's it sound good wells did you hear he's a lot more dangerous than we thought I think he might have had something to do with Lee's death what you serious I'll come get you and we'll go right to the cops yeah yeah do that that that definitely sounds like a plan there is some traffic I'm still a few hours away okay you'll be careful okay you too don't worry about me goodbye wait I think I can handle spunk kid no it turns me on my better half hors d'oeuvres and bubbly and when I really want to take it up a notch we use KY yours and mine tingling for me warming for him this holiday season get what you want styles that make you feel good he took my number that never called I did forgive me but my life has just been insane yeah yeah yeah but I swear I've been thinking about you at least 95% of the time that you could I buy you a drink I wouldn't say no beer for me and whatever she's having fries usual I'm gonna use the little girl's room but I will be right back I would be right here missing Scott where are you I'm about ten minutes away from the studio I can't find Maddy I'm starting to freak out I was hoping you could talk me down okay I'll be there soon bye she's fine this hallway certainly might pop more messages because it's just you coming you're late it's decent dude alright cuz I swear no matter what I do I always seem to end up with the jerks don't worry I'm one of the good guys thank God I have this friend Charlotte she always finds the nice ones not tonight she doesn't yeah trust me if so much more too often we Anton within your friend do you know why because you're gonna help me get Charlotte back thank you despite your drink hey is she okay oh she's fine few too many you know how it is oh yeah I know how it is do been there done that I'm going there right now you have a good night I have fun okay let's go we're already late for class Scott yes it's my fiancee keeps it in the head 172 Franklin Street what did you do don't be mad at me he was keeping us apart and what about the vice-principal same story why are you doing this to me I'm Miss Martin you know no I'm not Miss Martin Chris listen to me I'm not her I know that okay no you're not I'm calling the cops no you don't want to do that see I hear one siren I see one flashing light please please don't hurt her so you'll come meet me yes yes where aren't you you've taught me so much I thought the school was the perfect place to finish the lesson okay I'll be right there thank God daddy welcome back what did you do to her just taking a nap come on you know every time I'm in this room all I can think about is you and me on this desk and not the floor back there and against the window go to hell you don't know what hell is I'm here right now what do you want from me just want a little more time with you in this room before what the last act I've run out Road on this story and you already know how it ends you've taught it enough times what do you mean exactly the star-crossed lovers died together I'll tell you what you can decide how we go so you know I recommend the pills if I agree to this you gotta let her go she doesn't deserve this just like you don't deserve me your parents dying no one dared to love you just teacher who had no idea what she was setting in motion a little nervous there Charlotte the chairs gonna be hard and we need to take this and meet me at the front entrance in five minutes Tina man study ah Chris this part it's really you yeah it's really me and there's just so much did you miss me I'm sorry I had to leave you like that that wasn't fair me at all I love you so much honey so too soon [Applause] stay back you messed with the wrong teacher so are you ready to sign some books definitely hello Chris how are we today enjoying a picture I see that so Chris you've been with us a little while now and and you'll definitely be with us for a little while longer but I really do believe that I can help you past the issues that brought you to us the obsessive thoughts that violence masquerading is alive with the right medication and the right therapy I certainly can see you getting back out there being a productive member of society would you like that and you're taking your pills everyone wonderful here's today's dosage good job okay well you can get back to drawing your picture now I'll see you tomorrow sure thing miss Hanson

49 thoughts on “Teacher And Student Affair 2018 – New Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2018”

  1. This may sound like fantasy but a teacher in my University was killed by a student who fell madly in love with her . He stabbed her in her office while alone . Since then the female teachers in my University are not allowed to be alone with a student , only in group , it sounds crazy but shit happens

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  4. She sleeps with Chris, then says Hocking up with a stranger isn't her style, too late for her to be saying that. You Slept with him🀣🀣🀣🀣🀦

  5. Great movie πŸ’–, when Sharlot said her and her bf are on a break, I'm like "there's no such thing as a break in a relationship either your together or not". πŸ’–πŸ€£πŸ€¦

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  12. She hears noises, she gets text messages like that……no lights…..she has phone in hand… ummm 911..

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