Teach Special Education: Meet Gabrielle

My name is Gabrielle, and I am a special education teacher at Nursery Road State Special School. Well, I originally planned to be a science
teacher, so I studied a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Queensland. Every day, we get to see the most positive
outcomes and achievements from the students, and everything we do is for their communication; their social awareness and growth; their confidence, their independence and their learning outcomes. Any small achievement that they make, we get to see and it feels amazing. The TECE program – the Teacher Education Centre of Excellence for Special Ed – is a mentor-mentee relationship where you get further experience in a special ed school, and you get to work with your buddy mentor in a role that’s comfortable, and you get to set goals with them. So if it wasn’t for the Teacher Education
Centre of Excellence, I don’t think I would have been a special ed teacher, because I
didn’t have that backbone. I didn’t know what I was doing in special
ed. So I was so lucky that Christine suggested that I do this program, because it showed me the behind-the-scenes of being a special ed teacher. It showed me everything that I needed, in
order to give it a go myself. Being a part of this community, working with the students, is so rewarding. You get to have fun while you’re doing it,
and you get to share life-changing moments with families and students. I’m so glad that I got to do the TECE program. It gave me such an advantage towards what I want to do, and it provided so many opportunities, which really gives you an advantage when you’re trying to build on your career as a special education teacher.

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