47 thoughts on “teach the world- lucky dube”

  1. anyone watching this in 2019 n he/she is in africa , particularly in uganda !!! must hit alike button boom

  2. I don't know y the I miss this soul I never met face to face is like th way I mis my late Dade bambi rip all good soul ba dia

  3. The best ever musician who knows it all and beat them all in both lyrics and dance!!! Rest In Peace! Rasta Never Die!

  4. If God can bless me with the power's of resurrection, I will wake Bob Marley and Lucky dube alive before any other men

  5. Rip Lucky…You remain my favourite 😍,I wish you lived until now that am grown up enough to understand your music😥😥..

  6. For real i like this man he sound more good,he is the master of raggae no body can fit his chance unforgottable man ,respect man R.I.P

  7. Maravilha com certeza o reggae fas parte da minha vida o reggae é Paes o reggae é cultura o reggae é amor no coração

  8. Real man in reggae kingdom… give likes in 2019 as we still wish him peaceful rest….Salute to this worrior,💂

  9. South Africa, a nation of crooks, just as Lucky Dube had retorted. It must be a so evil country where thugs or grudge bearers could fell such a gem.

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