#TeachBR – Why Education?

I was always drilled by my father that education was like my exit ticket and I really noticed that it did become a way out for me but in high school it just seemed college and like education just seems so unattainable once i noticed that i can do it i just wanted to share that with other kids like me and so I decided to get into education because I kind of know their struggle honestly I was always like oh I’ll never be teacher I don’t have the patience for that I end up working for an organization where I was coaching kids in soccer and i loved it and then this opportunity arose am i was like i guess i’ll do it no big deal got here just completely fell in love with the program and what it means to be here i got started with cityyear because education was always something I was interested in I always found myself to be a natural teacher but so many people kind of pushed me away from that and deterred me from getting into the the field and so with city year i was able to kind of get my feet in the water and see if this was something that I wanted to do full-time and I really found this power in in service and in in teaching children it was just something that felt right this is the corniest thing never going to say but education chose me I heard about city year through an AmeriCorps recruit on campus and it was the first job I’ve ever heard I actually wanted to do everything else is like maybe I’ll do this maybe i do that was like oh that I want to do that and so I apply got accepted and just like sort of fell into teaching

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