25 thoughts on “Teach your Parrot to say Hello!”

  1. not workinggggg! hes a green check ( i don know the spelling!) conure and not a chirp out of his beak! Whyyy!!!

  2. My budgie came to me and then start chirping and the only he do "well" he popped to my head, ah Rico 😑

  3. Update… so I have been playing this till 8:50 and my bird is just sitting there like giving me the annoyed face😂 and yea it hurt my hears😂

  4. Ok I posted this comment before I start the video so currently my bird does not make ANY noises except when he does something weird so if this works I will tell you!😂 wish me luck!!!!🥺🥰😩💘💞

  5. I have a budgie hes on my laptop and he is so happy he is so happy and he is also trying to firuge out where its coming from

  6. My bird's name is Apollo, he is a cockatiel, he is only 1 month old. We just got him today. (25/05/2019) and he is climbing around his cage and chirping oftenly. I will play this for some hours and come back with result.


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