TEACH to swim FREESTYLE / Front Crawl to a Child in 3 Steps – Demonstration lesson for BEGINNERS

is the arrow position you need to strengthen your arms you had under side by side on your hands right you put your marbles faster going you keep your lies don't bend your legs and you keep your head under the water until you wish okay I don't we should show me cause you want to cool now we can add under step 2 up to some freestyle you will learn how to paddle with a board in your head so you hold the board in the parallel positions tip you do one big stroke underwater bubbles bubbles bubbles bigs to catch the board back to big strewed bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles cash to work back at number three you can look at through your head with your hand do a stroke me and you look down again so basically you are like here one girl special bubbles reach up and move down one two and at three you can not this way when you start to learn you can do it looking up it's fine okay one two three go you need you can turn your head on the side and you can it's up to you okay otherwise can look up or wise you can turn on the side very importantly more stay on the top of the wall okay he'll relax yeah okay cause you might have noticed learn the last step for freestyle you're going to learn like we did our position head down underneath very good you can I don't have to do one big stroke touch your head back tip it in on a surface to be extra bubbles stretch ahead at number three you can turn on the side and facing water reef and touching it very important keep your hand on the surface one big true touch two big stretch turn up facing the water breathe and touch okay you need to relax you can cheat with your legs in the power very good doesn't matter when you do it keep your hand on the top of the water make sure you're always relaxed that you have never had to pull now we're gonna for the next step of three style you have to swim freestyle then touching each other one after one a first in the water when you breathe but I will put this between your legs to make your balance more unstable you glide more so you need just to manage to be able to do this with the kibo you don't have to keep just close your legs okay try to relax if one two turn at number three always turn very good very relaxed very okay okay cool now we are for the last step of freestyle is the real freestyle you don't need to touch your hand anymore you can just glide on the surface you make sure that every time you tell whether it is stretch forward you will not you have a pad okay so one fly two and turn and turn you turn at number three you don't need to touch your hand anymore make sure you live human touching the surface and gliding home okay swim slowly and soon relaxed elbows back yes and come back you need to relax right so elbows action relax glue your bubbles you can swim like this for long distance as the last step of twister okay

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