Teach rural – it’s wonderful to bring up our two children in such a beautiful place

(upbeat music) – I first spent two years in England, I really didn’t expect to
stay in Australia very long but I met a friend who
was teaching in Emerald and he said we need a music teacher and I said I can do that within
24 hours I had a position and we loved the place,
haven’t looked back and here I am 14 years later. It’s been wonderful to be able to bring up our now two children in
such a beautiful place where they can feel safe. I go to the same school with my children. There’s lots of quality time together, they ride bikes on the weekends, they’re involved in community and your friends become your family. That’s the important part
because it’s nice to know that no matter where you
are you’ve got people that will support you
and that’s what happens in the small communities. Now we’ll actually build
a house, we have no plans to be moving away from Emerald.

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