Teach your child to read using the ASL alphabet

hi and welcome to baby signing question and answer Monday today I'm going to talk to you about how I was able to teach my daughter how to read and spell using the ASL alphabet the only tricky part really is if you don't already know it but it's really easy to learn and it's very worth it trust me so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stick a link right here that will take you to another video I did that teaches you your ASL alphabet if you don't already know it so trust me when I tell you it's not that hard to learn kids love to learn their ASL alphabet they find it fascinating working with their hands so what I did is I just sang the ABCs while I signed them at first so I would just sing a b c d e f g and she would always stare at my hands and then when she got a little bit older she would then sign and sing or pretend to sign the alphabet she would go a b c d and move her hands i knew then that she was ready to start identifying what each letter was so once she knew how to sing her alphabet I could then focus on the individual letters I started only with a I'd say what's this and she'd say a and I would focus on that until she got it down pat then I would add B and I'd say what's that and she'd say B and I'd go with this she'd say a so I wouldn't move on to adding another letter unless she got it straight so sometimes I would do this and she'd say a because she knew we were working on a and I would hold up my hand and she wouldn't necessarily be able to identify this specific handshape to be a yet so until she got that this was a and that was B I wouldn't move on then when she got that I would add C and I would do the same thing a b c until she got all three of those letters down pat then I would add D and this took months it took a long time but I didn't want to rush it and I didn't want to overwhelm her so once she knew all of her letters in order a then B then see and could recognize them that way I would then test her out of order so I would hold up a random letter I'd say freeze what is this letter and she'd say F and then I would move maybe to a P and then see if she could identify that once I knew that she knew all of the letters down pat out of order then I added the sounds to them so the phonics of the letters so I would start with the same way I would say what's this she'd say a I'd say what sound does it make ah that's an a sound what's that being she'd of course say then I'd say it says Sam buh buh and I would go back and forth ah buh ah but and then I would add C again so it wouldn't I wouldn't move on to the next letter until she knew the sounds of the first ones before that and then I would test her out of order and once I could hold up something random out of order and say what's that and she'd say F I'd say what sound is F makes she go then I knew I could start teaching her how to spell and what I did for example the word cat I would hold up the letter C and I would say what sound does that make it she'd go cut and I'd say what sound does that make she'd say ah I'd say what sound does that make she'd say that's a okay let's do it again but faster so she'd go cook ah I'd say one more time at and then she would get so excited because she realized that she was reading the word cat so for her it was a lot easier to learn how to read using the hand shapes a'right we also used to play really fun games at restaurants when we were waiting for our food and I'd forget some activities to bring we'd do the quizzing game so at first when we were just working on our letters I would hold up you know this is letter F and she would guess that was F and that would be her turn and she try and hold up a letter and I would have to guess what it was and we'd do this back and forth and then we did it with the sounds of the letters and finally when she was a little bit older we would start to spell words and it really made times when we had nothing to do less boring so at restaurants when we were waiting to see a doctor if we were stuck in traffic it was a really fun and easy game to play so you'll find that if you learn the ABCs with your little one it'll really pay off they'll find it very interesting but remember that it does take some time so be patient even if it takes a year it's something fun that you can do with your little one thanks for watching have a great day and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos coming every week bye for now

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