Teach swimming to kids with fun – swim lesson for 2 years old children

mr. Joshi I'm still Mason high five – mr. Christian how are you I find I find they did I say give me the toy plane hmm sameen class okay are you ready don't forget the kick and bubbles and we move your hand between the water let's go mr. Mason said Joshy agen let's go say fatty bubbles tik tak keiki move your hand and kick kick kick kick kick kick and kick kick kick kick kick kick and read your Bibles let's get the toys – – – and hundred toys to hit the toys let's get the toys move your hand real Bob a in the foggy get the crocodile was good everybody ate we're gonna do it three two one me I do my Bibles one time it is very easy go see one more time one two three four I blow my bubbles wait two three four it is very easy I bring bubbles they're free I'm Georgie I play let's go to the platform kick kick kick and your baubles don't forget you keep can boating keep kicking for your baubles are you ready to go my son you go first push and Christian go bubbles in the to the wall blow bubbles and move your hand go Baba seek is easy mr. Joshi babbles Mason if you open bubbles chill vermelha with it littler step Amala but car exhaust this way all right slowly slowly oh you wouldn't give me the froggy thank you thank you Hey are you ready to sit on the wall are you ready for your bath rushing rushing we're gonna blow bubbles with mommy your koi okay all right hi fine you come with mr. Christian first okay well 1 2 1 2 hey Mason I don't say kick I say come to Christian with bubbles jump rope our boys took Christian nun forget to blow your bubbles Eddie go back Joe she comes one two once you want to take injectable your bubbles oh very good go back relax you push on the wall you relax and you go slowly Mason okay bubble saving Georgie look at mr. Joshi are you going Bowser she go back don't forget to blow your bubbles want to want to blow bubbles whoa hey guys try to do bubbles up and bubbles with your hand moving okay bubbles are boss oh you didn't turn bubbles very good look at this my boss kept bubbles again did you blow bubbles after the open bubbles oh so good like Joshy I'm coming with you one two three don't forget babbles okay I didn't try to happen bubbles ready let's go whoa you did the bubbles you forgot bubbles you did without bubbles don't forget very good mr. Joshi are you ready to go to mommy Wow everybody's ready okay stop sup sup sup everybody semi undersurface put your tummy on the surface don't forget to be ready one two take the water take it a click and again don't forget 5660 Kinnickinnic a cake take the water and do not stop stop don't move the squid is coming I am the squid I want to eat one another the little kid looking the watery video is he joking – water hmm why is it you I'm gonna eat one of the kids now mr. Eden was eaten a rider ashiness sit sit where are the toys ah over there you lose high five oh very good okay let's go to the thighs week don't forget she can move your hand hey if it pops you Taichi bubbles don't forget bubbles Mason look into their water relax and grow your bubbles one two three four five try to blow your bubbles Joshy five second bubbles take your time for the bubbles and jumping the water Mason you're supposed to blow bubbles not to drink the entire swimming pool you understand one froggy well you get to go away give one to Mason everybody get a toys everybody get a taste hey last one one three don't forget bubbles are you ready to swim Joshy I don't see a Babu's doorframe can you show me babbles dashi I blew my ballast yeah let's go this way I'll catch you all Oh we catch the worldA Mason babbles Hayden we waiting just want to Joshy to i54 everybody high five everybody high five mission do I get the toys high five 18 I fight for free did you blow your bubbles yeah did you keep the water when you swim Mason come here sit please did you move your hand when you swim yes everybody very good all right see damn go boom damn damn Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

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