TEACH to SWIM FREESTYLE to your CHILD in 1 lesson – tutorial

hello Ellie okay let's practice for the freestyle today can I see your hands trade probably you had under your arms far away is it good here your head is down here right don't forget to put your Bibles so what do we do one very big stroke touch your hand big bubbles – bubbles bubbles bubbles touch your hand Jeannette number three our face into the water please go down the bubbles boom again one big stroke Bob boss – mixed reports turn up number three big bubbles touch nice let's write into the water put your feet on my legs and up one big bubbles touch – big boss stretch turn that number three I'm facing water big boss moving one big bubbles you touch two big bubbles Youth – turn at number three I don't see the Battle City Babu yes bubbles bubbles bubbles one bubbles bubbles go goes twice Janet embers we breathe big bubbles again bubbles bubbles bubbles 1 double sculls bubbles – I still haven't of three big bubbles underwater bubbles bubbles bubbles so we can try I hold your legs and when it's good you go by yourself okay yes le t are you ready big bubbles at number number three quick let's go so one through touch to through click touch turn at number three big Baba's touch very good one big stroke babbles you can head down to the big stroke bubbles turn up number three with your head Alton see water bubbles go tick tick tick tick tick tick go now she can keep the kick all the way she kick fast should stay very resistant that's good are you ready turn babbles bump overturn donut number three the goggles very good eyesight don't forget to those overton if you own a Chan what happens look bubbles if you overturn this is good I'll face in water she'll return yeah you look at the sky and all your body turn it crazy to do that just turn a little bit we practice on your head left look down 1 2 3 4 turn just a little bit and robots 1 2 3 4 turn just a little bit blow bubbles relax 1 2 3 4 3 5 big bubbles 1 2 3 4 10 threes and big bubbles underwater are you ready to go like this you don't come to much we go straight for one to one put your head down go 1 2 I've never see I will help her to turn turn a little bit go TTT come on sick bastard nice you see the turn is less stay more reason to get your speed turn another no that one one good man I think hey that's me – are you crazy – help me ok when you swim remember us tweet us for what you have to do is make sure your hand your hand stay on the surface of the water see your hands here this is good because they're honest your face is it good here is it good here is it good here in the sky on the surface Wow ok we do again so one big stroke bubbles fetch – big stroke bubbles touch turn just a little bit grief you hand on a surface and touch are you ready to go big bubbles go push kick kick kick kick kick kick faster a leaky faster very good keke keke keke turn by Bahamas the Overton's tips just a little bit just in a little bit here here's enough Hey is it good here little bit here yes or no isn't garden here huh okay so don't turn too much we do one more to want you head down okay one big stroke bubble-bubbles be stroke bad boss turn at number three the bubbles are too soupy yes two very big nice turnitin very very big bubbles kekekeke super fast don't really kick strong yet so we need to practice a bit more the key behind with the arms are pretty och big and pitches through the hedge and metropolis as you can see with more kicking should just keep flying one very good how come I don't see much sticky if you want me to eat your face so you can see tomorrow show me your teaching posture super kick can you kick like this when you swim yes yes or no okay so I want to see that big bubbles and go down put your head down first so one big stroke touch to mix your bubbles bubbles – Janet number three blow your bubble boom one big so good touch to throat touch turn big women super geek go keke keke keke keke keke luck on your big GTG stay very straightforward lighting each stroke is using yeah you lazy to don't finish creamy okay I fight okay and you remember when you assume I want you to straight on your half and blow your bubbles non-stop breathe I'll face in the water just a little bit go back down try to relax as much as possible and don't forget you're kicking before I eat your feet high high five see you next week okay it's good paddy on the back

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