TEACH to swim BACKSTROKE in 3 steps – demonstration with kids

ok so now we're going to start remember backstroke easy after freestyle ok the first step of backstroke is just learn how to kick on the surface with your feet don't don't drown your body B D flat or isn't or your tummy up your legs relaxed look at the sky and kick with your legs with your legs your knees stay in the water ok so to make it easy you can just push on the wall and keep with your legs don't use your hand keep your head into your lives okay so our opposition very good ok do one more time you take your time keep your body flat you look at the sky you just use your legs ok now the step number two to learn how to swim the backstroke is the same with your arrow back to it but when you are flat here right you're going to just use one hand to paddle beats look underwater pullback extra kind of water stretch our fingers go back so you do the backstroke with only one hand just a name stay along your body ok so swim slowly take your time and relax yes very good okay make sure your body doesn't drown and you don't sit in the water okay – stepping on virtual trip as American article for the real backstroke okay you're gonna swim exactly the same don't drown them seat relax your head the backstroke we have your two hands together one two one after one you alternate okay one one is a bizarre is done you can touch your ears with your shooter and you can keep looking at this time you don't forget to keep your legs okay alternative homes consummate your hands very good very good very good are you relaxed you go back understand don't you wish you girls keep kicking on your body and great

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