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hey coaches hi I'm Jason Han Scott founder of pro-style spread offense and I can't wait to show you how you can teach zone blocking in less than 10 minutes to pretty much any player at any level and this is something I just discovered a short while back here and to give credit where credit's due I want to make sure that I think Sam Gooding he's the offensive line coach at Dakota State University he was he's exactly where I got this through an article that I was reading a few weeks back and it's really an amazing way to teach this and it simplified things in my mind a lot easier than just accounting method or the covered uncovered method and it allows you to identify exactly who you need to block and how to get to them through a double-team no matter what defense front they're in or even if they're in a defensive front that with a with a player who's a little bit aligned differently and maybe you want them to block it differently but it'll give your offensive line a great framework that they can identify no matter what you throw at them what they need to do so let's get started right now rule number one so I've got five basic rules and let's start with rule number one the center is going to call the Mike he's going to call out him him by his number so let's say Mike is number 54 sounds like a good middle linebacker number he's going to say 54 is the Mike 54 is the Mike alright and all the offensive line know that that is the zero point okay now this is different than other accounting systems where you count linebackers and linemen in this system you are really only identifying the linebacker so you're identifying the zero point as that middle linebacker now if the middle if there's three middle linebackers and there's one right in the middle you're going to call the middle one the Mike okay however if there's two then it depends on whether it's an even front or an odd front okay so if it's an even front instruct your Center to call the play side linebacker all right so if you're running zone to the right he's going to call the right side linebacker and how does he know if it's an even front basically he's looking to see is he covered or uncovered and if Center is uncovered it's probably an even front all right secondly if it's an odd front he's going to call the backside linebacker as the Mike linebacker or the zero point okay so if the backside linebacker is the zero point then the center is probably covered and that's a good way for the center to know should I call frontside or backside linebacker how do I know which linebacker to call as the Mike well it's based on their front so rule number two the center is going to take a guard in the combo to the Mike linebacker all right this is an ace combo so if he wants to take the guard to his right side he's going to call Ram if he wants to take the guard to his left side he can call lion and you could have different calls for that but that's rule number two as the center takes a guard into the combo and the offensive line listens in the guard who's called into that combo should echo the call so the center knows that it's confirmed rule number three the untaken guard so if the center called the left side guard into a combo then the right guard he's untaken he's going to take a tackle as a deuce combo or he's going to go alone solo to the next linebacker outside so if you've got a zero linebacker the next linebacker to his side becomes a plus 1 or a minus one depending on which side he's on and you'll you'll understand this here in a minute when I start showing you the pictures but his basic rule in rule number three is untaken guard so he's not called into a combo he's going to either take a tackle and a deuce combo to the next linebacker or he's going to go alone solo either up to a linebacker or on that next defensive lineman whoever's the the the next biggest threat rule number three tackles so if if you're untaken you're going to take the tight end if you have one or you're going to go solo and again this just works that way it's way out from Center on out both sides and it plays itself out very nicely the last rule is rule number five tight end you're going to go with the tag with the tackle in a tray combo or you're going to call a solo okay so that's the tight ends rule if you don't have a tight end you don't have to worry about rule number five all you have is four rules okay so those are the five basic rules now let's take a look at this in a sheet here that I have an offensive line cheat sheet let me find this right now we're going to jump over here to this cheat sheet and then we'll take a look and we'll walk through it one play at a time so let's say we have ten personnel here or 20 personnel which means you have one or two backs and no tight ends all right so we'll look at the center and we'll work our way out here all right this is against the three for defense so it is an odd front that means the center knows he's covered up he's going to call the zero point as the backside linebacker that's right here okay so he's going to say 52 is the Mike right here he's going to call this linebacker out then he's going to call his choice he would it make sense to call the right guard into a combo back here not really so he's going to call the backside guard into that combo there would be a lion so lion lion that's an ace combo there they doubled to that backside linebacker now uncovered guard or untaken guard it does he doesn't have to be uncovered but the untaken guard so he's not called into that combo he can either call a deuce to the next linebacker who is the plus one linebacker or he could call a solo and just go right now up to that linebacker all right it makes sense and what I would coach players to do especially if you want them double teaming as much as possible to tell them yeah call that deuce we wanted we want combos on the line unless that tackles in an outside shade and you know you're not getting to them call that do so if he's head up or inside maybe in the gap call deuce okay now if he's down inside doesn't make sense to call the tackle under the combo down there you just got to say solo solo you got him all right or if arm yeah so that's what I would do now the backside tackle he knows that the backside guard has been called into a combo so he only has one choice in the matter and that's to go solo and if the defender that we are leaving unblocked is anyone in a four technique or outside he is going to leave them alone and he's going to work inside too now the zero linebacker has already taken he's now going to take the most dangerous man all right the most dangerous man if we have an imaginary box right here is anyone who is outside the box that might come into the box at the last second so he's working up side he's getting he can help out with the zero point linebacker or most dangerous man who ever shows that this linebacker comes inside so that's a three four and A three five now we've got a stack look here alright now we have a head up linebacker so he's the zero point the center decides to take the backside guard and an ace and that makes sense I would I would coach him up to do that pretty automatically it wouldn't make much sense for him to take the play side guard take the backside guard up to the zero now we have the untaken guard is going to take the tackle to the plus one linebacker and and the untaken tackle all right is going to go up to the minus one linebacker that's a three five all right now you've got a four two under front under front means that the line is shifted towards the weak side all right so if you're running to the strong side over here and they're shifted away from that you've got your center he's going to call if it's an even front the linebacker to the play side so this linebacker right here is the zero point and now he's going to take the play side guard with him in a ram combo Ram to this linebacker now we have our untaken guard he's going to take the backside tackle with him to the minus one linebacker and we'll leave this backside in unblocked and then the play side tackle has a solo in a four to over front what you have right here again it's an even front so the center is going to call this linebacker as a zero point he's going to call a lion and take the backside guard with him to the zero okay now the play side guard he's the untaken guard he really doesn't have a linebacker they don't have a plus one linebacker right now to take to anybody so he's just going to make a solo call alright and that's going to tell the play side tackle he's solo also the backside tackle does not have anyone he's not taken with the guard so he's soul also and his biggest threat is the – one linebacker all right our last two fronts here for three fronts these you have a bit of an option you might have linebackers that now become most dangerous man as you're working combinations to them because they're not in the box this is a typical spread offense so Center takes a ram to the mic and the backside guard takes a deuce to the most dangerous man leaving the backside end uncovered and the play side tackle is solo on the end and we're not too worried about this guy this is a great guy to run an RPO off of right here if you want to do that or you could run an RPO off this linebacker right here for three over front now you've got to tackle shade it over into a strong ten to a three technique so we've got a lion deuce okay to the mic untaken guard solo because there's no linebacker to combo to and the untaken tackle is a solo on the end and again we're back side most dangerous man or the which could either be the mic or the backside backer so very quickly that's how that's within 10 minutes coaches you can teach anyone on the offensive line those four simple rules how to block inside zone against any defensive front so I want to thank you coach for again checking this out and what I'd encourage you to do next is take this I want you to draw it up with tight ends okay like I've started to do right here okay so this is 10 11 or 21 personnel and draw it up okay I'm going to flash through this really quick so if you want to want to reference this you can this super and just kind of pause it and draw it up on your own maybe draw it up and then come back and see if you got it right is against a 4 to 5 or 5 to so you can pause that take a look at that and then 4 3 under and 4 3 over so you can pause that take a look at that also the 4 to 5 this looks like a 5-2 all right coaches so thanks again for checking that out and if I can encourage you really quick if you liked what you saw I want you to come over to coach tube and under team offense you can find a course that I just built called rpoS and spread offense concepts and this is from the FCS champs James Madison and I'm selling it for five bucks right now so it's a heck of a deal normally I sell it for twenty five but you get a lot of extra coaching strategies okay with this course if you know anything about JMU you know that they won the national championship in 2017 and they had an incredible offense they had some great RPO strategies and a great multiple spread offense with just some very excellent plays that they ran that really when I looked through it caused me to question some of the ways I was doing things and help me fix some things in my offense and just added a few plays and tweaked a few things so what I did is I went in and I broke down their whole offense and you can take a look here and you can see all of these different plays that they run and I broke it down just the way I broke down how to block in an inside zone in ten minutes I broke down each of these plays right here there's a couple free plays you can check out and so you also get that and you can learn just exactly how they ran their plays and how the strategies help them be effective against any kind of defense that they went up against and this is against the plays that I drew these up against was against the former number one team North Dakota State who is not ranked number one and has won the national championship multiple years before them and they were actually able to to knock them off and then they went on and won the national championship game in the game after that so you'll learn a lot of these great strategies and plus there's a playbook in there too that will help you just visualize everything the way that they did it and can be a great addition to your offense even if you just get one thing out of it I think it can be beneficial for you as well so super special offer limited time right now $5 jump over there right I've got a link right below you can click on the link and you can go right to it you can book this course but I think it might be something if you liked what you what you saw on what you learned it's the same kind of breakdown and breaking things down on a whiteboard in a way that coaches can understand and that you can install it within your offense so that you can get more points scored and ultimately win more games so had a lot of coaches some great feedback so far just to show you really quick here some of the feedback I've gotten so far and so that's always encouraging to hear so I'm thankful for that as well but anyway coach tube if you're interested check it out otherwise drop me a line and I'm located website pro style spread offense comm love to hear from coaches and hear how things are going for you all right thanks a lot of coaches thanks for listening in

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